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  1. kasrkin85th

    Ka-50 port from ARMA 2

    @3dartist: thx for the reply. but i stopped working on it. and does not transfer the data from my old PC. to much heat and bad blood for my taste. maybe RHS Mod is interessted in porting your model to Arma 3.
  2. if you guys are interessted i did a very rough 3d concept model of a gunship a while back but my 3d skills are lacking^^ http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/326/3/7/v2_0_by_gunny22-d6v7ucy.jpg
  3. hmmmm, attack drone: something like this? http://abload.de/img/img0067z9qvo.png (120 kB) it is a vtol drone for a flight sim. right know it is nearly as big as a a-10, but i will ask the guy for the source files, maybe he is willing to share his work. but netherless i will work out a helicopter drone.
  4. cool, i was a SAW gunner for quiet some time and if you use one, sooner or later you think about what could be better or useful. i was thinking same thing . the only real difference is the optic, frontgrip, a bit shorter barrel and the fire selector (semi, full and save) let me know if you need anything else concept wise. maybe i can come up with a believeable halo version of the OICW or something else. rifles and so on are covered pretty well.
  5. wooohoooo! yeah baby^^ you are the coolest guys ever :-D so you liked the concept of it, huh? :-P EDIT: have to ask: which version of it?
  6. hey, could you please include this S.A.W.? http://media.desura.com/images/members/1/699/698232/Light_Machine_Gun.jpg and maybe this version of it? http://abload.de/img/m73a2_machine_gun_modphsqq.png
  7. because it was done in the late 80´s early 90´s ^^
  8. @nickobus: i know that. that is the reason why i wrote m60 and not m60e4 :-)
  9. hey guys, nice chopper addons. will we see a AH-1W Cobra also? i really miss her
  10. hey toadie, could you please add the function to upfold the bipods on the m60´s? or provide a version of the m60 and m60e4 with upfolded bipod? also a version of the m60 were it is possible to attach a optic would be nice.
  11. yeah the old version were there, but not the new versions! the update on armaholic was released today couple minutes ago. on play with six they were released 4 days earlier or so, that was the problem.
  12. @sonsalt6: i go to the playwithsix page and want to download it there directly with out the program, it counts down and than happens nothing. and if i press the link on the page that is mentioned if this problem appears i got a new page that is telling me that it doesn´t find a page. why isn´t it uploaded to armaholic anymore? :-(
  13. @kawa: what are you talking about the hydra pods? on the Viper there are 2 pods and each pod has 19 rockets.
  14. heyho, download from play with six doesn´t work! are the new versions uploaded somewhere else?
  15. kasrkin85th

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    nice mod, would love to see a AH-1W or AH-1F