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  1. Hi, i'm one of the original leaders of the italian ww2 mod and author of some of the italian models. I'm happy to see that after several years there still interest in what we did for ofp :) Most of our units were never released because we planned to release them as a mod. But since it was still an hobby for us like many mods with great goals we had to close, mainly due to lack of time to keep the mod still going. It's not completely true that our models were too high poly. Someone indeed was too heavy but not because it was made in 3ds max, but because back then i lacked experience in low poly modelling (speaking about models done by me). Anyway most of them were working in ofp, so with little optimization they should work in arma as well. Some interiors were also made but they are more than 4 years old so they need to be optimized too, a lot of face could be removed and so on... Some models were done in O2 and it will be probably easyier to remodel them to suit better the arma2 engine. Again, due to lack of time i had to switch to other projects and didn't focus much on arma\arma2. I'd love to resume the work on those units as it's still an unfinished project that i'd love to see completed so if someone is interested to give a hand, feel free to contact me and we can discuss on the matter. For what concerns an open source release of some of our work i should first talk with the other people involved in the mod, i'll keep you informed.
  2. As it seems a lot of you are experimenting with this i've decided to release the law in the state it is now. I haven't worked much on it since my last update as i didn't have a lot of time. Actually i think that the model should be redone with more polys especially for the tube, but it's just pointless doing it now, i just tested what i needed. So if you want to take a look on how i did it here's a rapidshare mirror for the file. http://rapidshare.com/files/23251398/IND_LAW.rar.html Special thanks goes to Freshman that provided me reference photos of the tube and the sight texture i'm currently using. Remember that this is alpha version, unfinished and with several issues, should be used just for testing purpose.
  3. Yes you have to do it for every texture that will need a normal\specular map. I think you should wait for some tools that will allow us to write materials directly in the p3d files and using the config way just for testing purpose
  4. i have a similar bug on my law although is less noticeable, i think that it's caused by the missing swizzle tag on our textures. If you open a BIS normal map file in photoshop with Kegetys tools it will ask you if you want to apply swizzling. I think it changes the way how Normal and Specular maps are handled by the engine. But of course i may be wrong, this is just a guess. As for specular maps, i created a new file in photoshop with the background color value taken from a BIS specular map. I then added a new layer with my texture and modified the blending mode (i think to Highlights) so that only scratches and texts will be seen on the specular with white color. I don't think this is the right way of doing it but i guess that without some kind of tools it can't be done otherwise.
  5. Indy

    M72 LAW

    http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....shaders here you go
  6. Indy

    M72 LAW

    Oh that's easy! Even I know how to do that! The BIS RPG works the same way; study its config. The RPG tube is carried unloaded and when one deploys it a grenade "ArmAgically" pops onto the end. Substitute a folded and extended 66mm launcher and there you have it! I just wish it were possible to adjust the "slung" position of carried objects like this. It looks ridiculous way up on the guy's shoulder like that, looking like some kind of weird sashimono! Exactly, also after the law is fired it will immediately return in it's folded state, so i don't know if i'll keep the folded model or rather just use the extended one for both configurations
  7. As someone may remember some time ago i did some experiments with arma shaders capabilites and the old cwc law. Since i got some request to release the law, and the original model is quite outdated i decided to remodel and retexture it to fit more in ArmA's environment. I was aiming to release it last week, but it needs still some work to be done on and i'm actually quite busy so i hope that i will be able to finish it this weekend. Here's a screenshot, comments and critics are welcome
  8. Indy

    Booleans or not ?

    I use booleans in max they work fine but you have to clean up your mesh after you have used them or as djfrogstar said your mesh will end up having more faces than you should have.
  9. Indy

    SJB Weapons Pack

    try this http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....9;st=15
  10. follow kegetys instructions above and it should work
  11. There is a new LOD, you can use it in O2 lite by creating a new LOD with resolution of 10000. In it should be the model used to make the shadow volume, it needs to not have any holes in it (O2 lite 'structure/topology/find non-closed' can be used to find these) and it must be made of only triangles... If the shadow LOD is incorrect you get a whole bunch of warnings in the rpt file. thanks it worked
  12. that's what oxygen was missing can i ask you how are the new shadows handled in the p3d? I've been trying to make them work but without success. My guess is that there is a new lod dedicated for shadows but i'm not sure about this. Also i noticed that now weapon models do have "component" selections but i can't figure out in which lod and for what purpose. Is this related to shadows or to some other feature?
  13. another thing that might come useful: by adding a point in the memory lod with selection name "eye" in the position where the eye should look it is possible to use 3d optics on custom addons.
  14. Hi all, maybe you already know that but since there isn't a topic about this i decided to share with you some things i discovered... First of all i was trying to convert some old addons i did for OFP to ArmA and i was searching for a way to implement normal and specular maps on my models so i took a look at those new rvmat files. Since without the proper tools we are unable to use them as they are used directly by the p3d i began searching for another way. I remembered the old cfgTextureToMaterial that we were using in OFP to add shiny effects on our models and i noticed that some new materials in ArmA do look exactly like the rvmat files. So i tryied to do my own material based on the Javelin rvmat file and i tested it over a BIS LAW model imported from ofp. Here's how it looks like with a fast normal map done with nvidia plugin for photoshop. And here's the code to add on your config: Note that you'll have to recalculate normals on your p3d I'm not going to release this as it was just a test to see if it was possible for us to use normal maps before the official tools are released. Hope you found this usefull.
  15. Seems a really nice idea, if you need a 3d modeller im willingly to help