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    Why is this game not more popular?

    There weren't any huge displays but it was definitely in the shops. EB had a whole lot when Arma2 came out. I bought Operation Flashpoint in Noel Leemings of all places back in 2k1. I think the issue with the BIS games is they quite often have a few significant flaws on release. If they were to promote them aggressively it would only lead to a quicker plunge into the abyss of bad reps.
  2. Phleep

    New to this...O my good god! :)

    Don't worry. I laughed... a bit. It was less a flame more a damp cloth.
  3. Can I remind people that Flashpoint was barely moddable until Resistance was released - The best we had before that was Gimbal's camouflaged Cessna which dropped grenades and a dodgy looking Huey. It sounds like their focus is on having a game people will want to play first. Fair enough.
  4. I have been an avid fan of this series since the beginning (even helped beta test OFP:Resistance MP on version 1.60) and have finally invested in a machine that runs the latest rendition. My main gripe now would be the obvious spelling and grammar issues - especially in the training. Since I am reasonably familiar with the layout I didn't read all the text but what I did had many errors. I understand that this is a Czech produced game but I know there is a decent mix of nationalities in BIS and someone should be able to pick up on them. The example that comes to mind right now is "we're" instead of "were" but this is one of the less obvious ones. Some stick out more when reading. Never the less I am still looking forward to digging into this game series again.
  5. Phleep

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I recall from the OFP days that it took a very long time for all the mod tools to become available. Before that the best mods you got were Gimbal's camoflagued Cessna (grenades incl.) and a bizzare huey made by altering another model's vectors. Arma 2 has more features and higher textures so will take more effort to make quality modifications that don't look out of place with the default units. More time and effort required inevitably mean less people reach completion.
  6. Phleep

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Good plan. I think he was feeling a little defensive when he did that. Since OFP was released on the original XBox I don't see why some form of Arma couldn't be released on the 360. I just hope, if they do do it, that the risk pays off.
  7. website seems new. www.carriercommand.com
  8. Have you forgotten, or not know about, the 3D editor that wasn't quite finished when Arma was released? I'd imagine many people will want the expansion so they can have a proper working 3D editor.
  9. Phleep

    Open World?

    Well the first one was a first person real time strategy. Although when I played it I definitely lacked the strategy part. One thing it did have though was a large amount of damage modelling for your carrier (well, statuses anyway). I look forward to decent damage modelling being in a BIS game.
  10. Phleep

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I agree, it is so very professional. Just has to keep an eye on those word errors. "devastating" and "personnel" were a couple I picked up. The only things holding it back from being immaculate.
  11. jmc has a point. As a suggestion for future campaigns maybe the mission success can come up as a note advising you to press a certain key to leave the mission. This would allow people who want to continue 'mopping up" a chance to do so. Don't know how it'll work if you die after the mission is finished though.
  12. Phleep

    Obvoisly we want some gore

    Although you do sound a little disturbed this is probably a more sensible idea than it sounds. If soldiers are struck by explosive shells then having them disintegrate could stop the death animation which is only appropriate for small arms fire. It also would reduce the amount of bodies in the environment (OK, you could leave limb or two). small arms injuries probably don't require any further visual effects since it would usually be mostly internal or hidden by clothing (says me with my wealth of non-existent experience in a warzone). Probably best as a mod though since the rating would go up if it isn't already maxed out.
  13. Phleep

    Atari & the truth..

    Er... Atari is dead. Infogrammes bought the name to raise their image (instead of actually raising their performance).
  14. Phleep

    Dual Core users/And others/Resolution in Sight?

    Mine runs about the same 20-40 FPS with a mix of average and high settings except shadows and Post processing on low. X2 3800+ 2GB 667MHz 7600GT Gigabyte Mobo. Wrong time of day to recall more details.
  15. Phleep

    Armed Assault videos

    Damn cool. Look forward to having that integrated into some decent missions. Especially CTI style - could navigate the AI around the minefield you just placed.