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  1. So the new ryzen cpus are out, and i think a lot of us want to know how these bad boys perform on arma 3 right? So please, if you can find any benchmarks, post them here. If you made a benchmark by urself, please show it to us! :-) My personal feeling about these cpus is, we will get the same problems with these cpu we got with the old amd fx cpus. Lots of multicore performance which gets totally ignored by arma and low fps because of bad single core performance. I really want to upgrade, but i really fear that my old i7 4790k will outperform the ryzen cpu. I hope iam wrong. So please, if you guys find anything please post it here, iam reall intrested into this. And of course, what do you guys think? Share your toughts Thanks!
  2. intresting, this sounds familiar, i have three ryzen systems: 1: Ryzen 3900x with 32GB RAM and RTX 2080 2. Ryzen 3700x with 16GB RAM and RX 5700 3. Ryzen 2700x with 16GB RAM and GTX 980ti i had some strange issues the past few days too on two of my systems with warlords. - With system two i had strange flickering of objects, first at big distance coming closer and closer until my own soldier started to deform. At this point the performance broke completly and only restarting the game helped. Today i upgraded the amd driver for the RX 5700, maybe next weekend i can test this again. - With system three i had this strange STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN crash too and on the same day my system completly shuts off and rebooted two times while playing arma. Both systems had no issues with other games. For me this looks like some kind of memory issues 🤔 I hosted the warlords mission on my own local server in my lan with an xeon 1231v3 and 32gb ram. Additional fact, after 6hrs my server had some issues too, the ai was lagging and full in zombie mode.
  3. clawhammer


    iam playing around with the warlords maps and added rhs stuff. Iam playing now for some hours and was able to reach the big airfield of altis. I dont know why, but everywhere empty vehicles get spawned. What could be the reason for that?
  4. clawhammer

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello, iam looking for all the BAS Mod files including tonal, can someone help me out pls? 🙂 Thank you very much!
  5. clawhammer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    @reyhard sry my bad, i fixed it. Did something wrong copy it here 😯
  6. clawhammer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If i try to add rhs us ammo boxes to my warlord mission i get some errormessages: 10:46:52 Error in expression <splayName"), getNumber ((_transportMags select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error position: <select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error Generic error in expression 10:46:52 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLParseAssetList.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLParseAssetList]..., line 109 10:46:52 Error in expression <splayName"), getNumber ((_transportMags select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error position: <select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error Generic error in expression 10:46:52 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLParseAssetList.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLParseAssetList]..., line 109 10:46:52 Error in expression <splayName"), getNumber ((_transportMags select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error position: <select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error Generic error in expression 10:46:52 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLParseAssetList.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLParseAssetList]..., line 109 10:46:52 Error in expression <splayName"), getNumber ((_transportMags select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error position: <select _i) >> "count"), if (_text == "")> 10:46:52 Error Generic error in expression 10:46:52 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLParseAssetList.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLParseAssetList]..., line 109 My description.ext: class Gear { class rhsusf_mags_crate { cost = 200; requirements[] = {}; }; class rhsusf_gear_crate { cost = 200; requirements[] = {}; }; class rhsusf_launcher_crate { cost = 300; requirements[] = {}; }; class rhsusf_weapon_crate { cost = 350; requirements[] = {}; }; class rhsusf_spec_weapons_crate { cost = 500; requirements[] = {}; }; }; Any suggestions? The same happens with the east stuff 😕 rhsusf_mags_crate and rhs_mags_crate seems to work. Thanks!
  7. Hi, iam back after a longer time, and iam now playing around with the warlords mode. It seems like the ai is unable to capture a zone after some time. On my testmap they are able to capture 1~2 zones, but after that it stops. The zone is full of my units. Strange effect, as soon as i visit the location, the zone is instant captured. Does capturing a zone requires a player in range? I wanted to play a match vs the ai thanks for help!
  8. i changed my F4-3866C18D-32GTZR now to 3600Mhz and 16-16-16-38 and got an FPS increase of 3 FPS. Now iam at 53 at Standard Benchmark. Still a long way to the magical 60FPS 😄
  9. Wow with Ryzen 3700X and F4-3866C18D-32GTZR iam now with 50fps at standard and 40 with High. Rams currently only run with 3600mhz and 18-18-18-38 timings. I hope that soon a new bios give me these rams with 3866. Wished to get the jucy 60FPS but no luck with that :D
  10. Which preset are you guys using ? With ULTRA i get 32FPS and with low iam around 43FPS Iam using Ryzen 2700x + RTX 2080. This is the ram that i use: 2x -> F4-3200C16D-16GVKB (16-18-18-38) @2800mhz Its horror that the i7 4790k i bought 2014 gets the same fps...
  11. Steam says that i played 5k hours arma 3 until now. Game is still rocking like hell . What about you? What do you do most of the time in arma? Iam making missions most of the time or playing with my clan mates. Thanks BI for this great game :)
  12. Hello together, how can i use the new BIS_fnc_infoText used in the brand new arma 3 campagin? Here is my the old A2 Script i used, how to modfy so it looks like in the A3 Surve Episode? if (time < 10) then { titleCut ["", "BLACK FADED", 999]; sleep 3; [] Spawn { waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_fnc_init")}; // Info text [("... Loading Mission")] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; playMusic "ASOTheme"; sleep 8; [("Operation Hammer") , str(date select 2) + "." + str(date select 1) + "." + str(date select 0), ("GB64 Malden")] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 8; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 4] }; }; Thanks for help! Update: I mean this:
  13. clawhammer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh my bad, i belived this is for the guided bombs. I just had GBU12 equiped. If this is not the laser marker pod how do i open this on the rhs a10? I want to drop some bombs! :D Thanks!
  14. clawhammer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If i press N nothing happens after zooming intho this screen, this screen stays blury green. And yes N is the key for my nvg.
  15. iam back after a longer break. I would like to ask if the f-18 is still up-2-date. I saw the dlc for the jets and that there are some changes. The ingame vanilla F-18 looks to much future, i would like to stick to the classic f-18 :-) Can i use all the features of the new dlc with this plane? Thanks for info!
  16. Iam thinking of giving this game a try. Can i play this game with my friends? Does it have some kind of group function so that i can easly enter a server with my friends in one team? Thanks for the help!
  17. clawhammer

    VR Support?

    For me the immersion breaks if i start to walk in vr while in real life i sit in my chair. Maybe this star trek game would be ok (If you sit all the time at your station, i haddnt the oppertunity to test this game) or games where you are in a cockpit like elite, dcs or racinggames (as long as their are not to fast or hectic). Thats why i said 'putting screens on your eyes'! because the truth is, only the eyes get pleased by this "VR". And if you ask me, the eyes are the totaly wrong interface for VR in my opinion. Compare this VR tech with VR tech from fictional movies like matrix or sword art online. They all directly inject the vr into our brains, so we have our full body and can feel the enviroment. We are so far away from that If we finally someday get this kind of technolgy i would say we have a real vr tech. I want to see that. Glasses that only joy the eyes are allready a dead technology, we only use it because we have nothing better. And lets not forget the resolution issue, motion sickness, eye focus problems etc etc Sry that iam "personally" not that immersed with this tech so far.
  18. clawhammer

    VR Support?

    Currently vr glasses have too much childhood diseases. I have no problem if bi waits until theses glasses are finally really usable. But iam skeptical. Simply putting screens on your eyes and ignoring that the rest of your buddy is not part of the vr will never be a immersive solotuion.
  19. Steam says that i only can purchase this dlc as gift, since it is already locked into my account. I have this supporter edition too. Looks like there is something wrong with ur steam account. Contact the support.
  20. clawhammer

    Playing Arma 3 with a Pentium ...

    I must say that iam really a fan of this cheap cpu. If you are on a budget it is made for you. Just 50 bucks and you can play all actual titels with it. And since it is the newest socket, you can upgrade to an i7 7700k at any time (Maybe Cofee Lake too soon) and it can run with DDR4 RAM. The Pentium G4650 is very close to the i3 6100 (Even with 2 Cores + 2 HT Threads instead of 4 Cores like the i3 has) which cost 50 bucks more. So dont buy the i3, go for the Pentium!
  21. clawhammer

    Arma 3 world record hours (10k ++ ?)

    There is already such an thread, and the 10k got already beaten (by me too):
  22. It seems like ur schedule works a tiny bit faster :D
  23. Here is a german test about the scheduling, smt, windows 7 vs windows 10, HPET and core parking. https://www.computerbase.de/2017-03/ryzen-windows-7-benchmark-core-parking/ It seems there is no windows 10 schedule bug (which has been also denied by an amd blog post) but there are other issues. EDIT: Oh ok nedflanders was faster :D
  24. Hello! Since v1.32 i get this errormessage from cba -> Addon cba_xeh_a3 requires addon CAData Iam using the cba version that is in the task force radio addon, but i tried it with the newest as well, any ideas on this? Thanks for help!