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  1. perk

    ArmA II boxes in UK shops now

    After Gamestop bought out EBGames and some other game shops here in Norway , they turned to selling ONLY the hyped games..not even possible to pre-order ArmaII in any of those shops here..
  2. perk

    National Distributor lists ?

    Nope, done this before, and it allways ends up with having to buy a "proper" version. I'm not taking that chance :)
  3. perk

    National Distributor lists ?

    Well, after a day of talking to mostly clueless people (the dude in the GameStop at Aker Brygge is pretty tuned in :D ) I finally got a person in a Spaceworld to check for me, and he had it on his list, but the game was not on his order form yet..going back in a week to nag more :D And thanks Raggz, I've added that site to my watch list too :)
  4. perk

    National Distributor lists ?

    Ahh.see..now THAT is what you should have posted the first time :).. I see it's 505 in Norway..or..should be as they are the only of the companies on the list who mentions norway. Gives me some more to work on .. thank you.
  5. perk

    National Distributor lists ?

    Oh really...Well I happened to have used the search before I posted.. "Distributors" "Scandinavian Distributors" "Norwegian Distributors" "Where can I buy the game" "Norway" I also used Google, called around shops .. so .. nada.. And I want the english version , so the German one is of no interest to me. (burned myself on that before)
  6. Hey, I'm trying to find out who does the Scandinavian/Norwegian distribution of the game, but all the shops I've called so far only stock Bratz and WoW type games for the PC (Thou I got a nice deal on Infamous collectors Edition for PS3 at one of the shops) And waiting for The Steam release is RIGHT OUT!..must have ASAP.. -- Per
  7. perk

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Dammit...this is your fault Dslyecxi.... I accidentally broke my TrackClip the other day... So off I go to buy another..and stumble over your vid.. So now I've bought TWO trackClips and a TracIR5 , and are planning to make a friend of mine very happy with the hand-down of the TrackIR4 :).. Keep up the good work :D