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  1. Glass hitpoints are defined in config and you can make each glass part different. When I get back home I'll explain this with examples. In the meantime you can try opening the config.bin (unrap it first) inside wheeled.pbo and look for HMMWV's code, particularly the class HitPoints section. There are some little things you need to do in O2 too.
  2. norsu

    Thirsk Island

    Looks very finnish indeed :). However I suggest you don't leave the customization to traffic signs only. Typical wide Finnish gravel roads that follow the bumpy terrain would be great too. Many islands have very flat roads, leaving a lot less possibilities for ambushing etc.
  3. I suggest you make the grenade throw mode stay on screen always when you have grenade selected, this would eliminate the need to cycle through different modes if you forget what mode you have selected. Also is it possible to make the game remember which weapon mode you used previously if you exit a vehicle for example? Fire mode restoring in vanilla A2 is very annoying.
  4. norsu

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    Maybe, but from gamer's perspective it's just annoying. Especially if you are using AK class weapons that for some reason use full auto as default.
  5. We will most likely do a variant with MG3 machine guns on both doors. As for rocket pods, I've never seen them in FDF inventory excluding some old fighter planes so rocket variant won't be done. At least for now ;).
  6. I think the diffuse texture could use some contrast to emphase the shadows and imperfections of the surfaces. Specular effect may also be too strong and flat causing the slight overbrightness.
  7. I'm stuck because there's no way to tell the game I don't want to wave that weapon around in tight spots such as doorways (Vietcong and some UT mod I think had this right.) Also I'm stuck because the collision model moves with animations meaning that I can't really control my "physical" character in the game very intuitively like I can in real life and many other FPS games. So basically I'm stuck because I can't control my character with 100% precision. For A3 I hope this in top 5 issues to be fixed one way or other.
  8. I don't buy that really. It's sluggish because all movement is animation based, hence you'll never have precise control over your character. This works fine in outdoors but indoors it's a nightmare. I've been killed many times in coop just because my character got stuck in a doorway which really is laughable for a 2009 game.
  9. Is it possible to take the night vision goggles effect and use it for a scoped weapon? Or do I have to use postprocessing in cfgOpticsEffect to create a fake night vision effect?
  10. How about Skariska? That has flavor from both the real name and Skira ;).
  11. Thanks for help. Those knee pads are indeed not the most common model in FDF, however they can be seen in many latest mil.fi photos. So far I haven't found good photos of the more common FDF knee pads. Does anyone know which brand they are?
  12. norsu

    Too many vertices problem

    I suggest you still use that feature since it's also very nice when you have to track down missing textures. You can easily fix any section problems with Sort, Move Bottom and Move Top functions like shown in that thread. Use Windows->Resource Library in O2 to see how the sections are set up in your model. Double clicking a section in Resource Library selects it in the model and you can hold ctrl to select multiple section for easier merging :)
  13. I suppose that could be done, though I haven't looked into it yet at all.
  14. RK95 is being redone along with a range of optics and other attachments. Reference material is always welcome, drop me a PM if you have some :cool:. Look a couple of pages back and you should see some shoulder protection ;). Knee-pads will be worn by few special troops only such as M05 Special Jaeger. Our M05 Jaegers represent front line conscripts from KarPr for example - in short grunts. Elbow pads are removed at the moment because they don't animate very well (fixing them would probably give me a burnout). Groin protection is another problem. I could make it work but in the end it would only look good when a soldier is standing and besides it's not really used outside urban forces anyway (too big, gets in the way etc.) Smaller protection would work perfectly but wouldn't look right at all.
  15. For our first release the only M91 soldier will most likely be tank crew.
  16. norsu

    Too many vertices problem

    This thread has more info on section counts and how to reduce them: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=65537
  17. A few more shots of our M05 troops: M05 Jaeger Squad Leader M05 Jaeger Machinegunner Assistant (Gotta fix that pouch texture on the left.) M05 RDF Rifleman
  18. norsu

    Vehicle towing script

    Maybe you could find a solution by taking a look into A1 artillery models. They have been released in MLOD format. I would really like to see and addon that makes both M119 and D-30 deployable and makes a good use of your towing script :).
  19. Basic M05 Jaeger Still have to tweak them pockets, can't seem to get them stand out more :(.
  20. norsu

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    Rearrange the multiplayer menus and chatboxes. Right now everything is just on top of each other which makes the lobby and browser look very crowded and confusing. For example when there's lots of chat a big portion of the lobby menu is blocked. Same thing happens in server browser when you disconnect from a chat heavy game. So in short make the menus more organized, right now they feel like a quickly thrown addition. When I get home I'll sketch something that should look improved :).
  21. The teargas effect looked nice except for the very bright flashes. They made my eyes bleed which isn't very funny when playing a game. I think the blur effects are confusing enough :). That crew served weapon dialog is just what is needed for sight adjusting too. Not overly complicated and clumsy to use quickly but still gets the job done. I especially like how you have maintained a similar look when compared to other A2 menus. That makes it feel more completed and professional :cool:.
  22. norsu

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    Nevertheless a paradrop system would be an excellent addition even without aircrafts. Mission makers could place a BMD to the skies and let it just drop. Maybe even a script where you click on map and a falling BMD is spawned after some time. The possibilities would be great already without aircrafts :).
  23. This has probably been asked before. Could it be possible to make a small program that takes mission speech sounds from original OFP campaign.pbo and updates the CWR campaign.pbo with them? That way owners of the original game could enjoy the classic lines :cool:.
  24. With purists I merely ment people (including myself) who want to keep their registry as clean as possible by running only the necessary exes.