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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Considering the article from Doupe.cz this vid seems to be based on, I doubt it's from ArmA 4 , as the devs were not allowed to even talk about the future Arma project. But the snowy map at the end is an eye-opener. As for Enfusion in mentioned article, Petr Benýšek, Chief Technology Officer at BI said about the new engine: "It will have a much more modern core, suitable for today's processors and graphic cards with their use of parallel processing in much greater scale than before, while retaining strenghts, known from the RV engine, on which the Arma series is based on." The article also mentions the dev's goal to implement emotions of the soldiers to their warfare games with their photogrammetry technology. Right now, the goal is up to 60 facial expressions.
  2. Adamicz

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I think it's safe to say, working on the Enfusion engine is basically working on the future of Arma franchise. And if one want to know, what the posible Arma 3 successor could bring (technology wise), just keep following the Dayz standalone status reports. Aaaand I'll just leave this one here from Marek:
  3. 1) Probably some homemade modification of "Lavina" PL 800 or PL 1000, as the cab is from Tatra 815 truck. 2) Liaz RT or MT with mentioned "Lavina" in the background but this time with original cab. 3 - 5) Praga V3S trucks 6) Zetor 2011 7) Lada Niva as you said 8) VAZ 2101
  4. Adamicz

    Music Recommendations

    Oh yeah, new BoC album is amazing! :) and now something completely different, time for Rory and his skillz :)
  5. Adamicz

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    You should check official Arma 3 website sometimes:
  6. Adamicz

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    I'm pretty sure Jay stated in the chat, that tracked vehicles will appear later in the beta.
  7. Fallout 1/2 Starcraft 1/Broodwar expansion Hidden & Dangerous 1 X-Wing Panzer General Spellcross And why? because they are FUN :) But if I should name the most important aspect of these campaigns, that would be definitely atmosphere (with exception of PG where it was all about the simple joy of conquering the world :))
  8. Adamicz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Vehicle customization has been mentioned as part of developer's wishlist in one of the czech vids from last year Gamescom, I think.
  9. Adamicz

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    I don't think these two were posted already, so... yViDJGTCZ5E 44b7oOn32CI
  10. Adamicz

    Operation E3

    this vid is new to me, featuring new pistol animation (and reloading) :)
  11. It is, The Castle Guard (which is part of the ACR) has about 600 of them.
  12. These numbers seems to be wrong as in 1969 there was 214,000 military personel (580,000 including reservists in case of war) in CSLA.
  13. Fallout / Fallout 2 (I have a weakness for post-apo stuff, the same goes for the music) Starcraft One Must Fall 2097 Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Die Hard Trilogy (game) Hidden and Dangerous (especially the main theme of the original, not the deluxe version, too bad it's soo god damn short) _w_B4A3_L6Y mJDw763q3n4 ZVA217shUHo OKDBs-ab8i8
  14. Adamicz

    Music Recommendations

    A big breakbeat fan here, some of my favs: WHG3vxBAdhU eZxnYg5M50Q atUOlOQZqcs l_mbuZ0XHpw
  15. Adamicz

    Praha (Prague) - what to do, what to see?

    Prague Zoo (http://www.zoopraha.cz/en) The Army Museum in Žižkov (http://www.vhu.cz/en/stranka/armadni-muzeum/) Petřín Hill as mentioned by Taffy World Press Photo exhibition (http://www.worldpressphoto.org/Exhibition/2011_Prague) or simply just czech this site :) http://www.prague.net/attractions
  16. Awesome! Glad to see this mod is slowly coming to it's release afterall. Keep it on! :)
  17. Don't know if it has been already mentioned, but in this video ( ) Ivan mentions that one of their plans for the future is also possibility to customize your loadout on the vehicles or at least planes in the same way they're planning it for the weapons.
  18. Adamicz

    Tatra 815-7

    I did a few walkaround pics of that truck. If you are interested, just let me know where should I send them. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4036/4547374143_29e8a9ff69_b.jpg
  19. The exact type of the Landrover seen in the trailer is "Land Rover Defender 110 SOV" (SOV = Special Forces Vehicle) also called "Cowboy" used by Czech 601st Special Forces Group in Afghanistan in 2006. In 2008, it was replaced by newer type "SOV II" and the original SOV moved to 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion where was also replaced, I believe.
  20. there's actually one screen from ArmA2 directly from this mod :)
  21. Sure, but still the small island in Arma2 is called "Utes" too..... didn't know that, my bad
  22. This is the island Utes btw...... cooooollllllll! nah, "utes" means 'cliff' in english edit: this is the source, if anybody didn't notice yet: http://www.bistudio.com/develop....en.html