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  1. Working on a convoy escort mission and have run into a problem with my concept. The concept is thus: You are an X man squad from group Y and you have been plonked in a helicopter of type Z to escort convoy C. My problem is that I, to my knowledge, have no way to have a helicopter follow units on the ground from the side i.e flying parallel to the mid vehicle/s. To complicate matters my intention, as in any convoy orientated mission, is for the convoy to have an altercation with some undesirables along the way thus forcing the helicopter to drop the players of close by and to provide security. Any help would be appreciated as I'd rather have this set up than the usual set up of having players in a truck in said convoy which can in some cases lead to complete chaos (not always a bad thing imo) when s.h.t.f. and generally involves a lot of boredom prior to the shooting.
  2. ITC Land - May 2020 Update Our latest update has been pushed to the steam workshop, this release see the addition of a couple of new ISR assets. We've been working on various projects and fixes the past few months, among which are some new features. In particular this update includes the addition of the Rover LAD integrated within ITC Land Systems, and as it's own standalone release. The Rover LAD provides a lightweight situational awareness tool for JTACs, and ground force leadership. It allows anyone who has the Rover LAD in their inventory to remotely view what any aircraft turret equiped with an active laser designator is looking at. This can be viewed in DTV, NVG, as well as FLIR Black Hot and FLIR White Hot modes with an independant zoom mode. If you do not currently use ITC Land Systems and would like to use the rover we have released it in a standalone format on the work shop, click on the image/link below for more information. If you do already use ITC Land Systems this will already be included and you don't need to download any additional mods. ITC Addons - Rover LAD In addition we made the small addition of a new variant of the remote designator as the Remote GLTD, this compatible with our packable item feature and includes an improved sight display for JTACs and Fires Observers as shown below: Our April and May release change log can be found below. Additions: Added: Rover LAD (item classname: itc_land_tablet_rover) Added: New GLTD Variant with detailed sight information - compatible with packable feature Added: Common artillery ammunition calibres for use in other systems (105mm,122mm, and 127mm) Tweak: SAM35 fusing now uses triggerAmmo Fixes: Fix: Interim fix for CRAM/CIWS/Radar systems placed with zeus - event handler to turn on radars when placed (Solution to be reviewed at a later time) Fix: 155mm Smoke was deploying immediately upon firing Enjoy the update, and feel free to drop by the ITC addons discord for the latest updates, or if you want help with any part of our mods.
  3. I've just done a complete rebuild of the last update and included the previously mentioned smoke shell fix, and the issue you've spotted @TechThings. Yax has pushed this to the workshop in the last hour or so. Apologies for the issues with this latest update, we've rejigged how we do these updates slightly and that lead to some things being not checked as thoroughly as they should have been on my end. Should be fixed for any future updates! In other news I plan to do a brief stream on Saturday 18 January as a tutorial on one or more ITC Land topics. If there's any requests let me know, otherwise it will be likely around the COBRA system, and sirens as it's a nice and simple system to begin with.
  4. ITC Land - January 2020 Update Our latest update has been pushed to the steam workshop. This addresses some bugs reported over the last few months and adds some new content and features to other platforms. Fixes: Fixed: Smoke shells had invalid fuzes defined Fixed: Sights were no longer functional after ACE Version 3.13.0 Fixed: Removed developmental content causing RPT errors Additions: Added: Improved UAV gunner sight display added to additional drones with variants added: MQ-4I Greyhawk, K40i Ababil-3 (CSAT and AAF), and UCAVi Sentinel 2 Added: Packable Darter migrated to ITC Land Packable feature. Added: Packable feature functionality for AL-6 Pelican / Utility drones Added: Empty variants of AL-6 UAV bag Added: Improvements to the Fennek / Strider commander optic for better suitability for ISR, Fires and CAS direction, Strider RV variants added with this new sight Added: Functionality for new / customizable IDF sirens to be set up through 3rd party addon or by mission maker Edit 12/01/20: Another bug that had gone under the radar on smoke shells was spotted last night. Yax will be pushing the hotfix later today.
  5. As 2019 comes to a close I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the year for ITC Land Systems, and our plans for the mod in the coming new year. Development 2019 has been a slower year than we would have liked for the development of ITC Land Systems, personal and work commitments, as well as other projects have provided unavoidable distractions. While I referred to them rather unkindly as distractions, these have admittedly yielded some fantastic work from Yax in the latter case, and I look forward to seeing how these other projects mature. V1.3: Naval Weapon Systems Although not until well into July, our first release of the year was version 1.3, a fairly big step bringing with it naval fire support systems that we’d been meaning to have done since the release of the Encore DLC. While relatively unremarkable on the surface, the introduction of GPS guided cruise missiles, and the implementation of existing features on our other gun systems to the naval gun system opened up these assets to smaller communities where the use of a gunline and other similar fire support assets would not be feasible due to the player counts ordinarily required for them. The background development work for v1.3 and the (numerous) hot fixes which followed have laid the groundwork for planned feature improvements and additions for 2020. These included a much-needed overhaul of the ammo handling and autoloader system in place for self-propelled and naval gun systems, part of this allowed us to add variations with increased rates of fire. FALAT Yax’s experimenting has produced another special artillery munition he has dubbed FALAT. This was a relatively recent undocumented addition as it is still being worked on. https://giant.gfycat.com/SomeSmugAntbear.webm FALAT is a munition that deploys in the same way as SADARM and our existing EXTRA munitions. However instead of scanning for armored targets the submunitions will each scan for predefined laser codes. This provides a semi-loitering munition that can be used to engage specific targets in an observed area. Improved Gunner’s Sight We also introduced a new gunner’s sight for the self-propelled howitzers we add. The improved gunner sight was added as a UX improvement: we found the extra information we wanted to display, and the new features we plan to give gun crews in 2020 required a new sight display that is easier to read in all environmental conditions. Expect to see some changes and new features built into this in the new year. Documentation, Tutorials, and Reference Material Since ITC Land Systems first released, we have been guilty of becoming particularly lax around the documentation for the mod. In particular use guides and technical information for mission makers and other mods have been sorely missing, this is something I will be looking to correct in 2020. Now, while we in the mod team have been lax on this front, some of the mod’s users have been quite the opposite. Herbiie has made a number of videos which offer a basic intro to using some of the mod’s features as well as some of Land Systems sister mod, ITC Air Systems Likewise, Tiberius has produced an interesting video on different ways to use our BCS for different effects with only one gun. Plans for 2020 Terminal System As part of a long overdue overhaul of our various UI components, we will be introducing the Terminal system which is set to replace our existing Tablet interfaces. We will be working to migrate existing features (BCS, COBRA, etc.) to the Terminal system, but we will also be using this as an opportunity to improve these features with on map graphical representations of planned fire missions as well as other UX improvements. This will not simply be a replacement project, we will be introducing new features as well: Gunline link – This will allow for information to be passed between guns and an FDC including new firing solutions and loading instructions, as well as enabling an easier way to setup a battery and update battery information. Resupply System – Lacking a means to easily setup custom loadouts for guns and having encountered issues with other resupply systems, we will be introducing new features to address these issues. IGS configuration – This will allow gunners to customize the information displayed on their sights to better suit their needs, as well as offer new capabilities currently lacking including a direct fire capability. User readable range tables A feature long requested by some of our users is range tables to allow for truly manual fires planning. This has been a somewhat low priority until we could develop a way to produce the necessary data easily from the BTABs our BCS works from. We’ve managed to clear some of the initial barriers to this and look forward to showing you more around this as development continues. With these hopefully being included in an update in 2020. Active Protection Systems Continuing his trend of innovation, Yax has begun work on implementing various active protection systems within the mod, providing a lightweight system and accurate representation of the modeled systems. The GIFY above shows an early test of the system demonstrating coverage of specific arcs. What’s not shown are the more nuanced features. Vehicles can have multiple APS modules, each with a position, a turret they're on(optional), a direction, coverage angles, max range, ammo count, probability of kill, and reload time. Expect more news on this soon. Expansion of packable equipment One of our less flashy features was the ability to pack the AR-2 Darter into an item that could be carried within a backpack rather than as a backpack. We’ve been working to expand this and incorporate other assets including the AL-6, Remote designators, and camp site respawn tents. Improved capabilities to additional vehicles: Following on going user requests for it, we’ve begun adding our improved UAV sight to other UCAVs present in ArmA 3. Additionally we have put together a modified version of the Strider/Fennek’s commander optic to improve its functionality in recon, as well as fires and CAS direction. Munition guidance improvements Another less flashy area of development that will be getting some more attention this year is our various guidance methods. We hope to see improvements to our MLRS GPS and VLS GPS Terrain Following guidance methods to address some behavioural issues we’ve noticed in some test situations. Widening range of compatibility mods We still do not plan to do compatibility mods for all mods out there, but we have taken our first steps towards expanding the ones we produce ourselves. Our first set were for RHS USAF, and RHS AFRF. We are hoping to expand this to include CUP Units, and CUP Vehicles in the new year. As always, we are open to assist any mod team’s who would like to add compatibility with ITC Land Systems’ features either natively or as part of a compatibility mods. In closing, we’ve had a busy 2019, with a lot of behind the scenes work building towards what we hope will be a fruitful new year. We hope you all have a good time over the festive holidays and we look forward to sharing our new developments and progress with you as we go into 2020!
  6. I'm unable to reproduce the issue you're describing. Can you provide a copy of the mission you have this issue on?
  7. Going through our usual quiet period (unless you're on the discord) as we work on bug fixes and new projects. We've had a few hotfixes pushed out for the main mod, and I should expect to see a couple more in the coming weeks. Among these we've slipped in a small feature change: Vehicles can have 2 different types of autoloaders: semi, or fully automatic. This has already been implemented through the addition of the mod. 1 variant of the Hammer NGS. This addition now has a much higher rate of fire. The RHS comptability mods have been brought in line with the main mod also. Most notably the compatibility for RHS AFRF has now included compatibility for the recently added 2S1. As always these can be found as separate variants alongside the originals in the editor. There are one or two other things we are working on which are not yet in a state to be shown off, but we look forward to doing so when they are. If you want potential sneak peaks our Discord server is often the best place to see them, as well as the best place to reach out to us for anything be it bug reports or help using the mod.
  8. Update V1.3: Naval Fire Support Our update today finally integrates ITC Land Systems features on the naval fire support assets introduced with the Encore DLC. This introduces the features we have on our SPH variants on to the Mk. 45 Hammer in through the addition of the Mk. 45 mod. 0 Hammer 2. Additionally, we have introduced the MN230 VLS (Cruise Missile) system which allows for the use of GPS missiles in a land attack role including a choice of impact angles. This uses a variant of some guidance integrated from ITC Aircraft and has a couple of known behavioural tweaks in areas of particularly rapid changes in topography. We do have a number of planned improvements to this and you can expect to see them in later hotfixes/updates. 1.3 Changes: Added: Mk 45 mod 0 Hammer 2 (Naval Gun System) - includes ammo handler, IGS, tablet access Added: MN230 VLS (Cruise Missile) - includes launch interface for GPS targets Added: Guided M320 ICM (itc_land_m230gicm_12rnd, itc_land_m230gicm_6rnd) Added: Improved Gunner Sight (IGS), implemented on all SPH systems and NGS Added: Basic QD/AZ display - for use on assets without existing display and without autoloader Added: Variant of improved mortar illumination round for spawning by script (itc_82mm_flare_scripted) Added itc_land_common_fnc_getCurVehicle: Returns either the player vehicle or the UAV they are currently controlling Fixed: Count of rounds fired on sights showing incorrectly Fixed: Error in delay fuse code Fixed: Most/All functional bugs in the SPH Ammohandler Fixed: Typos in 155 and 152mm battery type names in BCS (apparently the mmm or metric millimetre is not recognised, fine) Fixed: Description of Mk 6 fire modes in BCS, should now better reflect those displayed when using the mortar. Fixed: some battery definitions had errors in the available munitions listed in their configs
  9. Got some testing of the new VLS features, and back end changes to allow the use of ITC Land features on autonomous / remote controlled vehicles done this weekend. With a bit of house keeping and some final checks still to do, we are fairly close to another update.
  10. Hello! A bit of an update for those of you who are not in the ITC Addons discord. I've been busy this month catching up on the to do list for v1.3, a recent bank holiday gave me some much needed time off to work on ITC Land and I'm excited to say it's paid off! I have finished the back end rework of the ammohandler/autoloader component used on the self propelled systems which has fixed a number of bugs and allowed me to complete the integration of ITC Land Systems features on the naval gun system. At present this will function the same way as the SPH gunner position does except the gun remains accessed with a UAV terminal and the controller will have access to the FCI system to calculate basic fire missions and the BCS for more sophisticated tasks. The downside of this, is that until after v1.3 is finished the ROF of the naval gun system will still not be comparable to real world analogs. However, we will be releasing a hotfix with another back end rework to enable config definable rates of fire acros all systems which use the ammohandler feature. The VLS will be my next task and should, fingers crossed, not take too much time to finish and is currently my main priority. Hopefully once I have some more visually interesting updates I'll post a video or two of some of these updates in use.
  11. In general, yes. As it does occur to me we have been rather silent since the last update ( work and personal circumstances have kept us both rather distracted ) I bring a bit of a dev update on v1.3 of the mod. Some things we are working on: VLS Land Attack Missile System: We have the core functionality for GPS guided terrain following missiles working, some footage of this can be found over on my twitch channel. The UI for this has been drafted but still needs to be finalised and brought in game. This will still be controlled by using the UAV console remotely, a design decision we quite like about the naval weapon systems added by BI in the Encore update of last year. Once we have that done we will look at expanding functionality to incorporate selecting vertical angles of impact. As this may involve tweaking our guidance function for this missile v1.3 may be released without that particular feature for this system. Naval Gun System: With v1.3 we intend to implement a number of features present on the self propelled howitzers on the naval gun system added in the Encore update. This will include an improved gunners sight for indirect fires, ballistic calculation system, as well as ammo handler and fuze setter. This is unfortunately the crux of things right now. Thanks to the helpful reporting of bugs by users in our discord chat a number of issues were identified with the ammohandler and autoloader system we currently use which necessitates a rebuild of the back end to these particular systems. This needs to be done before we can implement it on a remote controlled turret such as the NGS. This rebuild is a taxing task in terms of time, energy, and sanity. And for all of those we can hardly say we have a surplus of any right now. Not to say we aren't working on it, just letting you know where the delays are. Compatibility Updates: We recently updated our RHS compatibility mods to allow the use of our BCS with all RHS howitzers, and mortars. With UX in mind, we'll be updating assets which currently lack alignment displays with these with v1.3 to make the use of these a littler easier. Implementing our recent MLRS improvements on RHS' MLRS such as the Grad and HIMARS is taking longer than anticipated and will likely take a back seat to the main v1.3 projects.
  12. Obligatory "We're not dead yet" post, we've got a couple of things brewing at the moment. I've been working on implementing some MLRS improvements which will hopefully be coming in our next update. Some video of a couple tests below: Regarding compatibility expansions: I'm reluctant to say outright that we wont do specific compatibility expansions for other mods as we have with RHS; but I can say it's very unlikely that we will do any others in the immediate future with our present focus on feature development including incorporating new systems onto the Encore naval assets. We are happy to assist anyone who would like to attempt to make a compatibility addon themselves. We will be producing documentation explaining the steps involved with integrating features from ITC Land Systems into 3rd party addons later on down the line as it is a relatively simple process with a fundamental knowledge of configs. Regarding solution selection from BCS: Think about the terrain between the gun and target, and what type of ammunition you are firing. With hilly terrain, and when using guided munitions a higher angle fire mission can be preferable. However, if you don't need a high angle you need to remember your shells still have to clear the highest obstacle on the gun target line so being aware of the maximum ordinate vs highest obstacle is important if you want your rounds to arrive on the target. Additionally, ICM bomblet dispersal can behave differently depending on how you fire it: Higher angle fire missions concentrate the bomblets a lot better, while lower angle solutions can allow for a larger area to be covered. Yax is the better of the two of us for BCS questions and he may provide a better answer than I can. As always, feel free to join the ITC Addons Discord! Myself and Yax are around and post updates and other bits we are working on from time to time, and you can always chat with other users of ITC Addons.
  13. We have no plans for manual reference range tables. Adding compatibility for the dismounted mortars and towed gun systems presented in RHS' various forms is a low priority for us right now. Though some additional systems in those mods will get some attention in the compatibility area following our next update (currently delayed due to our various other commitments/interests). As already said earlier in the topic, we are happy with the improvements ACE has done on the Mk6 mortar for now and are putting our interest/attention and energy in other directions for the foreseeable future.
  14. Unfortunately we can't afford the time to offer any tutorials on general TTPs for using artillery beyond system specific help at the moment. There are multiple sources of instruction on fires procedure available on the internet, I've linked a couple below. Nou's FMC 6-30 (Condensed) US Military FMC 6-30 Many communities also have their own methods for this sort of thing have internal training for such roles. ACE3 has the Vector, which is an incredibly versatile tool for any FO, the feature page on the ACE3 website has better instructions than I could give on it's use and features. Hope these are of some use.
  15. We've been busy working away at improvements to the mod this week, though taking a break from some of that I've put together a couple of compatibility mods for use with RHS. These add variants of the 2S3 and M109 that incorporate features from ITC Land Systems. The new variants can be found alongside those included with RHS: M109A6 Mod. 0 Paladin 2 itc_land_rhsusf_m109d_usarmy itc_land_rhsusf_m109_usarmy 2S3 Mod. 0 Akatsiya 2 itc_land_rhsafrf_2s3_tv These can be downloaded on the steam workshop. ITC Land Systems - RHS AFRF Compatibility ITC Land Systems - RHS USAF Compatibility
  16. At the moment it's not likely for any imminent updates however, we are looking into providing a more traditional .7zip download through github as well as the steam release for updates further down the line.
  17. We don't have any immediate plans to work on the vanilla mortar system. ACE have already done a great job in that regard, and at the moment we don't feel we can add a lot more to that.
  18. I'm currently revisiting some older configs I'd done for some cross addon mag compatibility. Specifically adding RHS and ACE magazine compatibility to some weapon addons I've done. Previously I've simply overwritten the appropriate weapon's magazines array with the expanded list of magazines, which of course worked, but meant a new config for each combination of mods. As shown in this Gist (link), I've switched, or attempted, to using the += operator with the magazines array to add the new magazines without overwriting the existing array. The problem I'm having is that I'm having mixed results: It has worked for 2 of the 5 the classes: tb_lmg_mk23_base and tb_arifle_mk25_base but not for: tb_lmg_mk24, tb_arifle_mk21_base, tb_arifle_mk21_m203_base or the ugl variation: tb_m203b. I've had a look at another thread with a similar issue where they had some success and have seen this used by a couple other configs for the same purpose but I'm currently at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong here so any advice / help would be great.
  19. Altis Forces Rearmed Altis Forces Rearmed (ALFR) intends to revise the current ArmA 3 AAF faction with more contemporary equipment and assets. This initial release contains a selection of weapons and units based around a conceptualised ORBAT that can be found here. With later releases we will be bringing a chinook to complement the existing rotary wing fleet and we hope to expand by replacing the current wheeled and tracked assets currently available as well as increasing the variety of indirect fire support assets. Please note, this is not intended to in anyway replicate any current military force and while regional forces have been referenced for deciding on capabilities they are by no means the focus of the project. Currently included weapons: Currently Included Vehicles: Change Log: 14-08-2016: v1.5 Added: Optional replacement config in tb_alfr_replaceBI.pbo Added: Optional RHS, ACE, and RHS+ACE mags compatibility addon. Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Fixed: Mk21 UGL Sight rotation. Changed: Mk21 Inherits from Spar 16 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations. Changed: Mk23/24 Inherits from LIM-85 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations, weapon reload animations adjusted to fit. Changed/Fixed: Engine rework of all Landrovers. Changed: Landrover Sounds, attenuation and compartment positioning. Changed: Reworked Landrover headlights. Depreciated magazine classes no longer compatible with ALFR Weapons: tb_200Rnd_556x45_box tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_yellow tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_red tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_green Use new BI equivalents/alternatives. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.5) Required: Community Base Addons Mirrors: Armaholic (v1.5) Credits and Thanks: Toadball - Config Work Vking - Config work and fixing Toadball's config work. Deathstrike - Equipment / Unit textures. Kiory - SR25 EC Model and textures. Bohemia Interactive - ArmA 2 / Operation Arrowhead MLODs used to derive the majority of the pack's weapons. United Operations - Hosting and supporting the project from it's earliest incarnation. Mission Maker’s Resource: Altis Forces Orbats. Thanks to VKing for the organisational diagrams. ---- Moving forward we are looking at enhancing the capabilities of existing weapon systems in game to emulate their real world counterparts as well as expanding on and replacing existing systems.. This includes but is not limited to: HE rounds for the Mk 13 with variable setting fuzes. Simulating the full range of capabilities added to the 40mm CTWS of the Warrior. New air defence equipment, namely the RBS-70. Replacing existing transport vehicles, tanks, and IFVs. In order to do this we would like to take on another 2D artist and a 3D artist to help improve / replace our current models and help with the production of new game assets, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to drop myself a PM.
  20. Good to know at least some of it works given how long it's been since I last looked at ALIVE. I'm skedaddling away for a couple of weeks abroad so it'll be a while before I can look into it at all. If you do keep poking around with it I'd be happy to know of anything conclusive you can find out. Edit: A quick shoofty at their wiki explains a fair bit. 2 options really: Create yourself a custom mapping as per ALIVE mod documentation here. While I bugger off to relax for a fortnight, one of you lovely people can see what you can do with this to match with the documentation here.
  21. Should be, it was last I looked at least. Faction classes: 1 Btn. Units & Vehicles: tb_alfr_1bn 1 Btn. Units & Vehicles in Arid AFPAT: tb_alfr_1bn_arid 2 Btn. Units & Vehicles: tb_alfr_2bn Air Corp Units & Vehicles: tb_alfr_ac Pathfinder Company: tb_alfr_pf Pathfinder Company in Arid AFPAT: tb_alfr_pf_arid I don't use ALIVE nor do I test with it, so no guarantees on the degree of compatibility.
  22. Yeah that was intended, in order to save some faffing about. Updated the mod to v1.5, all vehicles are fixed. The rockets and bombs variant of the buzzard had to go unfortunately. However, landrover improvements and the chinook is back. Vehicle in Vehicle transport still to be sorted it'll come. 14-08-2016: v1.5 Added: Optional replacement config in tb_alfr_replaceBI.pbo Added: Optional RHS, ACE, and RHS+ACE mags compatibility addon. Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Fixed: Mk21 UGL Sight rotation. Changed: Mk21 Inherits from Spar 16 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations. Changed: Mk23/24 Inherits from LIM-85 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations, weapon reload animations adjusted to fit. Changed/Fixed: Engine rework of all Landrovers. Changed: Landrover Sounds, attenuation and compartment positioning. Changed: Reworked Landrover headlights. Depreciated magazine classes no longer compatible with ALFR Weapons: tb_200Rnd_556x45_box tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_yellow tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_red tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_green Use new BI equivalents/alternatives. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.5) Required: Community Base Addons
  23. Vehicles & RBS70 are just about done, looking at releasing on Monday at earliest, Wednesday at the latest. After hotfix release I am going to begin looking at fixing longer standing bugs and introducing VIV Transport where appropriate. Current thoughts on VIV for the chinook: 3 Variants, All infantry, 50% infantry load w/ vehicle space(12 seats + vehicle), and no infantry space only vehicle transport. Suggestions welcome. Edit: as I neglected to mention in the hotfix 1 release: ALFR 200rnd 5.56mm box magazine classes are depreciated with APEX release. These will no longer be compatible with Mk 23 weapon. Use BI 200rnd boxes instead.
  24. If you have the mod already installed, just overwrite the appropriate files in your mod folder with those in the download. However, you will probably still have errors associated with tb_alfr_wheeled.pbo, tb_alfr_air.pbo, and tb_alfr_tbs70.pbo (Hence them not being included in this release)
  25. Thanks, one of the bugs recently brought to my attention. This is being looked into as part of the hotfixes. In the mean time enjoy the Landrover GT. As for infantry kit, I will not likely be changing the units as they currently are unless mechanically necessary. Mission makers have numerous tools available to them to customise kits en mass to suit their requirements. With regards to fluff contributions, PM me your preferred e-mail address for Google Drive/Docs and I will give you suggestion permissions to a working copy of the document linked in the OP.