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  1. My_Shortcoming

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Our community has been utilizing this for our transition over to ArmA3. For the majority it is very very good with a few things we would like to raise; 1) We have members who are hearing impaired and a key to lower all radios volumes, or some hot-keys to change volumes for individual radios, would be a life saver for them as its making it almost unbearable having all the noise through one working ear. 2) There appears to be a slight delay on 3D sound updating when people are talking in local. This is a very minor issue that may have been raised before. Apart from that, great, great work.
  2. My_Shortcoming

    Request- Gore Mod

    You may feel that my opinion is ridiculous, I do not. You will also find I that I did say it was users choice on mods. However, there are always issues for BIS about what adult/graphic content their community start creating and broadcasting.
  3. My_Shortcoming

    Request- Gore Mod

    Link to statement from BIS? I'm all for expanding the game anyway possible, as its user choice to include or not include mods, but there are always ethical and emotional issues that come with this kinda work.
  4. Yeah it seems there is a discrepency between the Arma buy page and the BIS Store page; Arma BUY page - http://www.arma3.com/buy equalling £19.99 BIS Store Page - https://store.bistudio.com/ equalling £21.94 I'd follow the Store page for now as that is probably doing a pure conversion based on exchange rate from $.
  5. 16AA are currently also experiencing the same issues. Would this be a Gamespy issue?
  6. My_Shortcoming

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Welcome home guys!
  7. My_Shortcoming

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    This has re-ignited my passion for ArmA2 once again. The sheer power that the weapon sounds create really brings that fear back into combat, more so when CQC kicks off with that echo indoors. Game changing mod that will be the first thing I await on ArmA3's release. Top work LordJarhead.
  8. My_Shortcoming

    [SP/COOP 03*] For Guglovo

    Excellent mission, the accuracy and skill seemed fair as I was often having suppression rain down on my squad yet noone died :D (Just a few injuries for myself and AI) The music really made the atmosphere and made me sad for the unnarmed people that I had gunned down. Also very good voice acting that was used just enough. I look forward to more!
  9. May I ask what this "Threading building Blocks" activly does? Something to do with improved hyperthreading support, or better Core optimisation on Intels?
  10. My_Shortcoming

    Interaction Scripts

    Excellent video Cage, probably would be good to explain that the IED's can be a variety of sizes as the one currently in the video is rather ..... excessive :). -Taylor
  11. My_Shortcoming

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Yo Sickboy, All good here. Shame 6thSense are all but gone now. Anyway I've talked to the lads about rechecking their updates, redownloading userconfig and running the clippi again etc. We'll have a thorough test on Wednesday evening and hopefully all issues should be clear. Cheers -Taylor
  12. My_Shortcoming

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Its nothing to do with crouch running, or the hold breath zoom etc. They are seasoned players that have used over a long period of time. And it was at a walk, weapon down, safety on and their weight was never above 35kgs.
  13. My_Shortcoming

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    I had something slightly similar, but nowhere near as noticable, when forcing Vsync on or having it on ingame. Set it to force off or applciation controlled in control panel and off ingame. Also try fiddling with max pre-rendered frames I find 8 actually improves performance slightly and could fix the issue.
  14. My_Shortcoming

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Since the latest hotfix a few of our members have found that they have serious stamina issues such as blacking out whilst walking over distance, with only 20-30kg's of weight. Currently trying to replicate this with other users, however it seems like an error on their end. They are re-downloading @ACE and re-running Aceclippi before we try to replicate the error again before posting it as a bug with RPT's and a mission. A quick question, is stamina etc calculated clientside? As it seems odd that only a select few had issues that seemed impossible to reproduce for others, and that they had the issue with varying loadouts and in various unit slots that others had no problems with. -Cpl Taylor/Shorty :)
  15. My_Shortcoming

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    Posted on your Armaholic page but echoing it here, bloody excellent mission and 6 of us had to have a few cracks to get it done. We made the end a bit easy by hijacking a BMP-3 and dishing out pain across the map to the extract point. We did play with ACE and ACRE and this may have caused some issues but unsure at this time. Keep up the good work -Cpl Taylor - 16AA