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  1. rest assured, my patience as a SC backer is unlimited. Just popping in here once a year to check, if a paid DLC is on the horizon.👍
  2. 3D tank interior would be REALLY awesome. Not the biggest fan of periscope only views.
  3. Awesome news. No matter what everyone and their neighbours were complaining about, I liked GM from the beginning, as I was expecting a few flaws. Keep up the good work, guys.
  4. IF campaigns, missions and more are coming to ARMA3 as a paid DLC? Wow, I was hoping, it might happen, but obviously it is in it's final stages. "Shut up and take my Money" (work needs to be rewarded, even if I own Iron Front already) Release: 2020 or 2021?
  5. That's ÃœBER :notworthy:
  6. @ Günter & Defunkt: Thx guys ...for pinpointing the community patches location within the ARMA 3 folder. Although i am sure I tried that, I gave that a whirl and BINGO! Shortcut & unzipped EXE need to be in the Arma 3 folder. All the community patches installed, no errors anymore during start-up. Menus look ok and the single player campaigns seem to work now. BUT, starting any scenario...and my PC at least stalls...sometimes even completely freezes (16GB RAM, Win8.1 64bit).
  7. Did the following Iron Front in Arma 3 manual install: 1. Iron Front installed and patched to 1.05 - CHECK OK 2. Iron Front: D-Day 1944 DLC is optional - CHECK OK 3. Download IFA3SA 2014 09 29 and extract the @IFA3SA modfolder to your Arma 3 game folder - CHECK OK 4. Download the latest CBA A3 version and extract @CBA_A3 to your Arma 3 game folder - CHECK OK 5. Download the latest @IFA3_2014_XX_XX.7z from the files section and extract @IFA3 to your Arma 3 game folder - CHECK OK Convert games files to the mod version 1. Download IronFrontArmaConversion_YYYY_MM_DD.7z from the files section and extract it to your desktop - CHECK OK 2. Install the conversion tool and run the tool, set the path for A2 and OA to your A3 directory, hit Create IF Arma button and wait for conversion to complete - CHECK OK Patch the mod 1. Download IronFront_Arma3_CommunityPatch_1.05-1.12.exe 2. Run the 1.12 full patch - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" 3. Download IronFront_Arma3_CommunityPatch_1.12-1.13.exe 4. Run the 1.13 incremental patch - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" 5. If you have the DLC also download IronFront_DLC_Arma3_CommunityPatch_1.00-1.07.exe (Steam or Digital) 6. Run the DLC 1.07 full patch - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" 7. If you have the DLC also download IronFront_DLC_Arma3_CommunityPatch_1.07-1.08.exe 8. Run the DLC 1.08 incremental patch - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" Q: The A3 patches does not detect the game folder? A: Try moving the patch exe directly into the A3 game folder before launching it - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" Q: The patch still cant find it - what now? 1. Move the patch exe into the A3 game folder. 2. Make sure the modfolders (@IF / @LIB_DLC_1) are in the A3 game folder as well. 3. Unzip the IronFront_*_CommunityPatch_1.xx-1.xx.exe until the exe has a*blueish icon* (use 7z/winzip/winrar/etc). 4. Create a shortcut to the exe and add it as parameter) (or use command line (win+R)). 5. Launch it with -incurrentfolder parameter - CHECK: "Iron Front for Arma 3 patch is not installed on your Computer or the installed version is corrupted" --> patching impossible for me Start info arma3.exe "-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;@IFA3SA;@IFA3M;@IFA3" (in steam as a command line) --> error Messages during stat-up Addon "AiA_infantry_IF" requires addon "LIB_sov_characters" --> error Messages in main menu No entry "bin\config.bin/.../throw.lib_rpg6Muzzle" and 2 other error Messages IF Campaign: The menu has invisible entries, and if i start a Mission Arma3 stalls/crashes
  8. I own Arma 1 / 2 / 3 ...plus all add-ons, plus Iron Front...the whole shebang. All of them are installed via steam now. Tried the PWS installation (@mods in the documents Arma 3 main Folder, converting automatically) or manual installation (@mods in the steam Arma 3 Folder, converting via IFArma converter). I cannot apply any ARMA 3 community patches, neither automatically nor manually as described in the workaround. Of course all games are updated, but a message pops up, that the patch is not installed ... clicking "ok" ends the update before it started...wonkie. No idea anymore what to do...and I tried probably every solution mentioned here...step-by-step...but without the patches I guess, I am SOL @ToffelsKater: I have the same problem with @IFA3, @IFA3SA is installing, but that is basically it...
  9. Just had a look at it. I normally don't comment on hardware i haven't seen or tried myself, but on the novint Falcon I do ask: How about ergonomics? I seems to be very capable of 3D movements, but here comes the problem. I doubt that it is comfortable to use longer than 15-30mins. Lifting your hand constantly might end up in arm and shoulder problems when sitting in front of a desk.
  10. exactly. i wonder what nvidia is hoping to achieve by buying that physx crap. the only realistic hardware supported physics solution would have to be one that works on ALL cards. Well, makes no sense to start a big discussion about Physx which is not support in ARMA2. Btw I am an ATI user with Ageia PPU, so I am always on the right side. But honestly, offering support of something should  not piss of player bases, well maybe some gamers who act like Divas  Physx support will just be an added value, like TrackIR support or forcefeedback support. It does change gaming experience but not the overall gameplay.  People should be happy about added value, and not complain that others might not have all the HW to get the total experience Â
  11. The Ageia PhysX PPU addon card probably won't work at all, due to nVidia's latest PhysX drivers which don't have support for the PPU anymore. PhysX should die anyway, proprietary standards kill the fun for others anyway. Havok or an in-house physics solution with OpenCL acceleration is the only right way to go. Your X-Fi card might actually accelerate sound in the future, if Microsoft updates the XAudio2 API to compete with the newer OpenAL API's. PhysX only works on nVidia hardware and less and less on Ageia hardware.A more optimized physics engine that would work on all (discrete graphics) processing hardware would be much better. I wish people would NOT assume  Up till the latest driver Ageia PPU is supported and works very well. The Ageia PPU in combination with latest ATI cards outperforms mostly all NVDIDIA GPU solutions (big german game maginzine tested that recently). No indication that Ageia is not supported or outperformed Physx should die anyway...well...Intel and ATI are working on a prorietary solution as well atm  FYI: Physx SDK supports now PS3 and Wii, officially. Uhm...my X-FI has HW acceleration in most games, even under Vista. Too bad miles etc. is getting stronger again in this market, as well as on-board solutions. More troublesome, less efficent...just simple.
  12. Thank you for the quick answers. Hmmm...how about implementing the old ifeel immerson drivers? They worked well enough in OFP & Arma. But of course i can understand the decision to drop stuff when resources are limited. Too bad that most of my hardware is not directly supported anymore, but all is getting more and more CPU related. Simply a fact of standardization. So my dear little iFeel mouse So my still barely used DirectX10.1 card So my little Ageia Physx card So my dear X-FI card So my old Xeons...all will depend on you now  Well at least my TrackIR will still be supported  ARMA2 still will be a must have...but getting a funny feeling after these statements. Software solutions are good for standardization but quality wise always a 2nd best solution.
  13. Will iFEEL support be included as in ARMA? WOULD BE GREAT! Any information about multiple joystick support? The rest of my suggestions are basically answered.
  14. I'd like to see ALL current support from ArmA included into ArmA2...and some more 1. iFEEL mouse support 2. ForceFeedback support for Joysticks 3. Multiple Joystick support 4. DirectX9 & DirectX10 support 5. Soundblaster X-FI support 6. Physx support "Ageia & GPU" 7. Intuitive Voice Commanding, maybe multiple language support Let's see what we will find in the final product...the more we see included, the better will be the "USPs" compared to OFP2! I'm a very loyal costumer of BI Studio products ever since, I'm sure they won't let me down with ArmA2. Dunno about OFP2...codemasters NEED to earn their merits first in that genre Â
  15. x al

    Multiple Joystick problem

    Long time ago i heard about that program. PPJOY was the name...now its PCLjoy i guess... have a look at the following site: www tti-us.com/sim/picjoy html Jeeez...there must be a simple and proper .ini solution for my problem   I am sure I will figure it out...NOOOooooo plugging madness please Â