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  1. I'm working on a shitty little DAC style mission that I used to make waaaay back during the old OFP days... I could post it when it's done, but you would probably do better to make your own. E: Also, I have a bug to report, and I'm pretty surprised it's still around. The M14, for some reason the regular M14 with Iron sights has it's aiming point waaay above the gun. Is there any quick fix for this? It seems to just be a coordinates issue within the config file of the gun, just needs to be calibrated properly.
  2. I play on a server that has a massive amount of missions capable of changing time, date, and weather via the parameters before game startup. Have you looked more in depth if this is possible, are you aware it's been done?
  3. Wouldn't be possible with just a mission file without extensive scripting, however making a mod would be quite easy, animations essentially haven't changed their implementation since OFP so an edit of the config files would suffice. so basically find a way to open the config files (I've only done this for OFP, not much experience in how to do that with Arma) and do a search for the name of the anims you want to change, once found you should just be able to switch their target directly to the animation you fancy and presto. Maybe you should look at the Mod that was released a while back that changed the default jog to something more realistic (people generally don't keep their arms up when moving) open the files (might need his permission) and go about changing it that way? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23337 (I also was looking at those animations and scratching my head as to why they're not in-game already, maybe the Devs wanted to put more variation into their soldiers? I remember a mod for OFP did that, so that all soldiers didn't look the same, it's really easy to do as well, just time-consuming...)
  4. Arma 3 has provided us with some lovely new wounded anims, and we're still using the default Arma2 BIS first aid module anims from 2009, broken necks and all. Maybe it's time to use the new ones? They're much more realistic, other than that It's beautiful, very awesome to see a complex wounding system thanks a bunch guys!
  5. Oh Lawdy, that's a nice vehicle.
  6. Birdy890

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Is there any plans to create new WW2 centric animations? (Movement with rifles down low, or at the side instead of constantly shouldered which is a newer "Tactikool" style movement?) For some reason the idea of Arma 3 anims with ww2 units kinda kills it for me, and don't get me wrong, I Love the WW2 setting, and have been playing I44 mods since OFP, just curious if this is an issue worth fixing for you guys.
  7. Birdy890

    shooting a moving tank

    You're joking, right? this is a joke? please tell me it's a joke. Do you honestly think that the US/USSR were considered the strongest nations based on training? Where do you get this stuff? As for applying lead on tank rounds, it really comes down to training of oneself, get used to the speed of the rounds you're flinging, and you'll get better. I've been waiting for BI to add proper tank modeling since OFP, but for now, rely on your own gunnery skills.
  8. Birdy890

    Have Arma 3, is Arma 2 worth it?

    In all honesty, if Teamplay is what you're looking for and you DON'T want to join a clan, UO is just about your only option. Also, if you're new to the Arma series I gotta tell ya, Modding has been essential to the game-play experience since OFP, so you might want to experiment with what mod best suites you. I also understand your frustration with the less than stellar Firefights, but again there are mods for that. Have a look at some of the mods around the forums/armaholic to intensify firefights without making the AI super soldiers. If you're going to get Arma 2 I couldn't recommend ACE enough, it's one of those mods you wondered how you played without, it's that good.
  9. A3 was just the straw that broke the camels back to some people. I still support BI, no doubt as their product is worth paying for and they'd proven themselves over the years of service they provide to the community they pay attention to. I know I sound cheap by saying this, but I feel that A3 wasn't ready for a release. not just because of content (know that they will release more as time goes on just look at their history of support for their fans) but I feel like the gameplay has been cheapened to a degree that might require a total overhaul of the movement systems and gameplay dynamics. I hope they get around to fixing it, but it doesn't help to sit around and moan about it.
  10. Now THIS is futuristic content - Bohemia, watch a learn.
  11. Birdy890

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Outstanding work sir, this is bound to be the biggest innovation in the Arma series!
  12. Birdy890

    [SP] Revenge (A3)!

    Nice one Binkowski, love the OFP feel.
  13. Dude, that Processor is quite old, looks to me like that's your bottleneck. Get a newer I5 or I7 to get good frames. Your 650 shouldn't be an issue.
  14. Birdy890

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    I've gotta say, the CV90 has to be one of the prettiest APC's ever created. Just a quick question: Will interiors of these vehicles be at some point developed? Looking great so far, really excited to get my hands on some Swedish craftsmanship!