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  1. also i should mention.. TO USE: place a f7 module JTAC Engineer on map place either an engineer or explosives unit on the map hit play IF the keybind menu pops up.. then you need to set you keys. make sure you remember which key will open the menu otherwise if keys are set then it will just run without the popup. also.. when you place the module you can add new classes and GUID's for master players. and you can shut off the hint from the module as well.
  2. @ Imperator_Pete thx.. and the ability to rotate explosives is in there.. just not turned on yet. next release. and yeah..lol.. the pen. we was looking for a small physX object to simulate gravity.. we are make an invisible physX object for this and use in other things JTAC does. @ WickerMan thank you as well as for the keys.. yes i am being slow as piss about them.. i don't want 30 server admins complaining i missed something silly... most likely they will be in the next release since these functions are almost done. :)
  3. ok.. sry for the delay.. the team had to think about how we wanted to release the modules for JTAC. completely redone. *IMPORTANT* DELETE ANY AND ALL PRIOR SCRIPTS / ADDONS so here it is: @JTAC whats new: this is a self contained system that should work with any other systems. custom input added new charges added to the list. this requires the JTAC_engineer module on the map. ability to set custom classes and GUID's for editor *important.. i HAVE NOT signed this yet. i would like it tested before people blindly toss shit on their dedicated. :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssea1ej2nu3yluy/%40JTAC.zip thx to: Team JTAC LOKI - core HYWEL - input systems J0NES - configs and addons form @foxhound / armaholic.. please delete the script version and move this to addons. ty @ and mod.. please move this thread to addons released ty
  4. ok thanks. *obsolete USE ADDON version
  5. @chondo999 the script version is still config to standard Rsc_* i havent pushed the new version yet. however the addon version shouldn't conflict with anything. @Bravo93 i am assuming not an american keyboard? its the key right under escape. far top left. the custom keybinding is done and in.. i will push the new script and addon version later tonight when i have time to double check its compatibility with VAS and the other popular addons.
  6. @ kklownboy mmmm.. thats not a bad idea.. i know it just kinda floats out there. @solentis ctd?.. that the first i have heard of that.. can you give me info? was you playing vanilla or what mods did you have running.. was this SP / local MP / or dedicated? the more info i have..the faster i can try to recreate the issue and fix it.
  7. the custom keybind suite for it and jtac is done.. i add it in the next release with server sigs. keep the feedback coming. thank you for the release on Armaholic and PlaywithSix
  8. new file: PBO things to know: this was put into pbo form via requests. i have renamed all the Rsc_ GUI stuff.. there should be no conflicts with others work. *there is no sig as of yet.. im not done with this. if anything is broken.. let me know. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2743o6o9sep42e1/%40JTAC_expToObj.zip
  9. thx foxhound now the explosives mod is nearing completion.. here is another small part of the engineers as a whole. :)
  10. new version: alpha 6 whats new: interface changes abort button for timed explosives (still a little funky) internal code restructure *next version will have user key binding option.. its done.. just didn't put it in yet. ** ill put this in a addon soon.. i just want it solid before it is set loose in peoples games. :) keep the feedback coming! good bad or ugly.. this needs to be the best possible.
  11. thanks and.. yep.. thats a good idea.. and no your not blind..:)
  12. little clearer about cursorTarget underwater if needed.
  13. :) i really appreciate the comments. here is v5 alpha whats new: basic timer function underwater function what you need to know: when you select a set charge, you can move the slider to set the amount of time. THEN hit the timer button. underwater is clunky as hell.. but im pretty sure its an engine thing.. using cursorTarget you must be looking towards the center of an object. so take your time when setting charges underwater to make sure you have a clean set. (SET WILL BE GREEN) test this out and let me know. ill make changes as needed.