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  1. Hey all Is there any way to disable those custom radio messages in multiplayer? You know, when you press 0-0, which brings up a menu where you can use a custom sound/message you added yourself, which is then broadcast to the selected channel? I want to disable this so that I don't hear other people's messages, but I still want to keep my radio up so I can hear my own squad's radio, etc., which might be difficult since this is technically "radio", and not "VON". Also I should mention that I don't want to disable this for my own server or anything, I want to just not hear it when I play online. Thanks!
  2. Great, works now, thanks a lot That folder was causing all the trouble
  3. Thanks for the help! I followed the instructions about running a mission in the editor in ArmA 2 and then OA, but it still wouldn't give me the option of starting OA as CO, but it doesn't really matter because I just use the _runArmA2CO_ shortcut. I put all the mod folders into my OA directory, and it started fine in vanilla configuration like before, but then I tried to activate the mods in the order described from the "Expansions" menu in game and it gives me the same userconfig error. I'll have to try again later
  4. Hello all So after spending over a month downloading ArmA 2 and OA on and off again, I finally finished. I still have all my mods from before I had ArmA 2 installed on Steam and was playing with a retail copy. Those mods were in my "C:/User name/Documents/ArmA 2", so I thought it'd be easy to play with them again, so I tried using the "Set launch options" in the Steam menu, and did the standard -mod=@cba_oa;@ace;", etc., but I would get this error message: "Include file userconfig\ace\ace_clientside_config.hpp not found". So I removed the launch options and started it normally, then in the main menu in the game I went to the "Expansions" section, and saw all my mods that were in my documents folder there, so I enabled ACE and the CBAs to see if it would work, it told me to restart, so I did, but now I constantly get that error message and can't start OA like I used to. However, I can run CO by using the "_runA2CO_" icon I found in my OA folder, and it works like that, but I don't see my mods in the "Expansions" list. I read that to run CO all you had to do was install A2 and OA, run each one of them once, and from then on it would run CO, but it did not work like that. I even clicked "Play" in the Steam menu to get the options, but there was no option for CO, only "Play ArmA 2 OA". But I suppose it works with the runA2CO, so whatever, it doesn't seem right though. So can anyone help me with running these mods through Steam? I never had any problems when I played it without Steam. I even went to the "playwith SIX" and it lists all my ACE modules as installed and up to date. What am I missing here? Thanks for any help! Oh, also, I performed the "Verify integrity of local cache" on A2 and OA, but it didn't fix it.
  5. Right I should have said DVD Anyway thanks guys for the reply, would have been nice if they provided a guide or something for this, instead of just adding the game to Steam and being forced to download it
  6. Well this is looking pretty depressing at the moment then...
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen I have ArmA 2: CO retail installed and want to play online, so I need to transfer it to Steam, but I don't have a great internet and would rather find some way to transfer it to some folder in Steam or something since I already have the whole game installed. I tried simply selecting everything in my ArmA 2 folder (addons folder, readme's, all that), and transferring it into the Steamapps/Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead folder, then deleted local files and tried to install it again, but it still wants to download over 6 GB of data, so clearly that didn't work. I don't really know anything about Steam, I only use it when I have to, for example, Red Orchestra and Wargame. So how can I not download the whole game? There has to be a way since I have all the files? Also, how do mods work on Steam, I'm totally lost on that. Do I just have to change the shortcut to "..........steamdirectory/whatever/Arma2OA -mod=@modname"? Oh and I noticed that there is no "ArmA 2: CO" on Steam, just separate ArmA 2 and OA, do I have to do something to combine these into CO? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  8. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I meant the mirrors you added to see around corners :)
  9. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Could someone please fill me in on how to properly employ the tactical banana? Also, love the new update. Mirrors? Thank you
  10. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thanks. But I was only planning to use rounds such as HE-FRAG. Do you happen to know how long tank shells last before they vanish? Or what distance they can travel before they vanish?
  11. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hello ACE team I was wondering if any munition in ACE 2 ever disappears after a certain point. For example, if you fire a tank cannon straight up in the air, will it disappear or return to the ground? Could you clarify this for me please? Also, does it work the same way in vanilla ArmA/CO? Thanks As always, great work. Can't wait to see what you have in store for ACE 3. EDIT: Also, which shells, if any, self destruct after a certain time? I know that the Russian rifle grenades used to, but that it was removed.
  12. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Ok, thanks, I did not try to set timer, I was just using remote detonation and trying to attach it after, I got it now!
  13. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Ok, thanks, I must have forgotten to arm it. EDIT: Oh, the satchels are no longer able to be attached, but IEDs are.
  14. twan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Sorry to hear the ArmA 2 chapter of ACE is coming to a close. Wonderful work on this excellent mod. One question: Did you remove the "Attach satchel to vehicle" action? I can't seem to do it anymore. Usually when you placed a satchel next to a vehicle, you could interact with it and get an option such as "Attach satchel to tractor" or something. Thanks EDIT: And one more small question: Is there any sort of iron sight on the M119? Not the optics that you can use with the aim down the sight button, but an iron sight, or an over the barrel view, or something.