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  1. SoLoSniper

    Best PBO opener for ARMA 3?

    Based on the Kegetys work for Seven, made by my mate Socrate: 7cpbo
  2. SoLoSniper

    What would you like to see worked on next in ArmA 3?

    -Sound is main problem in PvP (pure PvP modes or breaking point etc...): reloading, fire rate switching, planting satchel/mine sounds have NOT a good positioning and are hear km away... -server performance in order to play in large numbers of players easily, 128? we have very large terrain but can play in 40/60? it's useless as you can't teach to install modified malloc, RAMdisk, (mission makers HC), to 80 people as the do not have the knowledge and hardware to make it on their own... -reintegration of actual armament and vehicles with BIS standards (textures/thermal textures/sounds/door animations), with the OA variety (I know lot of people that do not like the general "future" layout of ArmA 3, but still play it as it is the next gen of the engine) -merge of old islands since A1 and queen's gambit (A3MP is great, integrate?) -Hitpoints/damage system, headshots make instant kill, always or make it a param for PvP modes, shrapnel simulation / m203 grenades must be improved -Push the PvP possibilities, PvP BIS standards, develelop BIS frameworks for DM, TDM, CTI, Warfare Human only? (not so hard for you guys), this can be even framework modules (documented) -Vehicle more balanced to play PvP with large numbers, the unbalance of the actual attack chopers is an example... -text fonts, you can't make the difference from a 6 to a 8 or 9 Editor -Module Town Generator from OA was great and I am missing it -Module for JIP automatic integration with variables and a good documentation can be usefull -Full MP Artillery / UAV / SEC OP / support module? - ACM was nice - good parametric civilian life? I know Altis has a lot of house, parametric distance spawnable civilians? Ai hearing system could be improved, smoke and vegetation consealment should be improved too Modding Tool: -improve the island tool with the integration of object positioning in general (align object for fences and walls, see "world/fence generator" of Shezan) -position group of object with preformatted positions (templates for trees or forest, random pick of a pool of object for complexes of house / small village, bushes position randomization) -in general improve the need to spend less hours on creating a terrain... -I am NOT interested in full MP Medical System as it is only for coop mode (or coop VS coop), in pure PvP it's slow too much the gameplay, simulation gameplay has been pushed too much in the last years IMHO PS: Arma 3 Assets (with class and images) has really been appreciated!!!
  3. Now that "the road so far" led us here today, I think BIS should now reconsider the quality of the infantry firefights in general. We already all played with AI skill @1.0 or with server.armaprofile AI level @1.0, and we all know how much this influence on AI skills. From a guy point of view that likes infantry firefight, the result is that if you put them @0.5 AI are slow to react and may miss the target, @1.0 they are fast and shoot precisely and gives you a headshot burst. In the process, at low level they drive and do all they do, worse than they would do at high level. This also result in a dilemma when you edit. I need an excelent driving AI and a low level shooting infantryman, how I set it up? Since we saw a lot of AI improvements, first of all microAI has managed to make them move in a much more detailed way in the terrain, and I saw AI do some awesome stuff. But I still haven't saw an AI flee or surrender because of ending ammo or fire a smoke to cover (if not scripted). The community (awesome community by the way), in the time, created some interesting mods about this argument: -First I would remind the GroupLink in A1 (I do not know how far they got now), I remember that AI react to weapon rate of fire (scripted by list of weapons) and if AI were under suppress fire they may launch a smoke. But it was a heavy script at those times for the server and the engine. -In A2, another interesting mod is the Zeus AI Skill, they attacked the problem from another point of view, distance, they set AI to "see" at long distances, the result was that high level AI would miss shots because of distance. Was first time that I experienced to be under fire not dead. Great mod. But appliable only to some terrain, and the circumstances would make only long distance firefights, at short distance you would still experience the burst headshot. The clan test result was a whole clan, underfire, sitting ducks shooting at moving AI. Still interesting. -The last I would like to mention is the various AI dispersion mods, that get to the problem from another angle, that are weapons and it's very simple. Substitute AI weapon with high dispersion ones. This would eliminate the burst headshot problem at short this distance but at long distance it would be a disaster. Haven't tested those. My point is that AI should be reworked in order to have longer and better quality firefights. Or at least different ones, AI act and react in the same way since OFP (or at least that what it's seems from my point of view). I understand that the AI "way of life" is now a signature of BIS and it is a dangerous ground, because if you miss the point, you would get an awfull game. I also know that it might take some time to work and test but the result would be a better future? But this do not deserve at least a consideration? I allowed myself to make this post because I think AI are getting always a more important part of the game, since the game and the community (or at least the italian one) is going always more for an everyday simulation game and some execptional large PvP. It's my impression, it may be wrong obviously. My humble suggestions and "would-likes": -leave the general AI skill for general purpose and have AI do the lot of stuff that AI actually do (drive all sort of things, fly all sort of things) -add a command "AIshootingSkill", in editor too, with this you could set an infantry man or a gunner - add or re-write fsm for more AI reactions, smoke covers for medics, for suppression -forest low level vegetation soft blocks decrease AI precision, but here you have another chapter, as actually only hard covers are actually usefull in the engine. PS: Do not worry, you still are my favorite developpers :o
  4. Would appreciate if you add this to the OA scripts: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=120389 Thx
  5. SoLoSniper

    -[TdC]- Convoy Script

    Thx Sam! If you understand what is wrote here and know what to do well, otherwise this isn't the right place to discuss this. Anyway you found a script that gives default params value to the params of the mission at start, so that is perfect to make it work on SP. The better way is to edit the various sqf, removing the params line and setting your value, but you need to know basic editing knowledge, otherwise you risk to break the code. You found the easiest way to solve the problem without editing knowledge. Params1 and Params2 are parametric values (set in description.ext and script) that admins can change at mission start on MP missions, but doesn't work in SP. In the next release I will set a SP version and provide it in the package, so people will not need to edit anything.
  6. SoLoSniper

    -[TdC]- Convoy Script

    If we haven't done an awfull work, it should work in SP too... You just need to "remove" and change the ParamsArray linked to the description, then the script should work in SP aswell. In the details I wrote where are located the ParamsArray so you can easly find them and change. You just need to choose YOUR value. The possible value are wrote in description if you are lost. Example: deletedead body will be fixed at 600 seconds.
  7. SoLoSniper

    -[TdC]- Convoy Script

    There should not be conflict with ACE... What's your problem?
  8. -[TdC]- Convoy Script by -[TdC]-Socrate.it Description: Creation of totally personalizzed convoys (with some randmoness, if you want) that reacts under fire. You can create friendly convoy if you want too. Protected SCUD convoy, black jeeps convoy, protected supply convoy, infantry convoy, bus convoy, whatever... Features: -control the structure of the convoy (number limit is the number of group arma can handle, hypotetically, suggested is 6/9/12) -creation of vehicle divided by subsides, also giving them some randomness -creation of vehicle divided by subtype category (transport full/empty/random, supply repair/refuel/reammo/random, ecc...) -creation of special vehicles by special names (zsu, scud, black jeeps, ecc...) -creation of custom vehicles by class (tanks or apc, ecc..) -creation of covering attack heli (or filled transport=paradrops) (on/off) with his own reaction under fire (search and destroy) -set multiple road/path, in sequence or random or both, by easy to configure by copy/paste markers -set convoy cycle waypoint -convoy stay strongly together thanks to forcespeed (couln't be called convoy if not) -convoy react to fire (dead/canmove/knowsabout) -different infantry reactions underfire hardcoded (smoke, disembark then task defense/attack) -random fleeing reaction of the convoy underfire -fleeing convoy under given death ratio -convoy overall skill -convoy creation direction by first marker -convoy tracking (on/off) (do not support multiple convoy, working on this) -convoy infantry cover color smoke -vehicle are automatically filled with soldiers -deletedead bodies Installation: Editing MPmissions Folder Included files: Mission test on zargabad for MPeditor Mission example for MPeditor Usage: Do not edit without contacting the owners Change log: 1.0 Public Release Version Notes: Easy need to work: Configure your convoy structure editing scr_convoy_cfg.sqf Functions Module in editor Initalization of script ([] execVM "scr_convoy_cfg.sqf") by trigger, by init or wantelse Pathway markers Params locations for description.ext and others for editing if necessary: DeleteDead is in scr_cnv/scr_deletedead.sqf line 6 Cycle Waypoint is in scr_cnv/scr_convoy_init.sqf line 47 others are in main scr_convoy_cfg.sqf Special Names for Special Class are in scr_cnv/scr_convoy.sqf line 89 Credits & Thanks: -[TdC]-Socrate.it (Scripter) -[TdC]-SoLo.it (Manager) -[TdC]- Clan (beta testing) Contacts: admin@tdcclan.it www.tdcclan.it File: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14429
  9. Italian community: www.Arma2.it
  10. SoLoSniper

    Fallujah City

    I didn't know about the invisible doors...that will push away the deadline of this feature in the release...I was hoping it was only a matter of some config... I will see want i can do.. By the way, thanks again for the kind words!
  11. SoLoSniper

    Fallujah City

    Great news!
  12. SoLoSniper

    Fallujah City

    At least some representation of it, surely.