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    Poll about Arma 3 and your opinion!

    It is a bit vague/random but voted anyway ;)
  2. Just wondering if its just me but I feel that helicopters retain too much lift with forward flight and no power (collective) In other words its VERY hard to bleed off speed when in forward flight even with no power. Only when air speed is below about 50 does the helicopter descend very fast. This is a problem of simplifying real flight controls in a game because the real collective has separate throttle and pitch adjustments. I would like to get other AFM users opinions to see if its worth making a bug tracker ticket asking to make collective affect the lift a bit more. (So that zero power also reduces rotor pitch to make heli descend faster) Thoughts...?
  3. EDcase

    Weapon Sway Inaccurate

    That's not true. Obviously its not the same as real combat but I'm sure all players get increased adrenaline, heart rate etc when in an ARMA fire fight. That will affect mouse control similarly to holding a weapon. I do think the sway is excessive and should be toned down a bit.
  4. EDcase

    Advanced flight model feedback

    Thanks for feedback. DarkSide.. I'm not talking about Dev branch so I can't put it there. Healbeam: Yes, I know about ETL (I have flown a Robinson R22) It just seems a bit too effective. When travelling at above 50 knots (can't remember exact speed) even small adjustments from collective still had quite a big influence on lift. To me reducing collective should have a bit more effect on lift or ETL is too strong.
  5. Not sure of the reasoning behind that change but personally I don't think its a good idea.
  6. Do you get that in SP or MP? Its more likely the mentioned unoptimised mission spawning AI and creating clutter (bodies/wrecks etc) Also missions with multiple contact points where players engage AI in several parts of the map could create too many AI.
  7. The causes of fps loss are: (Assuming you don't overload your system with gfx settings being too high) - High number of AI units: soldiers/vehicles etc. (Unlikely this can be optimized much more) - MP net code is the big problem. Since fps is good when playing SP its obviously a problem with the net code between clients and server in MP. Especially bad with poorly optimised missions with no garbage collection (cleaning dead/wrecks) and many scripts etc. So hopefully BIS can improve the net code somehow.
  8. EDcase

    1.36 -> Titan is now a throw-away?

    I think you found the first bug of 1.36 :D x steps forward and 1 back ;)
  9. EDcase

    Arma 3 Battle recorder

    +1 for DLC I'd certainly pay for it. It would run on the server which handles all that data anyway so its dependant on the speed it can be written to disk. Of course I don't know the details and full complexity of such a system but I would imagine that only position & rotation need constant update (possibly every few frames with interpolation). Fire events and stance changes would be intermittent and the playback system would dynamically calculate trajectories, impacts and deaths etc as it does when playing. So the rag-dolls would end up in slightly different positions but that would be perfectly acceptable for me.
  10. EDcase

    8GB of ram or 16GB?

    8GB works fine for me. I believe ARMA does not use more than 4GB itself so depends what else you are doing in the background, and of course you should be doing a little as possible.
  11. Use a program to check your ram. (can't think of one right now but they are around) I have Heli DLC and have not had these errors (yet)
  12. EDcase

    Happy Birthday Arma 3!

    Happy Birthday ARMA3 and BIS family :beeeers: I hope BIS can teach their child to play nice with others ;) Looking forward to what 2015 will bring... Javelina: Better late than never ;)
  13. EDcase

    What is taking my fps down?

    That's the problem. You have to test each one to see which works best with your system. Fred41 said that tbbmalloc is good for him but I don't know if he is using Windows 8.1
  14. EDcase

    What is taking my fps down?

    Have a look here for BIS info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Custom_Memory_Allocator Note that MP is very different from SP so do not compare fps. I hope BIS can fix MP in the near future.
  15. EDcase

    What is taking my fps down?

    Clawhammer is on Win 8.1 and St.Jimmy using Win7 Perhaps different memory manager causing problems. Try different ones in startup parameters. I'll try the benchmark later and give my results... Wow St.Jimmy you got 4.7GHz stable from a 2600k!?! nice
  16. EDcase

    Confused about Taru functionality

    Just wanted to say that I'm also very disappointed the pods aren't dynamic. Hopefully there will be a good AttachTo mod but still very sad that its not in vanilla.
  17. I agree with your filter ideas. (Shouldn't be that hard to do!?!?!) YES, why the hell does it take so long to update the server list!!!!? GameSpy did it so much faster (and listed player names which no longer works) Is it a problem with crappy Steam or can BIS improve this?
  18. havatan19: Sounds like your problem is related to this thread. 1.34 seems to have affected flying related fps/smoothness
  19. EDcase

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Features: - Fast Roping with PhysX so possibility to fall off with high g-force etc. - Towing - Weapon rest as good as VTS - Characters vanishing if caught in large explosion. (Its stupid to see flying bodies in a huge explosion) Dismemberment wont happen but could be cloud of red mist. Content: - Field artillery guns for towing ;) - Support caravans which can be towed. ie ammo, repair, fuel and hospital. - Port of classic weapons from ARMA2 compatible with new attachments. Terrain: -Map with several islands. Perhaps 2 connected by road but rest not so boats & divers play larger role. Diverse terrain and ground cover including mountains, jungle to forest and open plains. More ground features even on plains. (ie ditches and dry river beds)
  20. I didn't like sway in the beginning but I'm getting used to it. Might still need some tweaking. There should be more restriction on movement while prone. A friend of mine I was showing ARMA laughed when he saw a prone soldier spinning around. Also looking forward to weapon resting in marksman DLC. It better be as good as VTS one.
  21. EDcase

    cant slingload vehicles that are damage 1

    Without any knowledge of scripting; Is it possible to delete the destroyed vehicle and swap it for one with damage set high but not 1?
  22. As stated by others, better server filtering is all that's needed.
  23. EDcase

    A More Sophisticated Scoring Algorithm?

    While I agree that a better scoring system would promote more team play, I don't think its that easy to implement. A simpler compromise is just to turn off scoring completely. A voting system similar to other games should be used to punish griefers and team killing.
  24. I understand the reasons for the added weapon handling 'challenges' but it is getting more frustrating than fun... Perhaps some things just need toning down.
  25. No offense intended but the OP obviously has no idea about coding. (or spelling. Hopefully not English native) BIS are working VERY hard to make the game run smoothly. My friends and I have noticed much improvement since release. (if you play on a low power machine obviously you can't expect much)