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  1. Young Eagle

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Yep...home, welcome back guys!
  2. I remember that, saw the video many years ago on youtube, it was Sakura Chan's work, wasn't it? Can't find it now on youtube.
  3. Young Eagle

    Take on Helicopters: Social Media pictures

    Is the Hind the first taxiable chopper in ToH? What a breakthrough! Awesome!
  4. source in model.cfg should be "Light", also missing condition and statement in config.cpp, better have a look at the tutorial made by Gnat: http://www.ofpec.com/tutorials/index.php?action=read&id=213
  5. Young Eagle


    use class BWTV class BWTV { type = "ColorCorrections"; priority = 1550; params[] = {1,2,-0.03,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,0.199,0.587,0.114,0.0}; };
  6. yes Abs, two turrets setup for the cargo seat, when turned out the crews pose like seen in ss, when turned in return to normal cargo pose, at this point only head is freely movable, rest are static.
  7. Young Eagle


    Heartattack!:O I need someone to revive me! Amazing model!:D
  8. Thx guys for the kind words! @cja100: yeah, suppose to be 7, AASE wants an extra slot, won't hurt I think:p. And hello Mr. Wipman! I guarantee you there will be detailed interial model(also for the ANZAC mod NZLAV), but it will take some time though. Anyway here are some ingame test shots, By yuchenweb at 2010-08-13 By yuchenweb at 2010-08-13 By yuchenweb at 2010-08-13 By yuchenweb at 2010-08-13
  9. ...continued By yuchenweb at 2010-06-26 By yuchenweb at 2010-06-26 By yuchenweb at 2010-06-28
  10. Some screenshots showing the progress, low-poly with partial defuse/AO/normal maps applied, criticism wellcome. By yuchenweb at 2010-06-25 By yuchenweb at 2010-06-25 By yuchenweb at 2010-06-25
  11. try put models & textures in P: drive.
  12. Young Eagle

    ACE/XAM : The best

    I wish both can be combined together, I love the sound effect in XAM.
  13. I'm eating my chocolate while watching the video, super sweet :) Thanks for the caption Deadfast! Keep up the good work BIS!