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  1. ExtracTioN

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Yes, very BIG, 20x20 km Not really my can of soup. That one looks a hell of a project. Respect bro
  2. That's not MOAB that's russian FOAB Â I think we need a TSAR in Arma We can than wipe out whole arma island in 1 time
  3. ExtracTioN

    International Politics Thread

    Well said Walker
  4. ExtracTioN

    ARMA 2 In-game HD Video released

    I dont know if it can be done BIS but could you make the smoke fly off when there is a chopper flying over it making the smoke moveable. edit: I mean the smoke from the explosians
  5. ExtracTioN

    Cold War Rearmed Discussion

    looking good nice job
  6. ExtracTioN

    Cold War Rearmed Discussion

    Nice to hear from you guys looking forward to it
  7. ExtracTioN

    Some WIP stuff to show

    video is working fine here
  8. ExtracTioN

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    Looking good
  9. could you also please answer my second question AFAIK TS made long time ago such a topic in OFP days couple of years back
  10. Oh great now you have the OH-58 from ofp to Arma and with BAS sounds. You are not TS right
  11. So they could even post it on a public site for everyone? If they are just paying you to make the addon, instead of paying for a license to use it like when you buy a commercial game, that isn't so bad. The thing that I am against is selling them as if they are an expansion pack/full game and having people buy the rights to play with them. Only the makers of the game really have a right to do that as far as I know. I guess if someone just paid me to work on something and then I/they could just release it for free it would be fine Still, I wouldn't pay someone for that. But if someone else wants to, so be it. Fully agree
  12. ExtracTioN


    I went to this movie 3 days ago and I liked
  13. ExtracTioN

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    Looks like the first tank close is a M1A1 and the other looks like a BMP.
  14. Now that seems the old BIS we know hope it is true
  15. ExtracTioN

    OFP Vs Arma QC SP Campaign

    CWC and Resistance campaign will rock the shit of Arma campaigns including QG campaigns. Man even the Red Hammer campaign what was shitty than is better than Arma campaigns. Hope they put more effort in the campaign in Arma2