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  1. ade_mcc

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    Nice work fellas, great to see these quality items out in the world.
  2. ade_mcc

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Thank you BI, the demo is excellent! Cheers for making it scaleable as to be able to playable on my ageing rig (as per sig). I'm sure on the larger missions it'll probably crawl to a halt, but at least I'm having ace fun with Trial by Fire. To those that are deliberating, I'd say give it a go, turn everything right down, install the 182 drivers and enjoy! I'd say that I'm having just as much fun as ArmA on higher settings.
  3. Fantastic work CWR team. It felt so much like original flashpoint that I found myself accidentally trying to use my old keyboard layout. Anyway, much appreciated for all your hard work and excellent results. Cheers!
  4. ade_mcc

    Where to find the RPT file in case of CTD?

    Took me a while to find, but was located by searching globally for *.rpt Mine was located in C:\Documents and Settings\[user profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA My installation is on F: btw Edit: Im on XP
  5. Good work fellas, great to see the spirit of flashpoint lives on!
  6. ade_mcc

    The ORIGINAL milsim games and what made them great!

    I'll chip in with M1 Tank Platoon on the Atari +1 for Hunter and Midwinter
  7. ade_mcc

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    Good work fellas! Just gutted that I don't have the time to play like the good old days.
  8. ade_mcc

    Project: UK Forces

    Excellent work as always fellas!
  9. ade_mcc

    Scariest/Most atmospheric game

    Scariest/Most atmospheric games for me Thief 3 - The Cradle / Thief - Return to the Cathedral OFP - After Montignac Stalker - Various
  10. ade_mcc

    Random Rant thread

    Absolutely - I'm not really ade_mcc for starters...
  11. ade_mcc

    Random Rant thread

    There is an ignore button. Its at the top but only appears IIRC when you have 25+ requests. Bang and the grime is gone!
  12. Cheers rordied - I'll have a play tonight. On a general note, I don't understand why the standard menus that come with the recent nvidia drivers seem vaguer and less adjustable than ever before. Thank god for 3rd party apps I say.
  13. Cheers gL33k, worked a treat. Couldn't get any other 3rd part apps to adjust the 'render frames ahead' for some reason??
  14. Can anyone tell me if the Omega drivers allow you to easily change the 'render frames ahead' option? I'm having great difficulty getting this to work this using the Nvidia 169.21 drivers currenty installed even using the coolbits and other hacks. I understand from the 171.16 drivers that this setting is reintroduced but as its barely a beta, im reluctant to use it especially as otherwise the current drivers for pretty good for me. (specs below) Cheers!
  15. ade_mcc

    Audio Editing Software

    I accept no responsibility if you knacker your speakers ======================================== To quickly check your original stereo recording to see how good it is to remove the lyrics (using Balschoiws method above), use a hifi that uses four sockets for output (Left - Gnd, Right - Gnd), remove both loudspeakers from the back of your stereo and insert one loudspeaker that plugs into Left and Right leaving both Gnd sockets empty. As the loudspeaker is outputting the level difference between the two channels, everything that is equal in both channels will cancel out, whilst everything else will remain. The effect is poor to mediocre depending on the original recording and is as a result of the process, in mono. A better result would be to search for instrumental or a cappella versions of the track. I accept no responsibility if you knacker your speakers ========================================