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    [MP][CTI] Warfare missions (WASP edition)

    In https://github.com/Spayker/a3wasp-core, Spayker write " Assembling To run missions on your server you must prepare 3 main components: missions themselves server mod headless client mod Missions must be assembled from Core, Config and Mission modules. " The config files are located here: https://github.com/Spayker/a3wasp-config but there are no info about where to put them. I have a dedicated server with a HC up and running, but i suspect upcoming LAN party will be without WASP warfare. I believe there has been used a massive amount of resources to make this missions, so it's a pity my knowledge isn't high enough to assemble the missions in a working order.
  2. Batstat

    CO16 Insurgency

    Played BAF Zargabad version 0.70 yesterday. In 4 hours and cleaning out over 60% of all red zones, we got 1 weapon chace revaled. For me that is a show stopper bug, also if it's done by design?
  3. Batstat

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    You need tools as Process Explorer from Sysinternals or alike to be able to observe what type and how much memory Arma 2 utilize. In teory this patch will not make 32bit OS more stable, could in fact be the oposite i some situations. For more info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=76121
  4. New Beta Build 71726 is up! Click here to download Changelog: [71721] Game is now Large Address Aware, should improve stability and allow using more RAM with 64b OS. [71543] File cache size increased a lot on systems with 4 GB RAM or more. At last Game is now Large Address Aware
  5. Batstat

    New beta build 71548 up

    :salute: This is nice, very very nice Suma Our NoPryl server runs most missions with 50 FPS, whith 15 - 20 players. We have 2 x 4GB ramdisk (imdisk), where we have loaded all BIS addons PBO. Will the server.exe be /LAA compatible in a week or so also? With 12GB RAM is it advised to stop using ramdisk on the server? If the files is cached I suppose the Ramdisk could represent a overhead and less efficent cache. But in some ways I doubt this is the case, since the game not has gone pure 64bit yet.
  6. Mission creep or new request? Yesterday I encountered that my RPT file probably are under a round robin regime. All my Arma2fps numbers was gone. Could you save the fps data in another file aka fslabels? Then I can compare my new settings with old one, without doing the measurement twice? Regards Batstat
  7. Summer xmas. Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity, and thank you very very much for your and your teams devotion Silola :cancan:
  8. Great app sbsmac. Tips, the correct rpt file would not be found if the user start arma with -profiles=drive:\dir\dir... in his shourcut. Serveral ways to fix this, a) put the info in the readme (ask user not to use -profiles), or tell him to manually copy the rpt file after the benchmark is run to ...AppData\local\arma 2\ b) Give the user the option where he can drag his shortcut to a dockable surface in your application. Then read the -profiles variable and maybe more info about how the game was started. Not sure if this is doable if the user often switch between different shortcuts (how to correlate, the shortcuts with the correct results - dunno) c) Give the user a way to tell where the rpt file should be read from. regards
  9. Also the one and only drawback "con" side of DAC. After you have made and played DAC mission, you can't continue producing missions without it. The best mission making tool/framework ever. Be prepared for DAC addiction :D
  10. Batstat

    Arma 2 vs. 64bit & /LAA

    Arma2 using only 2gb ram? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=97311&highlight=2gb&page=3 Closed by Placebo. I agree with Walker when he point out the cost for moving the game to a 64bit arcithecture. After I read the tread above and otheres, I'm still puzzeled with - am I the only one that seems to ask for more memory to the server.exe? Where using /laa seems to be both easy and the cheapest way to do it? Suma or others have not answered or shred light on this subject. Is there something I'm missing? And please not more swap file discussion here
  11. Batstat

    What version

    Hi and welcome Gorque, I also purchased Arma II trough Steam. Steam only update Arma II to version 1.04. Two days before xmas Bis updated Arma II to version 1.05 with a update patch http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_2:_Patch_v1.05 This patch will update your Steam version also. Don't run Steam verify game cache/content utility afterwards ;) With 1.05 you don't need to have Steam running to play the game.
  12. Batstat

    Arma 2 vs. 64bit & /LAA

    Truth be told, and I accept that to still be valid for our clients (to some extent). Server side it's a totaly different story. Big missions with many players will today crash server side, because of lack of memory. Benny Warfare is one example of this kind of big missions. In my tests, the server is doomed to crash after 5 - 7 hours, also without players. The cause is close to always out of memory related. 1GB is 33% more memory and could if we are lucky extend some big missions into practical infinite time (or until the server crash from somthing else). If not so lucky it could extend the server up-time with 2 more hours playing time. To worsen the problem, it also seems to be that the server is plaqued by memory leakage, so you better restart your server from os, beore you attemp to play som big missions. ---------- Post added at 01:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:29 PM ---------- One last ting, it's imposible to read out of the steampowered numbers, I guess close to > 90% all people or clans that are runing big servers, can afford 64 bit computing. So there is realy no excuse for not enabling /laa on the server exe. In my mind the only explanation must be 1) Not to much big missions are played on serveres anyway? 2) SP is more important, because they are the guys thats generate most money in the shortes amount of time. MP can afford to wait? 3) This is one of BIS bigges news for Arma3, and they don't want to break it to early? 4) Others unknown reasons, hard to tell, because none is posted in this thread, what so ever.
  13. Batstat

    Arma 2 vs. 64bit & /LAA

    Steam hardware survey october 2009 http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/ Summary 21% of the Steam users now have 64bit os installed, over 56% of the users have 3GB or more ram installed. 2 of 3 users installing windows 7 go for the 64bit version. When will Bis respond and make Arma2 utlize todays computer rescources?
  14. Hi Wiper, you also need to fix the ending trigger in MP SpecOp. The mission end with fail for the officer if not all players are at the extraction zone, 60 sec or so after extraction radio trigger is pressed. For the rest the mission continue, and did not end, before the rest quit (need to say, we did not wait for a extented period of time to test this). Generally speaking, a mission should end for all players, normaly at the same time.