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    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    I even cannot get the soldier up the platform....
  2. Hi all I have seen many cool and stupid funny videos about Altis Life on A3 (ArmA 3), but I was wondering if the mod (or a similar mod) is availible for A2. I know there is many DayZ mods that include similar features as A-L but nothing that is a direct replacement. Is there and would there be any? Thanks Thomas
  3. Hello all: Decided I want to give TOH a try and when I installed version 84444 , I got this error message: Do not that I have: ACE ACEX ACE_USArmy CBA installed.
  4. Looks pretty good. But I always wanted something different, like a real part of Eastern Europe which is recreated. Feels closer to home xD
  5. ChevyVanDude

    An FRAPS alternative, open-source

    Hi guys and gals, For people who want to show off what they did in ArmA (or just about any game), most were limited to FRAPS. Not expensive, but it is still 30 bucks. I found an open-source, thus free, alternative to this: Taksi. First I didn't knew how it worked, but it is as simple as A-B-C. Just launch the program (arma2oa.exe for example) alt-tab back in Windsows, run the program, click on Application hook, reopen ArmA and your done (well, you do need to press record etc.) I tested it with ArmA 2 OA and found it a bit slow with 30 fps, but that could also be me. Try it out: http://sourceforge.net/projects/taksi/ I also recommend you convert the file with Handbrake, yet again an free, open-source program: http://sourceforge.net/projects/handbrake/ Post your experiences here :)
  6. I have an idea that ACE is hiding my interaction menu when IT thinks it isn't neccesary. How can I spawn the interation menu? Default space? Well, it works with vehicles but only that. I also saw that there is a bug in the 1.7 edition. When I tried blowing up a friendly BMP2D (russian) on a patrol (cycle) with an rpg7, it wont even scratch.
  7. ChevyVanDude

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Is this intergratable with ACE? By that I mean: Does it work well with ACE? In compatible addons list on the ACE website I didn't see this mod.
  8. Wow, what a great patch, BAF and PMC are now included, nice! However I experience lots of texture bugs. For example, when I run a preview in Zagrabad. It will display some weird colors, but eventually returns to pretty good texture level. However, this is altered. Am I the only one? Or do I need to post some screens?
  9. It's how you define cheap. Some find $80, some say only $10 is cheap, if you catch my drift. Next to that, in my city, OA is nowhere. No shop has it. So I installed the demo of OA, and found out that the mission editor is completely functional. Does every scripting command work, and does custom mission/objects (and adding them in your Addons map)work? Anybody noticed some problems with this way of working?
  10. Agreed, but I wouldn't think otherwise. Let me put it like this: What single function/feature made you buying OA?
  11. Could someone convince me why I need to buy ArmA 2 OA if I like ArmA 2? What is the added value of OA? What can't be found in the regular 2 when compared to OA which should not be overlooked? Yeah 3 questions but the first one is the bottomline.
  12. The class is: MAZ_543_SCUD_TK_EP1 And the name: 9p117 SCUD-B. Look it up in here: http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/OA/vehicles/Wheeled/#document
  13. ChevyVanDude

    Help with mission end

    Search on youtube: arma 2 editing Plenty of guides and also about objectives. Search on user: ChevyVanDude (that's me) for the playlist: ArmA II Editing. There is a video about it. Ahem:http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8A2465D0F6AFE9B6&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&v=n87ftVQ3Nl8
  14. ChevyVanDude

    Trigger a "Hangar";

    I don't know where you can find the code that defines objects, but once found, find the hanger code and the open of the door codes. Then simply reverse it. ! for example