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  1. Ronin[NR]

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Great stuff, thanks Pook, appreciate the quick reply ;)
  2. Ronin[NR]

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Hey pook, I've downloaded the pook sam pack from steam and having an ish I hope you can help with. I'm trying to get the p-12 radar deployed on mission start and keep getting a pop-up to say the script can't be found. I have read the guide (which is quite impressive btw, v.detailed) and using this in the init field of the P-12 Radar: _scr = [this] execVM "\pook_P12\data\scripts\raise_radar.sqf"; It's empty as in no AI in it. I noticed in an earlier reply about this that the engine has to be off as theirs a check to ensure AI or people aren't driving around with a deployed radar, which would look a little odd haha. Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Yes, I thought that, its kinda related to the thread, but your right, the rest of the thread is now obsolete - I should make a new thread and report this - sorry :icon_redface:
  4. Sorry again for posting here, searching for a similar issue and found this thread, although it provide some answers, it hasn't provided a solution. I have a script which takes an array of markers and uses these markers as the area to hide objects. No IDs' necessary, it uses the nearestTerrainObjects function to get all terrain objects in the area of the marker: removeMapObjects.sqf _markerArray = _this select 0; { _terrainobjects = nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _x),[],(getMarkerSize _x)select 0]; {hideObjectGlobal _x} forEach _terrainobjects; }forEach _markerArray; Call it like this: init.sqf: _removeObjects = compile loadFile "removeMapObjects.sqf"; _null = [["mark1","mark2","mark3","mark4","mark5","mark6"]] call _removeObjects; Works great if your next too or relatively close to the markers - See pictures: First picture is in the Editor - map objects visible, as expected: Second picture is in Singleplayer/Started Scenario, as you can see, the foliage is gone because init.sqf has run: Great! It works! However... Whilst in the scenario, if you move away from the objects, they become visible again at a distance: In scenario, using Splendid Camera - Moving away from the objects being hidden by markers: Then, bam! Massive Foliage appears again. Behind the last shot, is a large hill, which overlooks circled area. This small airfield was going to be an enemy drone and helo farp, I was planning on having choppers coming and going at intervals, however, they'll be obscured by foliage from the ops point of view, until they get close then the bushes will disappear again. I don't know if its possible to change the visibility distance of static map objects. you can hide them, but, they will only be hidden if your within a certain range of them, beyond that, they become visible again.
  5. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much! :)
  6. Hi Zeno, I really like what your doing with this framework and all the hardwork your putting into it. its very much appreciated and is really useful. I have a question/situation that I hope you'd be willing to look at, if you have time. I'm making a small co-op mission whereby the player squad starts in an sdv, in scuba gear (wetsuit, rebreather, diving googles). They also have a back pack which has kit in it, which they will put on when reaching a secure location on land (Balaclava, vest and uniform). I used 'Zen_GetUnitLoadout' on a named editor placed unit which I had already geared up (This works really well btw!) and I have managed to call this loadout with Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom. It works, but, some of the items are added to the wetsuit. This means players will need to move items from the wetsuit to the backpack before changing. Also, some of the items are not assigning to the correct locations - Like NVGoggles. I have a unit in the editor named 'ap1', which I gear him initially with the following: Initial loadout Image of desired loadout. Definition of custom loadout for use with Zen_CreateLoadout. The result of Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom: Backpack Wetsuit It looks like this may well be default engine behaviour, filling up the first container it comes across, before adding items to the backpack. Is there a way to specify where to place items in a custom loadout? If there is, I do apologise if I missed it. If there isn't, is there a work-around, for this particular exception? Again, thanks for all your time and efforts, Keep up the good work mate ;)
  7. Ronin[NR]

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    hmm, same here - Trying to test a mission using the pack on a dedicated server and getting this in the Server Console: Wrong signature for file E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@FFCamoPack\addons\ffcamopack.pbo This suggests the bisign is incorrect for the addon located in that location, which is on my machine, the client. Key is installed on the server in the keys folder - Did the same as MrCurry, re-downloaded and reinstalled, still the same.
  8. Ronin[NR]

    Blastcore A3

    This cracked me up
  9. Ronin[NR]

    Error when purchasing app

    Glad I'm not the only one having this issue. I have a HTC One and the play store says its compatible, but, I'm not able to purchase, keeps giving me this: Hope this gets sorted soon - Can't leave a review either, that gives an error too :( edit - I can purchase other paid apps from the play store, just not this one
  10. Ronin[NR]

    Unit initscript for flashlight

    Or in the init field of the group leader, use the following: { _x unassignItem "NVGoggles"; _x removeItem "NVGoggles"; _x RemovePrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; _x addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; _x enableGunLights "forceon"; }foreach units group this;
  11. Thats it - I couldn't find them in the read-me thanks for that
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know what the class name is for the Advanced Collimator optics? Thanks in advance
  13. Ronin[NR]

    UK Special Operations A3

    Thanks for pointing me to the right thread massi - Google pointed me to the old one, sorry about that :D Great to hear you looking to update this, I really like the work you've put into it. Look forward to the updates ;)
  14. Thanks for this addon - the DPM camo looks great! :D I really appreciate the time and effort you've put into this, must have taken some hours. I've noticed a couple of things: 1) The readme in this pack references items in the italian SF pack you created - for example: I don't have the italian pack, so was ripping my hair out trying to figure out why i wasn't able to add items to my soldier - I opened the config using eliteness, and they are all prefixed with uk HEADGEAR "H_mas_uk_HelmetB", "H_mas_uk_HelmetB_paint" Maybe an update to the readme, or even a pdf would be great, like you've done with the your weapons pack, very useful. 2) Also, when I open the unit editor by double clicking on the map, I get this error pop-up each time: 3) And, would it be possible to add Black boots to some of the DPM uniforms? A small niggle yes, but a bit of variance would be great. Thanks again for this great pack, I look forward to some updates.
  15. I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how the blufor uniform textures are edited: I've managed to get the textures I want to edit, saved as a png. But, there appears to be gloves on top of part of one of the leg textures. I'm not really up on image editing. I use gimp, which in itself is a bit unwieldy ( to newbies at least - Get your head around selections :D ) How do you guys retexture uniforms? Is it a case of applying the retex to the upper leg piece, flip and rotate a copy of it, then paste it over whats already there in the bottom left corner, then add the gloves back in afterwards? Any and as much help as poss would be great.