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  1. Is there a way when a client joins to have the list of mission when they first join? I love this tool!!!! SlackAdjuster
  2. SlackAdjuster

    Join MP Game with two PCs over one Router

    Make sure your both not using the same IP address as the server on the Lan SlackAdjuster
  3. SlackAdjuster

    Dedicated Server (Steam Version)

    Thank you, I will get to working on my dedicated server. Just wanted to know, so I don't have to wait on the DVD version SlackAdjuster
  4. Anyone try running dedicated server with steam version? Is it possible by copying the Steam Arma II contents to a different folder, then use a dedicated server exe? anyone try this? SlackAdjsuter
  5. SlackAdjuster

    1.11 beta patch troubleshooting thread.

    Server: 10 MB Cable, AMD 3800, 2 GB DDR 400, XP Pro SP2 (latest drivers, etc...) I was just wondering for those who have it up and running (with people on, there's a few servers out there working), could you pass a few hints along? I know others would be interested as well. If this has already been answered, please excuse my retardedness... I looked everywhere before I posted. Thanks, Mosh Mosh, I am in the same boat too. Tried with router, without, direct connect to my Fios ONT, Went out & bought a new router still the same. From what I can tell is a NAT translation problem with Gamespy. I would like to here from a Server Admin if they got theres working by Direct connect from there Ethernet card straight to internet. I am curious if that is how they have it hooked up. I have not changed anything in the config except for adding battleye=0. Maybe we need to open a port for battleye? even if it is not enabled? Man this is a tough nut top crack.... SlackAdjuster
  6. SlackAdjuster

    1.11 beta patch troubleshooting thread.

    The clients arma.rpt: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> NAT Negotiation failed (NNThink - result 3) Client is Vista [*] All ports are open (server port + the 3 follow ports, all udp) [*] Also tried disabling battlEye ( battlEye = 0; ) [*] Disabled firewall + nat on server and client, no help [*] Servers and clients all are multi-homed (multi interface networked) There are also other servers up, which seem to have the same problem, I can only join 1/10 servers out there. Reproducable: Server: Windows Server 2003 x64, Install SP2, install all updates [*] Install ArmA [*] Install ArmA, and QueensGambit, Patches until v1.11 [*] start server with: -mod=dbe1;beta -config=test.cfg Server has 2 network adapters, 1 connected to internet protected with windows firewall and nat enabled. test.cfg: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">hostname="  Test Srver"; password="test321"; passwordAdmin="test123"; motd[]= {  "Welcome" }; motdInterval=4; voteThreshold=0.50; voteMissionPlayers=2; equalModRequired=1; verifySignatures=0; disableVoN=0; BattlEye=0; vonCodecQuality=10; logFile="server_console.log"; Client: [*] Install XP SP2, all windows updates.  Same problem with Vista SP1, all windows updates. [*] Same ArmA install, 2 lan connections, 1 connected to internet and router Client try to join server, not possible  "Connection Failed" in about 5 seconds. If we setup server and connect over Hamachi (http://www.hamachi.cc - we can connect to the server without any problems) I am having the same problem with NAT Negotiation failed (NNThink - result 3) with clients trying to join my server. Reinstalled game on server, Ports are opened, Batlleye tried disabled & enable. Nothing changed or screwing with shortcut. Anybody else having this problem? Any solution? SlackAdjuster