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  1. I don't agree. CWR demo proved that OFP feeling can be recreated in ARMA.
  2. 9mm

    CSLA Studio

    Outstanding work! What units will be used as an opfor in your missions, if I may?
  3. 9mm


    Maschinenpistole zwei... Anyway, great work!
  4. 9mm


    Nice shots, Anyway, are you guys focusing on Marines or Army units for the p85? The officer cap as shown on WIP screens looks pretty much like a marine cap and know LAV25...
  5. 9mm


    last summer was pretty dang cold in here. Anyway, may I ask what helos NATO will be using? UH60s or UH1s? Oh, nevermind, I did my homework, I guess you guys stick to UH60A, right?
  6. 9mm


    Yeah I figure, however I saw p'85 pics with that particular m21.
  7. 9mm


    Pretty good so far, however the m21 as shown in the screens above has a modern scope mount, not a cold war era one. Here's a nice reference site on an m21, not much to read but few good pictures though. http://www.gun-world.net/usa/r/m14/m21.htm
  8. 9mm


    Do you guys consider any cooperation with CSLA3 Mod? Maybe a possibility to run the mods together or something like merged release next to the main ones. Shared comapaing? Anything? Cheers.
  9. 9mm


    AAAAaaaaa... Anyway, good job!
  10. 9mm

    Vilas' addons

    Er, where did Wladek get this cap from? A battle trophy?
  11. 9mm

    MAG 58 with aimpoint

    Still no heatshield, though... Anyway, M240B with ACOG and Aimpoint are nice, but I'd love to see one with an M145 Elcan...
  12. 9mm

    Vilas' addons

    There you go. It's not Clint Eestwood. It's Gunnery Sgt. Tom 'Gunny' Highway, US Marines. Anyway, I don't know about rest of gear, but the bonnie is pretty accurate.
  13. 9mm

    Vilas' addons

    The project is turning into something really big, keep up the great work. Anyway, as Ebud previously pointed you work on the bonnie hat. Now it looks more like a fisherman’s hat rather that standard issue. Here's the shot from the Hearbreak Ridge, I know Highway was USMC, but bonnie's the same CWR got it pretty good I guess. I haven’t seen an the latest officer model but the previously shown had an USMC cap. Apart from these two, the rest of the content is just brilliant.
  14. 9mm

    Vilas' addons

    An ambitious project it's turning itself into. Good job. Anyway, have you thought about including an early model of an m249 SAW?
  15. I'm a Flashpoint fan since the demo in 2001 and I love your mod! I had some constant ctds in Ambush, but i figured how to avoid them and I don't care anymore. The only thing I'd like to change are the ofpe voices, thoug i know it's not up to you guys. Anyway, excellent work! Sorry for missspelings, to much christmas alcohol... cheers!