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    Project RACS

    Switzerland, Canada, and Finland operate the F18 and none of them possess an aircraft carrier.
  2. Just been messing around on this island in Shelby Mustangs, Lamborghinis, Porsches and old muscle cars... Love it! Great work!
  3. warden308

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    Improved Physics and Animations and they'll be on to a winner! Oh and netcode and optimisation of course.
  4. warden308

    Report Weapons, Vehicles, Planes etc.

    Well judging by the clues we got in the lead up to this the Sub may be HMS Astute?
  5. warden308

    Authentic Mediterranean island

    I'm almost 150% certain that's photoshopped...
  6. The Red Sea is in no way a lake as it is not fully enclosed by land and flows into the Indian Ocean. I think what everyone is forgetting is Chernarus is an Eastern European country, and should have a military that represents that not that of a rich Western European country. Which means AF wise, F-16s at the most and thats a push, looking more at Mig-29s and ex-soviet stuff. Army wise again looking at upgraded AK-47/74 and upgraded Soviet vehicles (Maybe with the help of NATO). And Naval wise looking at Coastal Defence ships not Carriers and destroyers... Its in the name CDF. Focus should be defence.
  7. As far as I'm aware thats just the visor and mask?
  8. Anybody released a pilot helmet thats selectable in Profile Editor/ Anybody fancy making one?
  9. You should still be able to tell by visual checks though/use ArmA hud. And most importantly 0 feet and 0 metres are the same ;)
  10. Knots and feet for me please :)
  11. warden308

    ArmA 2 WW2 mods

    If you click the button called search at the top you'll find them. And dont say it doesnt work because I just did a search and found several threads.
  12. warden308

    RKSL Merlin HC3 BETA Release

    The Merlin is stunning! Both to look at and to fly. Are you planning a Fleet Air Arm Merlin? And if so how far off is it?
  13. warden308

    RKSL Merlin HC3 BETA Release

    Theres a reference to M3Ms in this link http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/05/25/342345/pictures-british-armys-lynx-ah9a-enters-use-in-afghanistan.html But I couldn't find any pictures.
  14. Stunning as always Rock! What sort of progress are the Typhoons and Tonkas at? Can we expect them soon?