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  1. keller

    White grass after 1.68 Update

    My ATOC was set to "Grass", turning it to "Off" and turning FSAA back on seems to have resolved the issue. ATOC is in video settings under AA & PP. Hope that helps others.
  2. keller

    White grass after 1.68 Update

    Same issue. GTX980, updated to latest drivers and no improvement. Game cache verified. Turning off FSAA solves the issue but game looks terrible now.
  3. keller

    Lost control of units in SP

    Nevermind. I'm an idiot and have now completed the tutorial on how to command multiple units.
  4. Hi guys, I've searched the forums with no luck. In the SP mission "Badlands" I have lost control of my units. Their faces have disappeared and the unit squares are blank except for unit 1 which is a blue flag. Any idea what I have done wrong? The units will follow but I can't command them to do anything. The only commands I have are "Communication" and "Set Waypoint". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. keller

    Ofp crash to desktop

    Will removing extra/unwanted addons free up memory and hopefully solve my problem? I have 512 megs of DDR ram.
  6. keller

    Ofp crash to desktop

    I keep getting the error "Cannot memory-map file 'dta\music.pbo'" any suggestions? Is this possibly a corrupt addon?
  7. keller

    Ofp and windows xp?

    I mainly play OFP and half-life Day Of Defeat, I know that there has been problems with hl and XP due mainly to the age of hl, but it's good to hear that OFP runs well with XP. Thanks for your reply.
  8. keller

    Ofp and windows xp?

    I am currently using Win ME and my comp is well past due for a total re-format. Since I use my computer for a lot of gaming I am hesitant to switch to XP. I just wanted to get some advice about what OS to use. Anyone having problems using OFP with XP? And should I go with Pro or Home version if I do update to XP? Thanks for reading my post.
  9. keller

    Xxx report status

    I had this problem too. It was in a CTF MP map. I don't remember what it was called but it's the one where you start off near the U shaped hospital building on Malden or Everon and the West has 2 M113's, a jeep and I believe a 5t Truck. The East's flag in in a small village with a BMP and I believe a UAZ.
  10. keller

    Lan game runs very poorly.

    After updating the soundcard to a SoundBlaster Live Value, I still have no improvement. This is getting to be a really expensive project to get this damn game to work over a LAN.
  11. keller

    Why people don't make maps with g36?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (theavonlady @ Mar. 05 2002,18:43)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I was very greatfull to the NATO soldier who died so that I could toss away my AK74 for his G36 in Red Hammer mission "Repulsion". That was the first time I actually used the G36 and realized that I was on the wrong side. Â <span id='postcolor'> Ok, this is off topic, but... Â I don't have the Red Hammer Expansion Pack, but what is the G36 doing in there? Â I am asuming that Red Hammer is also set in the 1980's and the G36 was only put into production in 2000/2001. Â So much for realism.
  12. keller

    Lan game runs very poorly.

    Man this really sucks, there is no reason that this shouldn't work. Â I set up a map with 2 players and 1 tank, and still I can't get the 2 computers to synch. Â On the server player 2 doesn't move from his starting position but on player 2's screen he is at the tank. Â When player 2 selects get in as gunner the turret starts to move but the player just bounced out of the tank like it was destroyed. Â Can anyone please offer me some help? I'm trying to run this over a fast lan and it just wont work. Â It's not so much of a lag issue it's that the 2 computers are losing info sent and recieved. Please, I made my friend go buy this game so we could play MP on my lan and it is turning out to be a waste of money. What's the chance that this is a sound card problem? Because one of the computers has an older SoundBlaster card in it.
  13. keller

    Lan game runs very poorly.

    We were using custom and official MP maps. Â Could there be a compatibility issue with Win ME and XP? I'll make a custom MP map with minimal units just to see if it's any better. If the amount of units used is high will lowering some variables in display options help?
  14. keller

    Lan game runs very poorly.

    Computer 1 is running 1280 X 960 and Computer 2 is running 1024 x 768.
  15. keller

    Lan game runs very poorly.

    Bump. Anybody?