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  1. I echo the same. Custom sounds won't play properly. I used your regional ambient sound pack, supplemented by own sounds, for a middle east single player scenario. None of the sounds will play.
  2. It's absolutely awesome by the way, unlocks a completely new way of playing high command. Thanks for your brilliant work Igitur.
  3. Thank you very much for this awesome Mod. Is it possible to disable the hole C2 functionality in a single mission within a campain? I didn't find any information in the readme file. Are there any variables to enable/disable? regards, Saint
  4. Hello Igitur, thank you for your amazing work on HCC! unfortunately I'm unable to get this working. I have the same issues as mentioned above by Boss8889, " BIS_fnc_addstackedEventHandler) (IGIT_HCC_SelectedUnitsArray_fnc) does not exist or is invalid". kind regards Onkel Bo
  5. CoA|Saint

    Heros Survive

    Great work heros. Thank you :)
  6. CoA|Saint

    KSK 2035

    Awesome job IndeedPete :)
  7. CoA|Saint

    New forums, you decide

    Where is the fancy Supporter Ribbon that I paid money for?
  8. very helpful! thank you K_K :)
  9. maybe this can be helpful? : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169796-How-to-detect-if-player-have-a-silencer-on-his-weapon
  10. May I carefully ask how are you getting on?
  11. CoA|Saint

    Sarugao A3

    The "Hotzenplotz version" of Sarugao is a stunning peace of art! Great Work, Hotze! Many thanks for your efforts!
  12. I. Am. In. Love. Merry Christmas :)
  13. CoA|Saint

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    I second that!
  14. I'm at a loss for words... Aky4fP-8lio
  15. Hey zorrobyte, thank you for clarifying this. I'm not going to argue or offend, but I think, you have acted a little bit clumsy when you full-throatedly announced "your" GL5 rework. Now I know, that your efforts are well-intentioned. Kind regards, Onkel Bo
  16. A Further Nostradamus prophecy is accomplished now. Bohemia Interactive, Kudos!
  17. zorrobyte, take my advice: Do not waste your precious time with further investigation. Maybe you better can provide DAC V4 for ArmA3? Easily change the DAC tags and add your name/tag into the scriptheader as you did with SNKMAN's GL4 before... Always lovely and nice, Onkel Bo.
  18. CoA|Saint

    X-Cam prototype map

    ...reverently stucked in praying position... set me free Silola, my great Master ;)
  19. We better hope that SNKMAN will come back to GL5 as it gets colder outside. Isn't it?
  20. This is an awesome wounding System. We love to use it. Well done Psycho!
  21. CoA|Saint

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Very nice work! A real new COOP experience, as you claimed :) Starting missions in editor with -showScriptErrors shows up an error, as same in rpt file: Error in expression <call VCOM_fnc_classVehicle; _parents = [_class,true] call BIS_fnc_returnParents;> Error position: <_class,true] call BIS_fnc_returnParents;> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _class (means undefined Variable in Expression) Any Ideas how to fix it? Edit: Blame on me No Scripterrors, no spam in rpt file anymore. I used an old version of vcom_ai. After I updated it, everything is as it should be. Nice and clean rpt file, no scripterrors anymore.
  22. I'll try: All variables can be set in the folder userconfig. there you'll find a GL5 folder, containing the sqf scripts. to change the values, e.g. GL5 Sound FX simply remove the // in front of GL5_Local set [23, false];
  23. I'm not going to offend anybody!