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  1. T_Roc

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Maybe your mod standard, dont know? But awiting this with high expectations
  2. T_Roc

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    People always want it "right now" and then complains about the bugs when released to early. I think this will be an exelent mod when released, so i have the time to wait for it. And mr Pedersen did survive the "fow" experience so that should give him some credit.
  3. T_Roc

    lag on good pc? why?

    Maybe a little more info on your system would help. What op, wich grapic card, wich processor? You should also post your rpt file. I would think you have a lot of crap running on your comp to get that performance. Have you test to disable your anti virus before start, (have bad experiance with avg). One thing is to check how many processes you have running on the comp.
  4. Hello everyone I am not going to leave, but cant work in this mod anymore. For this 4 year old crime i am quilty sorry for this. But this very old mod (ofp) was something i did privatley for my own use. Some people asked me for it and i gave it out on the restriction the no pics or download should happen. This is now broken i have tho take punisment for it Maybe i thrusted some people for it too much, but all others have kept their promise. For this they have my respect. For future complaints about this please keep it privatley and send me it on my private messages. I will answer you there.
  5. The only honorable thing i can do is to leave this mod and the community. So bye bye.
  6. I am working on a special project that will contain both, buth more of this later.
  7. No your eyes arent failing you, its a cromwell allright, its part of my next project. More info later..
  8. Some more screens of the progress. Sherman More Sherman Panther Sherman again Late stug Battle
  9. Some new screens of the progress of the units. To Large To Large To Large To Large To Large To Large To Large
  10. T_Roc

    WW2 units

    Yes i will make them also avaible for download after i converted them to Arma2.
  11. T_Roc

    WW2 units

    This is the long time ago promised mlods of my ofp tanks. They will not work direct as the configs needs some work to function in game correctley. The models are complet exept the textures for the sdkf 251 mg:s Those i have removed as this is from ww2ec. I will not uppdate this in any way so they are all as is some are better some are worse. They are all free to use without my permission in Ofp. The tanks are german, brittish, Russian and us ones. Pics and link. http://www.3dmodell.se/gd/ww2mlods.zip
  12. T_Roc

    Lets do bad review of ArmA II

    Quite funny tread this. You maybe should by the game intead of using an pirated copy.
  13. I had something simillar and it was broken memory on the graphics card.