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  1. xendance

    Targeting improvements

    So wait. You're working on this: I managed to get that working somewhat two years ago (https://github.com/jonimake/arma-ccip ) but I it was just an SQF script and I had no idea what kind of physics calculations were done for the bombs. Great to have proper support for CCIP in the future :)
  2. xendance

    How to place A3 objects on map

    I guess I'll just wait until the expansion is released and see if anything changes. I was just checking if the first-time user experience has improved at all. Thanks.
  3. xendance

    How to place A3 objects on map

    Do I really need third party tools to use official A3 tools? Edit: Also, how does the engine even know what assets to reference if I first de-pbo some files, add them to my map, pack the map and then load the map in A3?
  4. xendance

    How to place A3 objects on map

    I have the P: drive set up via the arma 3 tools thingy in steam and this is how it sets the P: drive up: http://i.imgur.com/vE8MOxi.png I can't load the stuff in A3_retail folder at all since they're all binarized (naturally considering it's my A3 game folder). Is the tool missing some sort of step when setting up P: drive?
  5. xendance

    How to place A3 objects on map

    By P:\A3\structures you mean the A3_retail shortcut that leads to the arma 3 installation directory? There isn't "structures" folder there. Maybe this isn't hard for you, but it's hard for me. That's why I asked help in the first place ;)
  6. Almost every guide is over two years old now and include things like copying stuff from A to B by hand and running 3rd party scripts. I'd like to know how to place A3 objects on my map (trees and such) in terrain builder using only BIS tools. I tried doing a map over a year ago but dropped the project after I managed to package the terrain and satmap into game ready format. So if anyone has any links to up-to-date tutorials or other tips, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Did you use the laser scanned heightmaps from the national land survey website? Dat 2 meter XY resolution and 1 cm elevation res 8)
  8. xendance

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    CCIP script's original author here: It could be that the weapon name doesn't match the one in the stock CCIP mod, that's the most likely reason for it.
  9. Really nice, the sound clipping has always bothered me in ArmA and its various sound mods.
  10. Did you make the sun light configs from scratch or are you using Altis' or some other config? I think it looks nice in the screenshots above, nothing is too bright nor dark. How's the evening and morning lighting?
  11. xendance

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    They should be able to sense if they're being shot at. If they're not being shot at, they should try to rearm while staying in cover (or by diving from cover to cover). That is better than AI staying still and getting shot at. Maybe there should be some kind of order to tell them that you're holding/defending an area, when they could move to rearm by themselves. If in formation and moving, only rearm when moving really close to a rearming place.
  12. xendance

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I don't get why there even is a "rearm" command. It is just too micro-management like. The AI should know how to rearm themselves if they know there is an ammo cache nearby. Maybe ask the lowliest rifleman to fetch some ammo. Also, don't the default squads have ammo carrier guys that have a backpack full of ammo? Rearming should just happen automatically without you telling AI to do it.
  13. xendance

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Agreed, the MX sounds pretty weird at the moment. Needs more refining.
  14. I have to say that this works really nice. I like that it leaves the actual weapon firing sounds to what they are in vanilla. Though I do think that overall the reverb sound is kinda too loud, right now they can very very easily drown out all other gun fire. Not sure if this is due to how arma handles sound mixing, but I'd normalize the volume of the reverb sounds a bit and maybe made them a tad more quiet.
  15. What tools are you using? Also, if motivation tends to be a problem, you could try posting a WIP thread on polycount forums or such. People where usually give a lot of constructive criticism and suggestions.