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  1. rekrul

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I started with OFP (pirated unfortunately. Not that I had much of choice, no stores here sold it), and tricked some american AQ2 players to join me for multiplayer. They had to join my server in Norway so they had less than awesome ping, but good times were had. Especially when I was flying "tactical" while looking at the map...
  2. rekrul

    How important is Ram to Arma 3 performance

    This is a 3 year old thread that is not relevant to what you're asking. There's a pinned thread for checking HW specs so try that instead:
  3. rekrul

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    Wow, I can't wait for the 64-bit exe to come out and crush everyone's dream. The level of incompetence in here is the reason why no devs are chiming in.
  4. Where are you getting this from? According to this logic, all flight simulators (or any other simulator) made since the 70s would cause 100s of thousands of sick pilots and instructors.
  5. rekrul

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    Ugh, again with the 15 year old engine arguments, not to mention 32 vs 64 bit. Well, according to your logic, this was made on an 18 year old engine... Pretty amazing, huh?
  6. rekrul

    Suggestion about AI for future ArmA games

    I don't think many of you realize just how complex the AI is. The AI makes a threat assessment and then evaluates its options and picks the best one it is programmed with. I assume this is based on their own studies and their long experience with various military forces. There isn't really any game you can compare this with as you can literally place the AI in any terrain and any environment and it will behave much better than any other "AI" and many humans as well. The problem is that it is very CPU heavy, so on weak CPUs it doesn't have the time to assess and/or evaluate and falls in to a default mode which I assume is hit the dirt. Now I agree if you argue that the AI isn't good enough because of this, but it isn't because it's dumb - it's quite the opposite, it's too smart (or rather tries to be). As for the idea of just having people randomly distributed in a circle, it's seems like a very bad idea. I doubt fire and maneuver has changed much the last 15 years since I was active and it's all based on experience and truly tried under fire so to throw that away for something that you think works better on the ground with (what I assume is) very little experience is not something I see as an improvement. Either you line up for fire and maneuver, be it attacking or pulling out, or you set up a perimeter in an area where you have cover and concealment. I think many people who object to the AI either has too weak CPU or lacking military experience/tactics and place themselves or the AI in a very disadvantageous position where they are very exposed. Even the most experienced and well trained soldiers would have a terrible day if caught in an ambush in the middle of an open field.
  7. Well, I rarely look at the keyboard when playing, but I guess when you remove your hand from the keyboard, it can get interesting. Also, they're working on a lot of different controllers for VR as the keyboard is very impractical, as you say. This won't work with Arma either, unless they develop an calculator version of the xbox controller. ;) I don't understand the inter-eye separation thing. You could just place the ironsight on the right side of your screen (or left for that matter), but I probably misunderstand. You basically have one screen per eye but the real issue with iron sight would be the ability to focus, or lack of, rather. As everything is on a flat plane, you'd have problems shifting focus from your iron sight to the target.
  8. There are two big problems with Oculus. 1) It needs 60 fps to avoid motion sickness 2) The resolution (and Arma3 needs to support it natively, of course) 2) might be good enough in the commercial version, but that would make 1) even harder.
  9. rekrul

    How many core is ARMA 3 using in which part?

    You'll find some information here by searching for core: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters But the question has pretty much been answered.
  10. Yeah, you're right! Thanks dude!
  11. So I haven't flown in A3 for a while but I guess they did some changes cause I have freelook in helicopter now which pretty much renders mouse + keyboard useless. How do I disable this so I can fly with mouse and keyboard again?
  12. rekrul

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    Yes, but very few launchers has that capability. I know that the swedes has made an AT4 version that can be fired from inside a room, but that's the only one I know about. That doesn't mean much though as I'm not updated at all anymore.
  13. rekrul

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    While the first part is true, there is always an explosive propellant in the rocket to make it leave the launcher so there's backblast but never in this scale.
  14. The devs have already acknowledged that AI is not working as intended. I believe it's due to a lot of lacking documentation of old (orginal) code, combined with adjustments made later to take new elements and factors in to play. After all, it's was a simpler world back in OFP. They probably need rework a helluva lot code to redo AI now. By all means, I do hope they will. In BIS' recent video they claim to have doubled the manpower in their studio, but that might not help as Arma-series is the only product with an AI and I'm guessing most of their resources are spent on DayZ. Our last and only hope is that the VBS-team does, but sadly I think it's working more than adequate for them...
  15. rekrul

    What happened to physics

    Hmmm ok, so they have a partial physx implementation then. Too bad, I was hoping it was on their to-do list. And I guess this is pretty much tied up to the engine so we won't see any mods fixing this either?