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    DLC DVD Pack

    Hmm bizarre, an email just dropped into my inbox from Amazon a few minutes ago stating the price to be £17.79 (was it 24€ you were quoted then?) , but wait a minute? The release date is .......... April 1st ;)
  2. Ducatisto

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    One thing is critical with this is you must ensure you have the very latest version of CBA, like many others it failed at the start because although not obvious I was using an outdated version of CBA. Current version is 0.6.0 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231&highlight=CBA Hope that helps. On a side note, after that issue I have had hours playing this campaign and have been totally immersed in it, well done.
  3. I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit with an ATI 4870 so, would your Nvidia card be an issue? Have you a generous friend that would loan you an ATI card for a test?
  4. Ducatisto

    ARMA 2:OA Expansion Manager

    Go with Dwardens solution and use the commandline mod activation as well as ensuring you have the latest CBA files as that was a problem I was having.
  5. Just thought it would be polite to let you know this has been resolved. After a total un-installation and the painstakingly slow process of installing Arma II and Operation Arrowhead and still finding the crash on trying to load a save I eventually pinned it down to the CBA addon. Updating to the very latest (CBA_v0-6-0) solved it and I no longer suffer from crashes. I hope this helps.
  6. This has only happened from the CO shortcut and using the @CBA modfolder in the target. Playing a game and actually creating a save is not a problem but trying to load that save the game immediately CTD's reporting that it cannot load the save. Purely vanilla CO behaves ok but that stops me playing missions/campaigns that rely on other addons and CBA. Is there a resolution to this?
  7. Ducatisto

    Where is Aziz

    First time played through I elected to do the Scuds then the POW's, the AI had dealt with Aziz so straight through to the press conference (mission 9). Had a second go and elected to rescue the POW's then the Scuds before being told that Aziz is holed up in his villa. Hot footed in the Bradley over to the villa, pop a few bad guys and got to the front of the villa where I was informed Aziz had escaped and then on to the mission (8) I missed when Aziz was killed in mission 7. I will not post any more as others may want to play the 'missing' mission if they managed to kill Aziz in mission 7 ;)
  8. Ducatisto

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    After installation of OA I have tried to carry on from ANY save and the game immediately CTD's. No matter what I do (delete all saves/config etc) I start the campaign again, save, try to load and again CTD. Anyone else suffer from this and is there a solution?
  9. Just to let you guys know I ordered this last night from Play.com for £16.99 with Free Delivery!
  10. Now playing around with various weapons/vehicles but would appreciate if anybody can point me in the direction of a total list of all vehicle/weapon classnames, many thanks. By the way great work Vilas
  11. Ducatisto

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    The way the helo is at the moment is not all that bad, I blame the dumb ass pilot not the script writer :) Reverting back to how it was in Arma would not be all that bad if it made it work regularly, I would say that is your shout anyway! Altogether this is so addictive, just got to go back and play it again....... :D
  12. Ducatisto

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    After thoroughly enjoying Dynamic War on Arma I had to get all this and was not disappointed. My only beef is the blowing up of fuel depots, what is the point as to where this mission is a success? I have blown a dump to pieces and still there never comes a point where it says the mission is complete. Is it a condition where all enemies have to be killed as well? There are a few other bugs all of which have been noted before, the chopper is a royal pain sometimes as when it takes off from base it stops in auto hover and the only way out is to order a total disembark whereupon the chopper goes back down only to take off again after all have got off!! I am sure in further versions these will be ironed out. Great fun none the less.
  13. Ducatisto


    Due to work commitments only just finished it. I am what I call a casual gamer so prefer to follow rather than take command and this mission suited my style of play. I have to say I found version 0.89 quite easy, joined the squad went to the village, lobbed a few grenades, took an RPG and saw off all the armour, job done. Maybe I was lucky but I found it a little too short but very well made none the less. Starting the mission doing the driving I was told to turn right at the next crossroads so off I went looking for 'crossroads' and then realised it should have been just take the next right, maybe correct that W0lle? Overall well done.
  14. Ducatisto


    Wolle, I am not a 'loud' voice on these forums choosing to read than write but if this mission is anything to go by in comparison to your previous releases I am sure it will be top class. It is ready to play and I will report back....... First point. It comes up in the mission list as 'Name' On playing the first few minutes there is what seems to be a dialogue in another language after being told to disembark the truck. On exiting the mission at that point the mission is correctly titled 'USMC Ambush', strange that? Will resume tomorrow. Duca
  15. Ducatisto

    (SP)ACE They Came from Above

    Apologies for that, I only found 2.00 beta http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8639