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  1. Random question - Do you plan on adding a Insurgent faction to fight against? IMO it would suit Altis really well.
  2. I figured it out. It was the C2 Command Mod that was causing it I believe. When I removed it everything started running normally.
  3. I'm glad to see this released. I've been playing the old Forgotten Few for years. This mission and Antistasi is what ArmA should be all about. However, I'm having a problem with the Radio commands. It is not letting use any of my supports such as Fire Support, Spark Command, and even worse, Extraction. Any idea what could be causing this? I'm using ACE3.
  4. I only want to comment and say kudos on using the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat cover art as your logo lol That's my favorite game of all time right there Real Talk
  5. For the life of me I can't get MCC to work. I downloaded the latest one and the option doesn't show up on the scroll wheel like it used to. When I go to the key binds they don't work. It doesn't save them and there seems to be a problem where the game will crash if I try too many times to set a certain key bind to open the MCC console. Anyone have this problem or know a proper way to open MCC in game?
  6. Way to miss the fucking point, genius. And you damn well know I will vote with my wallet. Mods have ALWAYS been free. Every since gaming began. Why the fuck would you change that? Why would I pay hundreds of dollars across all of my games to play mods that have always been free? Donations are fine. Paid mods are not. Fucking think for a second. I have tens of mods for almost each of my single player games. I will not be nickled and dimed by amateur creations that don't have the possibility of being compatible with each other. They also have no guarantee of continued support. There is a distinct difference between professional developed DLC and expansion packs with maintained development studio sanctioned textures and scripts and then amateur mods. All of the supporters of this are so short sighted that it hurts. You're just thinking of your precious little niche game and think that there will only be a tiny amount of quality mods that are somehow now going to maintain thorough standards. You're not thinking about the cost of buying mods throughout every game you own. That is potentially thousands of dollars to just play mods on all of my games. Fuck that shit.
  7. I have to say it. I will never fucking pay for a mod. Modding has been free for over two decades now. All of a sudden you want to change the modding landscape in one fell swoop? Not happening. I will not shell out any money no matter the quality. It could be RHS, ALiVE, and TEI combined and that shit wouldn't fly. You were fine making it for free and enjoying the community for two decades and now you want money? Fuck that. And the majority of gamers agree with me. I hope no BIS modder charges for their mod. If more games adopt this then that potentially means people will need to shell out thousands of dollars to mod their games. Imagine all the mods you have for ArmA III being nickled and dimed. That cost adds up. Imagine all the Skyrim, New Vegas, and Fallout 3 mods nickled and dimed. Not happening.
  8. As other people have said I am a little taken aback that ALiVE didn't win anything. It definitely was much more deserving then some of the other modules on there. ALiVE is essentially what ArmA should be about and with some backend help from BIS and some more mechanics to the series with the AI, management, and the ability to simulate a dynamic battle space with squad, platoon, company, etc. management then ALiVE could easily be the best thing to happen to ArmA. If anything I hope BIS reaches out the ALiVE team and gives some of them dev jobs or something but I digress. Good work, gentlemen.
  9. ofpsince06

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    At first I hated the damned thing. Then I actually used it and now I like it. As someone who used the command line parameter thing for mods since the first Operation Flashpoint I was annoyed by the need of a launcher. But I loaded all my mods on the launcher and now it is preferable because it is toggable. As for ideas for the launcher is it possible for you guys to have Armaholic support for the launcher? I think a lot of the community uses Armaholic for its mod downloads rather than the workshop and it would awesome for mods to be updated automatically instead of having to check the forum thread every couple days to find out the mod updated two weeks prior.
  10. ofpsince06

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Is there any chance to add a lot of randomization as well to the SAA? A lot of the SAA units are terribly ill-equipped and a lot of their equipment is mix and matched. They all have BDUs it seems from what I've seen, but their flak jackets and pseudo kevlars are far and in between. A lot of them also don't have covers for their their helmets. They are definitely not uniform in their appearance at all. Oh and is it possible to have less turban covers for ISIS and the rebel factions? It just seems out of place for more than half of them to have full facial covers IMO. Good work so far.
  11. ofpsince06

    Virtual Arsenal

    I've had ArmA 3 since alpha, but I don't know if this is a function or not. Is it possible to create a battle rattle and kit loadout for a soldier than export to the Units and Groups feature in the Editor? Like I create a better US Army soldier than export to a new faction (BLUFOR) > (US) > Infantry > Soldier. Is this possible within ArmA 3 and if not than why the fuck isn't it a feature?!?!?!!?!!!
  12. ofpsince06

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Wait, which version is compatible with ALiVE? I downloaded this map back in November and it wasn't compatible. Which version is, and can someone link me or something?
  13. ofpsince06

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Dude, you can NOT judge how loud bullets passing by you or weapon's sounds from a video. That is wholefully inaccurate. I don't know if you have ever fired an M4, been shot at by a Kalashnikov family weapon, or done anything with weapons but a video doesn't do justice the loudness and gunfire.
  14. My only question now, having been away for a couple months, is whether or not being able to save in Singleplayer is in now or will it ever be in? I know there was a problem with it because of memory or something like that, but no harm in asking again.