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  1. Col. Faulkner

    The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod

    Great to see all these released! This isn't a complaint, but I'm just curious why you modelled the Centurion with only half of the skirts fitted.
  2. Col. Faulkner

    is there a military dictionary ?

    Yes, I'd agree with that. Regiment seems to fit the best.
  3. The Rapidshare servers sometimes run out of "free user" slots. You just have to wait a bit and try again. No need to buy a "premium" account.
  4. These lorries look very interesting. Thank you!
  5. Col. Faulkner

    what we have to do peace in world

    It might be hard to believe from a cursory examination but, by all measures, we're now living in the most peaceful period in human history. Things actually are getting better (but that doesn't look good in headlines, of course).
  6. Col. Faulkner

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Most of it could already be found in OFP: CWC!
  7. Col. Faulkner

    WARMOD release

    Alright! I'll definitely give this a try, then. :bounce3:
  8. Col. Faulkner

    WARMOD release

    Would a third party addon set (eg. a set of soldiers and small arms) automatically be compatible with this or would they have to be configured specially?
  9. Col. Faulkner

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    You'll just need to complete a little bit around the receiver. I'll also send some reference photos you can use for that. Unfortunately it isn't UV- mapped. I abandoned work on the WW2 stuff I was doing before I learned how to do the UV-mapping. I'll send you a PM about it (I should really have just sent a PM in the first place) once I've got it all packed up for you to download.
  10. Col. Faulkner

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    If you want it, I could give you this model of a Boys ATR. It is about 98% complete but it might serve as a good quick-start for you if you have no model of your own just now.
  11. Col. Faulkner

    Darkest Hour Mod

    Op. Goodwood had 3 British and Canadian armoured divisions plus 7 independent armoured brigades versus a similary sized German armoured force. The allied OOB was heavy on armour because the infantry were severely understrength. The American Op. Cobra that followed on from it was similarly heavily armoured, though not usually regarded quite so much as a "tank battle".
  12. Col. Faulkner

    MoH Receipient Can't Fly A Flag

    He hasn't got a legal leg to stand on. He is in flagrant and cynical breach of a lawful ordinance that he formally agreed to. The blatant distortion of the matter ("Can't Fly A Flag") and the calculated appeals to emotion and "patriotism" ("MoH Receipient", "war hero" etc) are also very distasteful, although sadly typical. That said, I'm sure the housing association will end up being bullied into letting him keep his flagpole (complete with the kitschy bird on top). I can well imagine the sort of 'phone calls the housing people have been receiving; I wouldn't blame them for refusing to answer any more.
  13. Col. Faulkner

    what happen to the old days

    We used to call that "Japs and British".
  14. Col. Faulkner

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1504440&postcount=3509 Did you mean to post 5 pics of the same thing?
  15. Col. Faulkner

    MoH Receipient Can't Fly A Flag

    And a Tiger I tank at that (a "Mark VI tank"). He took on three Tigers with a 2.36" bazooka!