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    SJB Weapons Pack

    Ey yo Jackal326! I know that you are working on a new Desert Eagle, hope Deagle Mk. XIX cal. .50AE! If yes, i can give you a nice support for it! I got a real one, if you need some interesting pictures i can do some! Or if you need an original sound, i could try to get a sound when i go to shoot with it. Just if you have any interests, for detailed pics of the insides, 6"barrel, magazine, or whatever, tell it me, and ill do them for you Data of it: color: black barrel: 6" weight: 2kg ammo: .50AE .44 .357 (but needs other barrels, but i dont have them :P) type: Mark XIX .50AE (changeable barrels from .50AE to .44 or.357) pistol handle: custom with extra grip sights: original (will change next time to lighted ones with light dots) here some example pictures: http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberian-genesis.org/gallery/bu/1.jpg http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberian-genesis.org/gallery/bu/2.jpg http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberian-genesis.org/gallery/bu/3.jpg http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberian-genesis.org/gallery/bu/4.jpg http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberian-genesis.org/gallery/bu/5.jpg http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberia....rel.jpg its made with my telephone! I will do the support pics with a digi cam for a more detailed view. If any interests, contact me per PM or in this thread! Greetings Sentry
  2. Sentry

    Dear BI Studio...

    Amen! My words. Sentry
  3. Sentry

    Crysis Impressions.

    It is funny in MP games, if you play Instand Action only with fist and maximum strange xD
  4. Sentry

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    we will try both, but for first we will concentrate to do it for MP games. so the community can play with it until we do patches, SP missions like campaign or something like that. so the people wich are liking campaigns, or MP games can play their favourite modes. Sentry
  5. Sentry

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    BI hasnt released the animation stuff, thats why also Lost World Returns mod has switched to crysis. you can script the AI, and ofcourse they can have some waypoints. to play with the AI needs more time thats true, but thats the only problem atm. but we will do it more multiplayer friendly, cause in MP it will be more fun.
  6. Sentry

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    About the gameplay, ye of course it is the right choice. if it is possible how in arma with that CoC we dont know exactly. Atm we got only one modding tool (with that you can do much but not all) sandbox2, with a great manual (that's missed in arma). I think we have to learn many things new, but the models we have already made for arma can we use, so we are at the same status how we were in arma. And we think we can find in the Crysis community faster some texture artists as here. Without new members we cant get faster progress. Sentry
  7. Sentry

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    New News about us, it is the last news for arma. more informations check out here http://www.tg-mod.net/ maybe we will see some guys from here there. Have a nice time guys! Sentry
  8. Sentry

    Military Humor

    M109-A6 Paladin with Silencer xD
  9. Sentry

    Crysis Impressions.

    As many as it takes Deffo not going to buy Crysis for the game itself, but Tiberian Genesis & Lost World both are very very appealing. we will leave arma, maybe we let a little eye to arma, but the community if im honest in arma isnt that what i like, they do like more real things and dont have place for sci fi (not at all of the community but the biggest part of that small community). which will not be in crysis, cause crysis is a sci fi mode game.
  10. Sentry

    Crysis Impressions.

    modify crysis is really friendly, our first editions ^^ own sky own island texture own island only a test http://www.armatechsquad.com/tiberia....und.jpg Sentry
  11. Sentry

    Crysis Impressions.

    absolutely true! its just about you how you design that island, and how realistic you would do it, with the vegetations, road systems, how much love you would get into it, or better how much time xD just wait up for the mods, i think there will come so many fine things.
  12. Sentry

    Crysis Impressions.

    For me is Crysis the new hope. You can mainly do the same how in Arma. You can create your own Islands, and better is you can script your AI in your wishes. The vehicle handling is not that good how in arma. But with the physics 100x better. And it works on my pc 10x better than arma. The weapons itself pwning, that you can customize them is already nice also. Dual Pistols is also impressive. On the Asian AA tank is a quad cannon, so i can see many feautures for the Tiberian Genesis Mod. And ofcourse Mechanimations are much easier there. One manned tanks are possible. you can do islands with 8000x8000 with 32 unit meters = big islands also like in arma. Why not doing arma into crysis? ^^ ah and for NOD we got in crysis already the stealth mode, which we dont have in arma..... a leave from arma is possible Sentry
  13. Lol, dude it's OFP in ArmA the question should be is who is not waiting for this. Been waiting since 1st announced, waited 2 yrs for ArmA to come out think I can wait for this Say like it's in a church You have Crysis and this mod both in one day. What will you play first and for most ? I've been waiting for ARMA to come out for 2 years long too, but now I've Crysis demo and I can't even imagine what now can make me run ARMA again Im thinking the same, since i have played crysis the SP demo, is arma for me much more useless. and i think the community will be bigger in crysis than in arma, cause arma is still poor for this games in this generation. arma2 will be not better than the first one. and maybe my mod will turn to crysis, cause we got there much more feautures wich we can use, example for mech animations, or one maned tanks etc etc and much more wich arma wil never give us. and the engine works much better on slowly pc's than the arma engine. arma lags everytime. better to do CWR in crysis xD
  14. Sentry


    I can understand him, and about those comments what i have read here about his work (the negative ones) would make me angry also. this work is for free, for fun, to improve the skills, to get comments whats really good, or what is looking not right. but surely not that this work is stolen. He worked on this tiger long time ago, in OFP times also. you can say "this is not fair" to those publics which have made him angry, and not to JOHN.and ofcourse if JOHN is doing this really only for him, you can also thank to those publics which have made him angry. this is the true community, and if im honest, sometims this community sucks like hell. @JOHN do that what you think is right FOR YOU with your work. Sentry
  15. Sentry

    Lost-World Returns

    I have also signed. Hope it will work! Dear BIS, c'mon! Sentry