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  1. Tophe ur tha man!! :D Amazing work thank you.
  2. Very nice, thanks a lot.
  3. Really nice findings ohara, thx, the italian and spanish press got the same ver. 1.01 of german release or you guys have send other press previews? And just to take some advantage of you being around, any news on the Demo? got some friends bugging my ears all the time by now. :D
  4. Probably because of this: We need damage control :o
  5. Yep, your right! The big question mark is: How many selling copy´s do they lose with this rough starts.
  6. Yep its all about damage control now. Im sure BIS will solve this to 505, I just hope this first release dont have a huge impact on the sales. Maybe a well design Demo will put everyone happy :D
  7. God damn I saw this movie once. Well 505 version for me this time :)
  8. Damn Im still having a black screen, both in FF3 and in IE8 :(
  9. Emocional day! :o Thank you all for your work.
  10. Amazing, well... does anyone´s knows the rig Dslyecxi is using? Since he dont tell us
  11. MATRA

    How's ARMA2 AI shaping up?

    Hi welcome. Can you give us an example of a good AI in a game you play?
  12. MATRA

    Portuguese Mod

    Amazing Work. Keep up the good Job.
  13. MATRA

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    I think they need a lilte more brown