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  1. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    Right , it has come to attention that some of the parts of the model have been ripped from a possable internal tester or X Dev from Project Reality. I was given the parts under good faith that the lad ( a " mate " ) had made and was giving me a helping hand to create it. Ive spoke to UK Force and i will be taking off the Screen shots and will be re-do'ing all the parts in question. Abit of a arse because its set back the release of it , but lesson learnt and hopefully come back looking even better than before. Thanks to UK Force for being patient with it and not just going mlaarr like i know he must of been tempted to do !! ---------- Post added at 10:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:00 PM ---------- yeah i will be doing one of these 100% .... will take time now due to recent updates but will soon be back on track doing every variant i can musta up.
  2. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    yea got it fella , sent pm back
  3. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    I was actually thinking that about the green and black .... how does the Armoured Reeve version differ? isit without the bar armour and the upgrades , go fast stripes etc?
  4. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    yes mate , will be doing , Black & Green and a Desert one .... And just for you Jeza for the next Pride
  5. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    hidden selections are wonderful things!
  6. Chris1986

    FV107 Scimitar CVR(T)

    Cheers lads! :D thanks mr claw
  7. quick little show at a scimitar ive been working on . pics are WIP and its likely to change afair bit ( textures are not started really etc etc blah blah ) , but thought id show her off for all to see. Any feedback would be great!
  8. Chris1986

    Popup trigger

    you can setpos them , so they are hidden . Altho this will make your target smaller , but the effect will be the same . ---------- Post added at 04:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 PM ---------- this should sort it for you http://www.mediafire.com/?m7f5c3genebgvs4
  9. Chris1986

    Popup trigger

    yeah i know what you mean , how come you cant use the Simple Targets?
  10. Chris1986

    Popup trigger

    i dont get it? you want a popup target to act like the simple targets? is that not the same as using the simple targets?
  11. Chris1986

    Popup trigger

    Here , little demo mission of how it works . http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?72uz32s8fnshqcn
  12. Chris1986

    Popup trigger

    Can do this via triggers along the path quite easy. Name you targets ( e.g Target1 etc etc ) i would put this on the init of the target so they start " dead " Place trigger Hope this helped!
  13. im currently working on a new tank and was just wondering if anyone knew , or if it was even possible to lock off a tank's turret on a X and/or Y Axis? Basicly what im after is the ability to be able to be in the gunner position and have the option to lock off the turret. Any help would be great Thanks
  14. Chris1986

    Runway Icons

    I think this is what you are looking for http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#mapSize
  15. Compass replacement ive been working on . I know its not true to life ' Silva ' compass , but its in a similar style.