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  1. Beautiful texture work as ever Sabre :)
  2. Depends what readily available means - if it means the creators have Mass Effect have released them out into the community and have granted permission for them to be used in other engines, then that's fine. If readily available means that a series of people have ripped the models from the game and thrown their ill gotten gains onto the internet? No, that's not ok.
  3. There's very little BIS can or will do in this situation, it has nothing to do with them in the slightest - your dispute is with a private individual and their private server - your only course of action if he refuses to stop using those textures you produced is a legal route, but as ever, unless his 'infringement' affects you financially, rather than 'personally', then it's money and time best spent elsewhere.
  4. Messiah

    Clan logo on units?

    The BIKI and searching is truly your friend: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/squad.xml ;)
  5. The interior is still regarded as secret squirrel as far as I'm aware. Last time I went to a convention they were certainly less than keen about me taking me camera with me inside. They did once have a 360 panoramic interactive picture on the army's website, but that has seemingly disappeared - there are pictures available, but you have to do a fair bit of stitching together to get an idea of the layout.
  6. Messiah

    Partial screen NV/Thermal

    As a onboard monitor it should be simple - just layer two RTT screens/planes with the same render target, one above the other, and set the one above to be smaller with a zoom adjustment to make it appear seamless, and of course the NV or infrared mode applied - the actual gunner view, I doubt you can.
  7. I'd personally just replace Bornholm - no one is going to miss them, and it sets Astoria quite nicely between the Scandinavian states it's meant to be a part of, and Estonia which (if I've not misunderstood the thinking behind this) it takes some element of inspiration from (colour wise at least)
  8. It's not as if the Nordmen are that unique in their flag design amongst Nordic countries: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Nordic-cross_Flags.png seems a fitting choice
  9. Messiah

    open Helikopter doors?

    On some models I believe there were clipping and model issues, and beyond that I suspect that whole opening/closing doors syncing (or not for that matter) with get in and out may caused them to opt to remove the feature. It can be added again via scripts, the animations are still in the models, just not the actions.
  10. Fantastic concept, and well researched too - look forward to following this.
  11. Messiah

    open Helikopter doors?

    nothing, they removed it
  12. Messiah

    A Complete Arma 3 - Not That Far Away

    People don't seem that readily aware that the offroad and other vehicles can be animated too have different looks and attachments - there's even a police version...
  13. Dejavu? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176326-Custom-made-gun-won-t-shoot-and-not-correct-in-direction The direction issue got answered there, for the other we're going to need to see your config.cpp.
  14. Messiah

    50 cal proxy

    So, as used to digging through mountains of official PBOs as I am, I've yet to stumble across the venerable 50 cal proxy we all knew and loved from previous titles. I've found the relevant textures and rvmats lurking away in some pbo, but had no luck what-so-ever with finding an actual proxy. I'm aware that there aren't quite as many vehicles that 'visually' use the 50cal model (the armed offroad is one of the few that spring to mind), and given the high level of animation going on with that 50cal, I assume the proxy system has been dropped due to animation limitations? Are people reusing the A2 model instead, and referencing the A3 textures? Or have I overlooked some goodie bag somewhere where the updated 50cal model and anim was given out for ref and reuse?
  15. Messiah

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    They'll just have to ask BISim nicely then
  16. Messiah

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    I assume he means the VBS3 videos showing new snow/winter simulation.
  17. you need to use the 'find components' command to automatically name each component.
  18. Messiah

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    That fits my description of a local, cheap, showroom vehicle with a blue beacon on top and a bit of paint. I still think the current one in-game suits the purpose (but I agree, some police livery would be a nice addition)
  19. Messiah

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    What were you expecting on a desolate Mediterranean island? :D I would find it more absurd to see anything modern/purpose built such as an American Cruiser - every time I've been sailing round the Med, all the local police vehicles on the remote islands are a mix and match affair and generally a generic blue beacon on top of whatever the favourite local vehicle may be.
  20. Messiah

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    There is a police car - you just need to animate/unhide parts of the offroad vehicle to create one.
  21. I've seen the Challenger 2 modelled to a high level of quality below the 35k limit, it's entirely possible. You just need to plan your model through. It is a bag of crap, but as much as I'm beating a dead horse here, no, you won't, not without reducing that face count or using proxies. I'm not trying to stop you testing your model - you've asked us how to get it in game to test it, and so far the only reply you've had is to reduce the face count - I'd take the hint - you can't even begin to setup half of the other requirements before you've fixed that fundamental problem. Its debatable whether it's stupid or not. It does force people to use face counts wisely, and especially in a game as heavy as ArmA where potentially there's an obscene amount of kit being rendered in every scene, then I'm oddly happy that the limit forces us to be conservative in certain areas, rather than we run around with 1,000,000 polygon M4s. Anyway.... Quite simply you have two options (or three I guess): 1. Be stubborn about it, ignore what people with a decade or so of experience in the engine are telling you, and blame (quite rightly, but it's the limits we have to work with - trust me, I hate it as much as you do) bulldozer, the game and the Baby Jesus for your problems. You'll not get her in game or working this way, whatever you protest. 2. Reduce the poly count (yes, I'm repeating myself, but clearly I have to) so its under the 35k limit (that's not faces, but points/normals) and when she appears in bulldozer, then you're one major step closer to trying to test her out in game.
  22. Then you'll never get I think you've missed the point - if you want to try and test her in game, you need to reduce the poly count first - its not a case of doing it later. That amount of faces is simply too high for the engine without using proxies. Bulldozer uses the same engine as the game, so use that as a very firm indicator of what does and doesn't work.
  23. The only way you're going to do that is by reducing the poly count first.
  24. He lives ;) (Time to port the foxhound I guess?)
  25. Simple rotation animation that rotates the memory points and muzzle flash after each shot. Base it off the 'revolving' animation source, perhaps.