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  1. Yea Nicely Put The majority of people Moaning are people that have just bought the game. and probably Never played OFP or ARMA And expect it to be all singing all dancing. a bit of patience now and again never hurt nobody.
  2. -R2.5-_Dan

    shocking news

    I think this post is like a bag of chum to the moderators. if i am not mistaken your trying to advertise getting illegal copy's of the game. Which is possibly the most stupendous Idea you may have had. seeing as this is in fact the forum of the company that created said game. it is like robbing your next door neighbor and then Walking Past there living room window with what you have just stolen. If you want my advice Get rid of the post Mate i don't think Bis or the community look to well to Copy right Infringement. Even if the person who basically Stole Bi Property is a 3 Party.
  3. the ability to strip down the mortars and move them would be a good feature
  4. -R2.5-_Dan

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Yea the UKF mod Made it back in ofp was one of the greatest additions to The game Ever.
  5. -R2.5-_Dan

    The Most Obscure Easter egg(s)

    Yea i noticed that We defo need a shark addon
  6. -R2.5-_Dan

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Well being British and all we want the enemy to die when we hit it and not sit back up for another pop at us. so a big piece of steel in the fore head seems to remedy the whole i think ill sit up and shoot at them again. but saying that i don't know how truthful this is but its either the us marines or the army that have like some version of an red Indian Tomahawk. At least with a bayonet its in twist out and carry on.
  7. -R2.5-_Dan

    Bayonet/knife poll

    I did love the Old UKF bayonets. good times charging across a field towards the ruskies with Some Crazy scot shouting Charge down team speak. But the Return of the old cold steel would be good there have been situation in Arma 2 were it was needed. i was sent to clear a house and i went through a door and was just about to step in to the front room when a ruskie in the corner let rip i hit the deck and manage to kill him. now if i had a bayonet on the end of the rifle i could have just stuck him against the wall Job done.
  8. -R2.5-_Dan

    Bayonet/knife poll

    It would be Nice to see the Bayonet in game. A crazy person jumping into your foxhole and sticking you with a sharp peice of steel. it would put a dampner on your day
  9. I havent really got that much of a clue when it comes to graphics cards But would this run Arma 2 well enough http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Graphics+Cards/PCI-E/nVIDIA+GTS+250+Series+PCI-E/Gainward+GTS+250+Graphics+Card+512MB+PCI-Express+TV%2FDVI%2FHDTV+?productId=36137
  10. i have a question im hoping some one will be able to answer for me. im planning on Updating my Graphics to handle Arma 2 a lot better. now the recommended specs are a Nvida Ge Force 8800 GT But Finding one that isn't out of stock or doesn't cost way too much is impossible. so im thinking a Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gt 512 MB But every were i have looked to compare the 2 cards it says that the 8800 floors the 9600 every time. im wondering are any of you lads or ladys running Arma 2 on a 9600 and is it worth shelling out for this card.
  11. Well could i run it at Medium low settings at least the jist of it is will it even run or will it Just go error and implode sending hot shrapnel round the room
  12. Im wondering Will my Specs Run Arma 2 with out it looking like a snes game and running like a one legged marathon runner My specs Processor- AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core processor 4200+ Memory- 2048mb Ram Graphics- Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS 256.0 MB And im on Xp
  13. -R2.5-_Dan

    A.C.E. mod

    Fair point but Arma was never designed to be a run and gun game. if your after that maybe Call of duty or battelfield is more your cup of tea.
  14. -R2.5-_Dan

    A.C.E. mod

    No Offense mate buts thats realism for you If you sprint with half the kitchen on your back your gonna find your self face down in the dirt. try carrying less gear and Walk dont run If your not getting shot at whats the rush.
  15. -R2.5-_Dan

    Graphic Problem

    Ive not tried i have it set at low dont want my system to Go exsploding when i turn it to normal