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  1. S. Asian terrain I captured from Career mode - flashback
  2. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    congratulations on the south asia landscape

    report back when you tell us how long it takes in real time for you to walk across the entire thing ! ;)
  3. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    laughter during christmas eve gameplay 8RmwdPeCVmU
  4. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Police lights

    yep. you are right. sorry, for misleading. :16_6_8: heh, I didnt know it was stock :j:
  5. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Police lights

    Rok made a clever "Locator" mission for the community preview in which a police car has spinning blue lights and siren. perhaps you could see how he did it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1971187&postcount=2 media, lights begin at 4m28s aGhiRpEqEVc?t
  6. it proves that an individual can have an impact !
  7. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    patch 1.03 killed dedicated server

    ticket created http://dev-heaven.net/issues/27237 the nature of the 1.03 release candidate installation caused me to assume that few others would be playing multiplayer, and I didn't test it. I regret not checking that :icon_ohmygod:
  8. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    I'm ignorant on the batch file pbo method, sorry. I will have to decline the requests and refer them to this thread instead. ToH is currently version 1.02 with a 1.03 release maybe this week(?) I am unaware of any issues other than required version. I can produce an RPT if you wish.
  9. why use two buttons, when one will suffice? :rolleyes:
  10. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    Hello. May I have permission to adjust 'required version' inside Panthera config for Take on Helicopters and distribute? I have been asked, but hesitate to respond until permissions are given. thanks
  11. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    how to include OA/Arma2 islands?

    I suppose the first step to integrating arma2 islands into ToH is getting permission of the original addon author.
  12. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Do all the squares need to be ticked?

    it's the same for everyone. don't worry about it.
  13. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    Take On Java

    I see the excitement from the community here and I wish I could share it, but until I see examples this new scripting implemented in a mission, I will continue to be ignorant of the importance of this announcement. :confused:
  14. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    flight model editing

    dam right. would you have me fly skilled with keyboard/mouse, or crash all the time with joystick. Ten years of muscle memory cannot be overcome easily. Thumb slider for collective and twisting the stick for pedal are the issues for me. Perhaps If I had pedals from a racing game and remapped the collective away from that slider I might have better control.
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=2072499&postcount=26 this thread is simply cross-posting the same exact question there as here. You didnt get an answer there, because the answers were already in the thread, which apparently you didn't read. This is quite simply untrue. I run SLI gtx 275, which has less Vram available (896, Vram doesnt stack) and I run the game at a mix of normal, High, and Very High, however the screenshot is from v1.02.86094 and I am using the 1.03 RC now. first, lets decrease the crash frequency
  16. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    flight model editing

    He can have mine for free :p, just pay shipping and handling (east coast US)
  17. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    flight model editing

    I have been saying all along I use keyboard and mouse on expert difficulty settings. fyi, I prefer peanut butter delights, they have a miniature Reeses cup inside! :bounce3:
  18. alright, downloaded and installed patch, after backing up the aforementioned files, and my game did not crash unexpectedly nor explode my computer. I tried shortcut parameter -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi, but am unsure exactly what to look for as far as performance improvements because I haven't (gasp) been participating in the latest Arma2 1.60 betas or Release Candidates. Free Flight in the Light helicopter was okay. Much different flight model than in 1.02.86094, for the better, I suppose. Keyboard and Mouse on Expert is no walk in the park, and needs significant manual trimming to fly comfortably. I was able to perform Ninja-like maneuvers around and between the tall buildings of Seattle without too much trouble, so all is not lost :p. I figure you went to the trouble of releasing this, I can manage to let you borrow the 25gb of Harddrive space it took to backup the 1.02.86094 version. ;) more feedback once the game and changes are explored in more depth. :cool:
  19. I have Steam, and I downloaded and installed this patch, and it gives me this error!
  20. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    flight model editing

    make a backup of the 1.02.86094 HSim folder if you are that uneasy. one thing I do like for the Medium heli is that zero collective requires some right pedal input. I will have to run my test mission (slingload) and compare 1.02.86094 with rc1 and rc2 before I can make any criticisms.
  21. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-


    The duration of water falling out of the bucket seems long. I can 'drive around' and put multiple fires out during that time. I filled the bucket, landed the helicopter, got out, and I am able to trigger "drop water" repeatably. At least when you are done fighting fires you can take a shower. :D
  22. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    2363m Sniper kill with CheyTac M200 SD

    in real life, the iron sight on an SKS pretty much covers the whole target at 100 yards. sitting with rifle rested on knee - 10 shots, all hit target, and one bullseye. Yayeah! :D lol
  23. -DirTyDeeDs--Ziggy-

    CO12 Shapur Revisited (by ]NTRUDER)

    read what Intruder wrote again, more slowly this time