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  1. @.kju ahh makes sense. Also the Tiger seems invincible, i've shot it multiple times in the side and rear with many different rounds, am i doing something wrong?
  2. I've noticed that when playing as zues and taking control of German tanks you don't get an aiming reticle or any other IF tank hud elements.
  3. spec_ops_sniper

    UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

    Quick question, If i'm carrying a bunch of different ammo types, how do i choose which ones get loaded into the magazines?
  4. spec_ops_sniper

    F/A-18X Black Wasp WIP Thread

    That wouldn't happen to be a functional map would it?
  5. spec_ops_sniper

    US Army A3

    Thank you for considering this, my friends and I use playwith SIx which forces you to download all of the dependencies for addons (which is logical) we however play with AGM and i'm sure CSE would cause an issue. We Really look forward to using this addon.
  6. spec_ops_sniper

    IgiLoad script - logistical support

    Can you provide an option to airdrop cargo without smoke and additionally drop with chem-lights instead for night ops? 10/10
  7. spec_ops_sniper

    The New York City Project

    You could do what BF4 does and have the elevators teleport players after a delay.
  8. Awesome news! Any chance for a T-45C? Time permitting of course. By the way i love you guys and Tetet
  9. Hi John, Congratulations on this great plane although i have two suggestions, one significant and one that isn't all that important but would be nice to have. The important one being a CCIP mode for bombs and the second to allow the option to open and close the canopy at will and be able to move with the canopy open. Thanks and good luck.
  10. spec_ops_sniper

    Operation E3

    "okay we're here at the Bohemia interactive booth"... screen goes haywire :mad:
  11. spec_ops_sniper

    Memory Points, hand & feet in vehicles

    Awesome idea, i can't even imagine what you and Armatec could do with that.
  12. spec_ops_sniper

    Does anybody know how many DoF A3 will have?

    And the ability to detect arrows impacting said knees. (lol i couldn't resist)
  13. spec_ops_sniper

    USS Nimitz

    Sorry gnat, i am trying to use rundll's towing and trying to add Meatballs F18 into it, my bad for not answering you. :o
  14. As always, no one will care, no one ever seems to care. :mad: