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  1. Use the following to give the unit a loaded weapon without needing to add the magazine to the unit's inventory. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addSecondaryWeaponItem unit addWeapon "weaponClassName"; unit addSecondaryWeaponItem "magazineClassName"; or https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addWeapon [unit, "weaponClassName", 1, "magazineClassName"] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;
  2. bricks

    US Military Mod

    XMLs only show in multiplayer, not SP. Unfortunately I don't have any ideas for nametapes, making 1 uniform per name tape x each camo x kneepad/gasmask variants would be a ridiculous amount of uniforms.
  3. bricks

    US Military Mod

    A mission maker could put the following into the init box of a unit if (isServer) then {this setObjectTextureGlobal [3,"us_military_units\textures\gasmaskcarrier_co.paa"]} The only problem with using setObjectTexture is anytime you drop/pickup the uniform or use Virtual Arsenal it will reset to the uniforms original textures (no gas mask/kneepads/nametapes). I think your best bet, DeltaHawk, would be making a gasmask / kneepads / gas mask & kneepads version of each uniform. I don't know if this has been reported but the XML clan logo appears to be oversized on the uniforms
  4. bricks

    US Military Mod

    Gas mask player setObjectTexture [3,"us_military_units\textures\gasmaskcarrier_co.paa"] Knee pads player setObjectTexture [4,"us_military_units\textures\helmet_wood_co.paa"] Name tape/Rank Insignia player setObjectTexture [0,"us_military_units\nametapes\army_1sgt_name_ca.paa"] army_1sgt_name_ca.paa army_1sgt_ranger_name_ca.paa army_1stlt_name_ca.paa army_1stlt_ranger_name_ca.paa army_capt_ranger_name_ca.paa army_cpl_name_ca.paa army_cpl_ranger_name_ca.paa army_maj_ranger_name_ca.paa army_mstsgt_name_ca.paa army_mstsgt_ranger_name_ca.paa army_pfc_name_ca.paa army_pfc_ranger_name_ca.paa army_pvt_name_ca.paa army_sgt_name_ca.paa army_sgt_ranger_name_ca.paa army_sgt1stcl_name_ca.paa army_sgt1stcl_ranger_name_ca.paa army_sma_name_ca.paa army_sma_ranger_name_ca.paa army_spl_name_ca.paa army_spl_ranger_name_ca.paa army_ssgt_name_ca.paa army_ssgt_ranger_name_ca.paa marine_1stlt_ca.paa marine_1stlt_name_ca.paa marine_1stsgt_ca.paa marine_1stsgt_name_ca.paa marine_2ndlt_ca.paa marine_2ndlt_name_ca.paa marine_capt_ca.paa marine_col_ca.paa marine_col_name_ca.paa marine_cpl_ca.paa marine_cpl_name_ca.paa marine_gnysgt_ca.paa marine_gnysgt_name_ca.paa marine_lcpl_ca.paa marine_lcpl_name_ca.paa marine_ltcol_ca.paa marine_ltcol_name_ca.paa marine_maj_ca.paa marine_maj_name_ca.paa marine_mstgnysgt_ca.paa marine_mstgnysgt_name_ca.paa marine_pfc_ca.paa marine_pfc_name_ca.paa marine_sgt_ca.paa marine_sgt_name_ca.paa marine_sm_ca.paa marine_sm_name_ca.paa marine_ssgt_ca.paa marine_ssgt_name_ca.paa navy_hm2_name_ca.paa navy_hm2_ca.paaThere also appears to be unit patches but the hidden selection for them doesn't seem to work.
  5. bricks

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There was, looked like this
  6. It appears that Armaholic & PwS haven't updated the stand alone G3 pack.
  7. If you want something done; do it yourself.
  8. bricks


    I'd love to have a command to add to a unit's init that sets the short + long range radio frequencies. With this command mission makers could set the various radio nets and avoid having the players do that during each mission.
  9. bricks


    Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start works for me
  10. bricks

    8 Digit coordinates

    This is completely wrong, as the OP said a 6 figure grid is a 100m x 100m square. 8 figure being a 10m x 10m square (Refrence). Also for "infantry" a 6 figure is not adequate. A 6 figure (100m x 100m) is 10 000 square meters of real estate, because of the inherit inaccuracy it is rarely used unless indicating a very general area. 8 figure, as the OP stated, is generaly standard within militarys with 10 figure becoming more common as it's the standard readout on most GPS.
  11. bricks

    Why camo faces are hidden?

    Maybe that's because in "Real Life" your in a desert. Green/Brown/Black cam paint probably wouldn't work out.
  12. I carried 22 HE and 2 Smoke in Afghanistan. Didn't really carry starlight/flare because the 81 mm illum worked better.
  13. This is from the closing notes on the introduction on the first page of the Ttp. I think that should answer your question
  14. bricks


    They aren't windows though. The BTR-90 (as well as the BMP-3) have periscopes. If you look at the images you will see the difference between periscopes and windows. External View of BTR-90s periscopes for Driver Internal View of Periscopes in a BTR-90 *The internal image is the rear cargo periscope because I couldn't find a picture of the drivers periscope from the interior, but its the exact same design In Arma 1 the periscope's were "faked" in certain vehicles interiors such as the BRDM-2 and the M113 Driver's seat.