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  1. But I dissliked the voice acting... But heck, this was for free, and I got to fly a well made helicopter mission, WITH free-track! :D I love you Bohemia
  2. almanzo

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    That ARMA II 1.05 have free-track support! This really, really sums it up. Bohemia Interactive is by far the most community-friendly developer troughout history. I wish to express thanks to Bohemia not only for making an effort of killing bugs and glitches, but also a huge thanks for taking our opinions into account... Bohemia: I love you! Can't wait to play trough the main campain bug-free with freetrack!
  3. Don't forget DeusEx and Final Fantasy VII! :D
  4. almanzo

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I think my point was quite missed... I did actually enjoy Dragon Rising... But it was short, and the replay value is not even there... The total lack of content is just sad... ARMA II is not comparable, it stands out as way better in every single aspect...
  5. This is great news, and I am still holding on to my initial awe. I am not crediting the whole mod to you Wolle, but the fact that Bohemia-foks are taking such an initiative, and that the company see the value in this effort is brilliant. I have been a bit dissapointed with ARMA II from the get go, and I still don't like the campain that much, and I have alot of other issues with the game... But Bohemia deserves every single penny trown their way, becouse of the way you guys treat the community. You are by far the best developer company out there. You take us seriously, you make an effort out of being apart of the community rather than superviceing it... and you are set to meet our sometimes out of the water demands... Such dedication deserves gratitude and attention. The community wouldn't be half as good if it hasn't been for the work you guys do to meet our needs. Both on a social and networking level but also in the way you make it possible to make additions and mods. thank you... I just can't wait for CWR2!
  6. almanzo

    air control

    I am no pilot, and I don't know much about aircrafts in general, but why is there a tail rudder on both airplanes and helicopters when they are rendered useless in moderate to high speeds? To those of you that are pilots, or know alittle about aviation, is it so that you can't turn 180 degrees without tilting your airplane or helicopter by using tail rudder in high speeds? When flying a helicopter or plane in both ARMA and ARMA II, I sometimes feel the need of correcting my flight path, and I am continiously tapping "z" and "c" without any reaction what so ever to the path of my aircraft. At slow speeds however, it works as I suspect it to work. I've played trough Operation Flashpoint as well, and even though I generally like ARMA in every other aspect, the fact that I could use my rudder made me like the helicopter handling much better. I do recall that I could turn my helicopter around by only applying rudder in Operation Flashpoint, and I wonder why it has been removed in ARMA and ARMA II? I find this very frustrating indeed... The same goess with airplanes, you have tail rudders, and I can't figure out why they are there if they don't work even at moderate speeds. Is this really realistic?
  7. almanzo

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I've played Dragon Rising and found it enjoyable as long as it lasted. Especially I found the handling of the helicopter much better than ARMA, it is ashamed that ARMA doesn't recognize the fact that helicopters have rear rotors, and that airplanes have tailfinns.
  8. *wolle* you are officially my hero. This weekend, I made 3 people buy ARMA II, and when I read this, I am allmost crying. Bohemia Interactive should recieve a huge price with a hefty sum of money for the most community friendly staff around. Bringing OFP back to the old engine would do wonders, though I am going to miss the old sound files. If by any means, it is possible to tweak the speech files on my own, I am more than happy to spend alot of time doing it by my self. Anyways, my deepest gratitude goes out to you, the community and to Bohemia in general for being the best game developer company of all times! Ofp is among maybe 6 or 7 titles I've played for the last 15 years one of the best games ever. Thank you so much for your effort, and that goess to all contributors. If there was a way I could help, I would gladly, but I am afraid that I don't know much. Anyways, I just can't wait!
  9. I agree with everything you say. I didn't expect DR to be like operation flashpoint at all... But I am hoping that it turns out to be a decent arcade game, I do like that kind of games. Hell, you can't even lean... That is just weak
  10. almanzo

    Windows 7 and Arma 2

    I have win7, and everything works. Don't know the performance difference between w7 and xp though
  11. Even though I own both games. (And I haven't started playing Dragon Rising yet) I wouldn't think of OFP2 as namly that. Even though its named OFP 2, I am not expecting it to be. Had to try it though, but CM should have an e-mail sendt their way soon. Just using my small oportunity as a costumer to complain. ARMA II feels like and plays like OFP. But what I liked in OFP and both add-ons was the great campains. I am afraid that both ARMA titles simply lacks the great stories and caracters as OFP had. ARMA guys are so hard-asses, while in OFP, they were just like I would guess guys in their early twenties would be in an unexpected war situation.
  12. almanzo

    ArmA 2 50% off this weekend on Steam.

    Nah, Final Fantasy VII for playstation was very expensive for quite a while.
  13. Well, you got a point... But at least have some progression. My point here is that OFP gave you a distinct feeling of achievement. At the begining, you are nothing more than a mere private, fighting alongside 6-10 or so other soliders who was in the same situation as you. The fact that this was ordinary guys, people who had joined the army and had no real combat experience from before was refreshing. The fact that they didn't know what was going on, and that the commanding officers waited to tell them made sense. The fear of battle was real in OFP. The fact that you gained ranks troughout the campaign gave you a distinct feeling of achievement, and was natural to the learning curve. I enjoyed both commanding and being a solider, now you have no choice. Also, the fact that you troughout the campain only have 3 team mates are kind of sad. You are right about the fact that "nothing went on" in the places around the battle zone in ofp. That of course adds up to the experience, but the missions and the encounters made more sense back then. You knew where the enemy was in most cases, and that should be the case here also with a few exeptions. And yes, I noticed the multiple endings choice, and that was by all means a positive treat. My main concern with the story is simply the characters, the missions and the lenght. The characters seem very unrealistic, the voice acting is done poorly, and the guys is so "hard ass" I find it allmost funny. There is no reflection over the terrors of war, and I find ARMA II more action oriented than OFP. And I know it's a minor detail, but I really, really miss the quotes when you died, they added up to the experience. I dissagree strongly that OFP made a superhero out of you, except the spec-op missions though. Going into a fully stationed base alone and taking out 5 tanks doesn't seem possible. And you mention the first tank mission in OFP. They had different characters for helicopter missions, tank missions and airplane missions. The guy you play as a tank commander, was on maldon as a part of the NATO force. He was there on a training camp to become a tank commander. Becouse of the unpredicted outbreak of battle, he was forced to man a tank before he finished his training becouse "we have more tanks than tank crew at this moment" (witch i think is a precise quote out of my memory). And yes, I find that to be realistic, when thinking aobut the conflict in question. And I must say I loved the ending mission, where all the characters you've played troughout the campain gathered for a drink at the end. It was a brilliant mission, and me and my friends used to make jokes about how war leaves it's psychological scars, becouse even though the war was over, and the guys was wearing civilian clothes, they still moved in formation and followed orders. Haha, next time I am going to the movies or something with my friends, and I am driving, I am going to shout out "1,2,3 dissembark" just for the fun of it :P Well, I kind of like the idea... The best campain idea they ever had was the one for resistance... where loosing a guy during a mission meant he was dead in the next. The fact that you stole equipment was also brilliant. Thank you for a good response btw... I like the fact that people notice and take into account my thoughts
  14. almanzo

    OA - Campaign Suggestions

    The OFP campain made me replay missions time after time, even though I completed the missions. I see someone here are saying that they felt responsible for their characters... I tried as hard as I could to get all my men trough missions without them dying on me. I felt attached to my unit, and that is a huge accomplishment by bohemia. Operation flashpoint is one of the greatest games I've played so far, thanks to a great, great, great campain... and the expantion packs got me even more great campains. The expantion packs added enough value in my opinion to stand as single titles. Both ARMA and ARMA II neglect storytelling to much, I just ordered ARMA Gold edition to be able to play queens gambit and the main campain again, just to see if it's better without the buggs. The last time I played it was with a friend on his computer, so I've never owned it becouse of the dissapointing story. ARMA II has huge potential. There isn't much need for more units or weaponry. Fix what you have, fix some of the bugs and give us a campaign that is thought true, and please, hire better voice actors this time.
  15. I am still playing, I still play OFP also
  16. almanzo

    OA - Campaign Suggestions

    It would be great to see a greater variation in missions, like when you had different characters in the original OFP. Some tank squad missions, air support missions, air transport missions, some spec-op missions, and well, the kind of mission where you actually plays as part of a huge team, like being a no-body trooper in a 9+ troop. The climbing in OFP from private to commander was brilliant. Give it a good story, and I would buy the add-on for the campaign only. This game has incredible potential, use it!
  17. After fighting thru the whole tread, I finaly get to voice my opinion. I am one of those who are deep down dissappointed with the ARMA II campaign... And I totally agree with Special Ed. OFP is a game that has gotten me play the campaign over and over again, and I've remembered bragging about the fact that both add-ons contained a complete release campain. OFP was a gem of a game. Great content, brilliant engine, an amazing open world and a looooong campaign. Like for instance the feeling you get from being a commander of a tank squad, commanded to take out a town you've lost to the ruskies 5 or 6 misssions ago, or the mere feeling it gave to retake the first island you played on. Playing arma, having to use cheats to beat alot of missions simply becouse of bugs (the end mission cheat at the end of missions feels kind of ironic). But playing the first high command mission I was effectivly stunned. This game has SOOO much potential, but sadly, it's not used by the developers. Frankly, the potential in video games is mounstrous. Storywize, it is possible to present a much more complex way of telling stories. Bohemia brags about ARMA II being the spiritual sucsessor to OFP, but in reality, it isn't. Its ARMA, simple and plain. OFP wasn't only about simulation, the story it provided got me sucked in like no other game. It remains to me as one of the best stories ever told in a game. Along with titles as Deus-ex, final fantasy VII and might and magic VI it remains one of my all time favorites. Why is content important? Well, newcomers picking up this title is going to let the game down. How many of the guys posting here picked up ARMA II or even ARMA as their first Bohemia military game? Most people would buy, play and get boored and then let it go. No amount of user generated content is going to get them to keep the game. For them, content is everything that matters. Not one single tank squad mission, not one air-plane mission, not a chopper mission, not the feeling of being a single solider in a large scale war... Oh, no... we are back to the one man hero, or in this case, one squad heroes. The outcome of the whole conflict is on those four people. Please, c'on... Like that is anythink like plausible. We have enough games like that, mainly the COD series. We need a game that puts forward what it's like being a solider, picturing real people in real conflicts. I am so dissapointed with the arma series that I can't even explain it. And it startles me so much... Bohemia delievered OFP, Resistance and Red Hammer, all with great campaigns... Bohemia can do better, we know that all of us...
  18. This is a very hard topic for me... And I have to admit, I've occationally been a pirate, for several reasons. Back in the days, when games didn't have copy protections, I was in my early teen years. Yes, I pirated games becouse of my sheer amount of money. But everytime I stumbled upon a game I actually enjoyed, I bought that game out of respect for the developers. If you buy I boardgame, you know what you'll get. If you buy a TV you'll know what you get. If it doesnt meet your expectations, or is malfunctioning, you can complain an mostly get your money back. If a game is badly design, you can't. The concept of quality is different in gaming, music and movies. Games though are very special. Simple bad design would render a TV useless, in a game, it would just cause lag, buggs and generally a bad game. But a bad game doess not give you a refund, a bad TV doess... I stopped pirating completely when STEAM came around to be good, and reasonable. Cheaper than retail and fast download. I pirated becouse it meant fast download, simple as that. STEAM won over piracy simply becouse it was fast, reliable, stable and cheap. Downloads should be cheaper than retail becouse you'll skip shipping and retail costs. Downloads are even kinder to the enviroment. But now, after STEAM kind of found out that 1$ = 1 Euro they lost me as a costumer, effectivly allmost doubleing prices over night. In Norway, by law you have allways had the option to share content with close friends and relatives. You are allowed to borrow games from friends, and borrow them yours. Are you really suggesting that you shouldn't be able to borrow games, music or movies from your friends? Is it legit of developers to deny this from paying costumers, yet for pirates they can simply copy the IMG-file onto the harddrives of their friends without any penalty? The entertainment industry have brought this onto them selves, by being concervative about new technology, abusing paying costumers and by being simply greedy. I've borrowed alot of games from friends, and alot of those games have found them selves on their way to my gameshelf becouse I liked them. People expect to get the games they borrow away back, so they are simply marketing for you. about 100% of the games I've ever pirated I never would have bought, not a chance. About 50% of the games I've bought, I tried a pirated version of first. In my case, the gaming industry, including both bohemia and codemasters have actually benefited on piracy. I would most likely not ever have bought Operation flashpoint in the first place. Why in the world doess developers think that punishing legit costumers is a good marketing idea? And don't even try saying that you don't have a technical issue with securom/etc, becouse it evedently is a bother for many. Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions for those who are legit... freedom for those who are disshounest... sounds like a great tactical turn against bankrupcy...