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  1. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    Thanks for the fix markb50k!! Can't wait to try it out!! I am just using CWR2 islands. Mainly Malden. I thought your mission would be a great way and excuse to get back to my favorite maps.
  2. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    Awesome thankyou, looking forward to it!
  3. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    Thanks for checking it out! :) Yeah I'm sure they're my troops, often I'll call them far away from the main force and they drop right on time - if the menu says they're due at 6:14 their actual drop will be roughly 1-2 minutes after that time - I assumed the 6:14 was their departure time from starting point.
  4. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    I am having trouble getting dropped reinforcements to join me (I am using version 1.8). Usually I start the map as an officer by myself and the first thing I do is call for a drop of infantry reinforcements. As usual the infantry is dropped in a straight line over my head right on time so I know they are for me, but they just run off into the distance without joining me. I found in the past (using earlier versions of the mission) sometimes the dropped reinforcements would join me while they were still in the air, but even then sometimes they wouldn't join at all. Since using 1.8 I haven't been successful in having dropped infantry reinforcements join me at all, what am I missing? :/
  5. Stopped by to check up on this mod. I am looking forward to this far more than ArmA3. I was actually thinking about this mod as I pulled ArmA2 from the shelf in the shop on the day it was released back in 2009. I am in love with Demo3 and I can't wait to play the resistance campaign once the mod is finished. Just wanted to express thanks for the hard work by the CWR2 mod devs and all who contribute. <3 <3
  6. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    Thankyou for the explanation markb50k, and thanks again for the mission! It has renewed my interest in my favorite game of all time. Please forgive my ignorance, but with the Defences/Partisans option, the way I understand it is Partisans: the potential for partisans (independent/resistance) units to spawn on the map, and Defenses: the existence of defenses such as MG nests, tanks and others to be already in place on the map before friendly units are dropped. If this is correct I like the idea of the Russians already having AA and other defenses in place on the map before the friendly units arrive to conquer.
  7. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    This is an awesome mission! I especially like CWR2 Malden as a battlefield. I'm just a little unsure about some of the settings at the beginning of the mission. In order to present a challenge I select Friendly 1 and Enemy 3 in the relative strengths boxes for air, mechanized and infantry. Does this mean that the enemy will be 3x larger in force and unit quantity? Also the Increase Share I am unsure about. I usually pick 1 for Friendly, 2 for Enemy and 1 for Civilian, but I'm not exactly sure what it does. Thankyou for this great mission!
  8. Joseph Troska

    CWR2 coop pack

    hey great missions. played SP, finished and enjoyed them all.
  9. Joseph Troska

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    Terrific work. I always love when someone makes a mission that totally reinvents my perspective on my already favorite game. After finishing the mission, I was just sitting there staring at the screen wanting to continue ..like... living Priotr's life. A sequel would be amazing. I bet those mafia had funding connections with Chedaki-linked arms dealers ;)
  10. Joseph Troska

    CWR² Demo

    I just want to thank the CWR2 developers for their hard work. Amazing. Everon is as beautiful and lush as ever. Waiting with baited breath for full release.
  11. Joseph Troska

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    False Flag attack? Remember the Moscow bombing in ArmA2, blamed on NAPA but in reality staged and carried out by Chedaki (Russian spec op) forces - a False Flag attack in other words - in order to sway public and political sentiment against Chernorussian nationalists and to provide a pretext for Russian military intervention in Chernorus. I don't know how many people have clicked on to the fact that the Chedaki are in fact nothing but a proxy for certain (rogue) special interests operating through and within Russian special forces and factions of the intelligence community. In the Red Harvest campaign for instance, there are numerous indications that at the higher levels the ChkDz is nothing but a front for the Spetznaz. This almost seems a reference to Osama Bin Laden's Mujahideen fighters which were started, armed and funded by the CIA in order to fight a proxy war with the Soviets in Afghanistan starting in 1979. These same radical islamists (aka Al-Qaeda) were again funded and armed to fight in the Balkans against Serbia in 1999. FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has that Osama Bin Laden worked directly for the United States intelligence community right up to the day of 9/11. This, along with other interesting trivia such as Anwar Al Awlaki dining at the Pentagon months after the 9/11 attacks seems to make evident that these supposed terrorists are in fact a front for the western intelligence apparatus.A war with Iran really needs a False Flag event (like the now declassified Gulf of Tonkin non-event which started the Vietnam War) to provide a pseudo-legitimate reason to initiate hostility. Anyway, when I see this Map containing CIA codewords along with the phrase "the world will change!" - I can only be reminded of a false-flag in the works, which will change the geopolitical landscape globally.
  12. Joseph Troska


    This looks like it would be amazing... any plans for a SP version in the future?
  13. Can't wait for when the English version of this mission becomes available!! Looks awesome!!
  14. Joseph Troska

    [SP] Long Day

    I really want to do this mission again ... but could somebody just give me a lead on where to find the evidence pointing to the warlord's location? I don't want to know where he is, but I couldn't find any evidence - where is the evidence? Once again beautiful mission!
  15. FULL ARTICLE HERE -independent.co.uk