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  1. an_enlarged_stomach

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    please make ai more responsive and faster Make small objects have physics Better and realistic destruction sequence.
  2. an_enlarged_stomach

    New to ArmA2 and have some questions?

    does arma 2 have AI that react faster and use cover in urban&house combat better? Basically, are they now CQC usable? Also, do small things have some sort of physics to it, like crysis did with bananas, boxes, etc
  3. an_enlarged_stomach

    semi realistic games

    Hi Are there any games that contain some realism (ballistics, smart ai, wounding system), but are fast paced? Thanks.
  4. an_enlarged_stomach

    semi realistic games

    thanks bro. I like arma and arma 2, but the AI is too "slow" for CQC fights.
  5. an_enlarged_stomach

    semi realistic games

    op updated
  6. an_enlarged_stomach

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    If I use this with ACE, will this have ACE ballistics? Thnaks.
  7. an_enlarged_stomach

    any pvp missions?

    Hi guys, I love arma, but I am wondering..... are there any pvp missions? I am getting tired of playing slow AI and want to play other players. I got ACE.
  8. an_enlarged_stomach

    postprocessing effects

    How many of you guys use this? I just tried it today, and it had an amazing effect, especially when I was aiming down the sights, but drained my FPS. Do you use it, or no? Thanks.
  9. an_enlarged_stomach

    AI cheating

    when you use ace, both you and ai can be shot and made unconcious. They didn't die, they just blanked out for a while and got back up.
  10. an_enlarged_stomach

    Island Panthera v1.0

    Thanks. Dude, this reminds me of the dream I occasionally have of living in a swiss alps farmland.:rolleyes:
  11. an_enlarged_stomach

    Island Panthera v1.0

    damn, this is arma heaven. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a small question. I have FFN AI mod, I am wondering if AI will still be able to navigate and find cover in custom made maps like this like they do in original Sharani. THanks!!
  12. great mod, but AI still seem to get stuck when dragging a wounded in 1.09.
  13. an_enlarged_stomach

    Project T-800

    Dear marc, Is it possible to release any beta/ wip projects that you have so we can at least play with those ? That'll be greatly appreciated. Thx.
  14. Hey guys I have a small question about the AK's sights. I've noticed that in every BIS game, the two outer "rings" on the front side of the AK is covered by the back sight, and the middle block on the front sight is slightly below the top flat notches of the back sight. I always thought that in a AK sight, you are suppose to have the two outer rings protrude out and up the back sight, and have the middle part align horizontally with the rear sight notches. Which is the correct way? Also, I've noticed that the recoil values seem to make the gun go up too much (rise up) and never to the back (kick back to you). How do you guys feel about the recoil. Anyways, fantastic game!!
  15. an_enlarged_stomach

    SARMAT studio presents: Ensk Island.

    is this playable without QG or is QG necessary to run the island? Yes, I read that QG is needed, but just wondering if it only contains some small objects or important files that allow it to run.
  16. an_enlarged_stomach

    Ai thread

    AI should fire when moving. (sidestep,walking) AI is too slow in CQC. AI takes too much time aiming or recognizing target in CQC. AI should work as a team, not a lone wolf.
  17. I love almost everything here. Just one thing though-does this mod simulate body armor?
  18. an_enlarged_stomach


    AI reaction is a bit slow, but faster than regular AI. AI also surpresses the hell out of you. AI will take cover, but because the AI calculates in meters, they cannot get "exact" cover.
  19. an_enlarged_stomach

    Some single player missions

    Hi, I usually play SP only, so I was wondering if there are any good SP missions. By good, I mean no SF S&R or infilteration. Those are way too hard, especially when I am playing ACE & FFN, and get boring.(Except Kybher's pass that was awsome.) I want a conventional mission, like an invasion, with equal forces. Also, I want a mission that has a good background story to it. So, are there any SP missions or campaigns like that? Thanks!! Some missions I played and liked: First blood Fly like and Eagle. P.S. Missions where you are a SF, but later supported by a large allied force are also good.
  20. an_enlarged_stomach

    support elements

    Did anybody see support elements like artillery? I hope BIS does not forget about the precious artillery.
  21. an_enlarged_stomach

    bumps ris rails

    Alright. I know this is just a small thing, but it would be really awsome if BIS makes bumpy rails for the handheld weapons like the weapons in ACE mod. Improves the overall experience of the game greatly, if you ask me.
  22. an_enlarged_stomach


    How do you get AI soldiers to fire at enemy while they are at careless state? I'm trying to make a terminator mission, but it's not working very well.
  23. Hi, I love the new ACE 1.06, but I've noticed a significant bug/feature cutdown. No helicopters have a realistic targeting system anymore with the missiles. Unless I've overread something, I think this should be fixed ASAP. I now have the same old "Target boxes", when I use a missile on a helicopter. P.S. I've downloaded only one addon: Talibans, which does not seem to be affecting this. I've also removed all the addons that is included in ACE now. (VDV), and I am using ACE's XEH.
  24. an_enlarged_stomach


    awsome work!!!! Will you be using just the regular buildings, or will you use any custom buildings? Thanks!!!
  25. an_enlarged_stomach

    justsome animations

    I watched the Russian trailer, and I have to say that I am very impressed. Howver, there are a few animation peeves I still have 1. hands not moving as helicopter gunner. 2. Non, animated vehicles-chopper doors moving when troops get out, car doors, hatches not opening. 3. Getting out AI animation-AI still seem to just "pop" out of a vehicle. Is it possible to get out more realistically? Other thatn that, everything is great.