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  1. A: Omon, Rellikki's CRA infantry, US army 09
  2. 101st Paratroop

    Post Process stuck to Low

    You have to press SHIFT + '-' on numpad while in-game and then type "flush" without "". Game will reload it's resources after that.
  3. 101st Paratroop

    Post Process stuck to Low

    Same for me, but I'm using "flush" command while in-game and after that everything is ok. Got that bug since 1.03.
  4. 101st Paratroop

    Graphic glitch?

    Hi I just had my Catalsyst 9.6 drivers crash (VPU recover just didn't work and i had to hard restart my computer). Crash occured during mission with russian units. After restart I loaded mission again and found something strange i didn't noticed before. I don't know if this was there before. Anyone else has that model glitch? It's on the russian soldier model during idle or shooting stance. I'm just curious. EDIT: Nevermind, my friend just told me he has the same, so it's no graphic related glitch for sure.
  5. 101st Paratroop

    FF Studio (WW2)

    So now you guys are in charge of Burning Sands mod. Are you planning to relase MehMan's british and german infantry and weapons? That would be great to see some high quality WW2 soldiers and weapons in ArmA Good luck with your projects. It's great that someone is working on WW2 stuff for ArmA and frequently relasing something new.
  6. Oh thanks, I didn't noticed that tool before. I hope it converts .bin to .cpp properly, because in OFP debinarized configs were useless Anyway, gonna try that tool.
  7. Is there any way to make replacement for ACE units? I mean, I found .pbo with Men's config (ace_config_men) but config file looks binarized. Is it possible to bypass that or can you post config file in .cpp format, please? You know, personally I prefer some other models for ACE soldiers than those BIS-looking ones.
  8. 101st Paratroop

    World War II CZ MOD

    Does anybody got problem with a 7TP (polish tank)? When I insert this unit in editor and click "Preview" my OFP crashes and errors shows up that says VPU Recovery changed graphic card driver settings to default. I've tried three or four times to play 7TP, and it always crash. Everything else works just fine. My graphic card isn't overclocked and other games also works fine. Anyway, thanks for relase. Top quality work.
  9. 101st Paratroop

    Flashpoint Germany

    Hi vektorboson. You said that you got some addons on HD and you are going to relase them. That's great, but can you tell us what exactly is going to be relased? I saw list of planned addons, but I understand that not everything will be included in relase. Second thing: Which US tanks and vehicles included in the relase will have Winter MERDC camo? It's my favourite painting and I just can't wait for some tanks and vehicles in that camo (I saw IPM1 and M113 but I hope there's more of 'em)
  10. 101st Paratroop

    World War II CZ MOD

    That's what I was thinking! Nice german early-war units. And now waiting for relase I hope it will be relased soon
  11. 101st Paratroop


    Topas, Vilas - Great Winter MERDC camo on that M113! Hope to see more vehicles covered with it. Cold War gone hot... again!
  12. 101st Paratroop

    World War II CZ MOD

    Hi Petrtlach, nice work on those bunkers. I have a question - are you planning to update your Wehrmacht and SS Soldiers? I mean, now they looks like filled with one, grey color. It would be nice to see on their textures some wrinkles or maybe pockets and stuff. And last question - when we can expect new patch?
  13. 101st Paratroop

    Burning Sands: Africa '42

    Let us guess: teaser of your addons?
  14. 101st Paratroop

    Dutch infantry -- Holland May 1940

    Try this (this should help with 'no ammo' error): <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> #define TEast     0 #define TWest     1 #define TGuerrila   2 #define TCivilian   3 #define TSideUnknown  4 #define TEnemy     5 #define TFriendly   6 #define TLogic     7 #define true  1 #define false 0 #define private  0 #define protected 1 #define public   2 class CfgPatches { class IOH_vil {  units[]={};  weapons[]={};  requiredVersion=1.96; }; }; class CfgModels { class default {}; class Weapon:default {}; class vimanlicher:Weapon {}; class vimanlicherl:Weapon {}; class vilewis:Weapon {}; }; class CfgRecoils { access="ReadOnly"; M95Recoil[]={0.04,0.04,0.06, 0.05,0,0}; }; class CfgAmmo { class default {}; class BulletSingle:default {}; class 8x50bullet:BulletSingle {  hit=9.5;  indirectHit=1;  indirectHitRange=0.0001;  minRange=0.1;  minRangeProbab=0.10;  midRange=200;  midRangeProbab=0.38;  maxRange=400;  maxRangeProbab=0.04;  visibleFire=0.935000;  audibleFire=0.035000;  visibleFireTime=50;  cost=0.7;  tracerColor[]={0.4353,0.4353,0.4353,1};  tracerColorR[]={0.4353,0.4353,0.4353,1}; }; class 303bullet:BulletSingle {  hit=10;  indirectHit=1;  indirectHitRange=0.1;  maxSpeed=400;  minRange=5;  minRangeProbab=0.5;  midRange=200;  midRangeProbab=0.8;  maxRange=300;  maxRangeProbab=0.12; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class default {}; class MGun:default {}; class Riffle:MGun {}; class M16:Riffle {}; class MachineGun7_6:MGun {}; class MachineGun7_6Manual:MachineGun7_6 {}; class m60:MachineGun7_6Manual {}; class IOH_M95:M16 {  displayName = "M95 Rifle";  model="\IOH_vil\m95.p3d";  scopeWeapon=0;  scopeMagazine=0;  reloadMagazineSound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\m95_reload.wav",db0,1};  optics=true;  opticsZoomMin=0.35;  displayNameMagazine="M95 Magazine";  shortNameMagazine="M95 Mag";  picture="\IOH_vil\w\icn.paa";  opticsZoomMax=0.35;  modes[]={"Single"};  magazines[]={"IOH_M95Mag"};   class Single   {    ammo="m95bullet";    multiplier=1;    burst=1;    displayName="M95 Rifle";    dispersion=0.0001500;    sound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\m95_shot.wav",5.000000,1};    soundContinuous=0;    reloadTime=2.150000;    ffCount=1;    recoil="riffleSingle";    autoFire=0;    aiRateOfFire=0.200000;    aiRateOfFireDistance=520;    useAction=0;    useActionTitle="";   }; }; class IOH_Mannlicher1895:IOH_M95 {  displayName="Mannlicher 1895";  model="\IOH_vil\vimanlicher.p3d";  modelOptics="\IOH_vil\optika_rifle2.p3d";  scopeWeapon=2;  scopeMagazine=0;  picture="\IOH_vil\i\man.jpg";  reloadMagazinesound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\mauser_reload.wav",db-70,1};  magazines[]={"IOH_M95Mag"};  modes[]={"Single"}; }; class IOH_Mannlicher1895L:IOH_M95 {  displayName="Mannlicher 1895 long";  model="\IOH_vil\vimanlicherl.p3d";  modelOptics="\IOH_vil\optika_rifle2.p3d";  scopeWeapon=2;  scopeMagazine=0;  picture="\IOH_vil\i\man.jpg";  reloadMagazinesound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\mauser_reload.wav",db-70,1};  magazines[]={"IOH_M95Mag"};  modes[]={"Single"}; };  class IOH_M95Mag:IOH_M95 {  displayNameMagazine="M95 Magazine";   shortNameMagazine="M95 Mag";   scopeWeapon=0;   scopeMagazine=2;   picture="\IOH_vil\w\icn.paa";  count=10;  }; class IOH_M95Mag:IOH_M95 {  scopeWeapon=2;  scopeMagazine=2;  picture="\IOH_vil\i\bmag.jpg";  modelMagazine="\IOH_vil\mauserclip.p3d"; //Texture paths need to be changed  displayName="M1895 Mag";  displayNameMagazine="M1895 Mag";  reloadMagazinesound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\reload.wav",db-70,1};  magazineReloadTime=10;  count=5;  magazineType = 0.5 * WeaponSlotPrimary;  distanceZoomMin=200;  distanceZoomMax=200;  modes[]={"Single"};  class Single  {   ammo="8x50bullet";   multiplier=1;   burst=1;   displayName="Manlicher";   dispersion=0.0065;   sound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\shot.wav",1.00,0.95};   soundContinuous=0;   reloadTime=2.100000;   ffCount=1;   recoil="M95Recoil";   autoFire=0;   aiRateOfFire=8.000000;   aiRateOfFireDistance=400;   useAction=0;   useActionTitle="";  }; }; class IOH_Lewis:M60 {  displayName="Lewis MG";  model="\IOH_vil\vilewis.p3d";  modelOptics="optika_m60_mg";  modelMagazine="\IOH_vil\lewismag.p3d";  scopeWeapon=2;  scopeMagazine=2;  picture="\IOH_vil\i\lewis.jpg";  distanceZoomMin=200;  distanceZoomMax=200;  magazines[]={"IOH_LewisMag"};  modes[] = {"Fullauto"}; }; class IOH_LewisMag:IOH_Lewis {  scopeWeapon=2;  picture="\IOH_vil\i\lewismag.jpg";  scopeMagazine=2;  displayName="Lewis Drum";  displayNameMagazine="Lewis Drum";  count=96;  modelMagazine="\IOH_vil\lewismag.p3d";  modes[]={"FullAuto"};  class FullAuto  {   ammo="303bullet";   initspeed=709.88;   multiplier=1;   burst=1;   dispersion=0.007;   soundContinuous=0;   sound[]={"\IOH_vil\s\uk59.wav",db0,0.8};   reloadTime=0.125;   recoil=mgunBurst3;   ffCount=100;   autoFire=1;   displayName="Lewis MG";   aiRateOfFire=0.5;   aiRateOfFireDistance=600;   useAction=0;   useActionTitle="";  }; }; };
  15. 101st Paratroop


    Hi. One question about US vehicles: are you planning to make them, as a another variant, in Winter MERDC Camo? I saw on screens US Armor in OD green and 3-color NATO, but no tanks and IFVs in Winter MERDC (Only one 5t truck by Fischkopp). As I know Winter MERDC was common in 80's. I know, it's a lot of work to make all US Vehicles in that camo, but I think it would add alot atmosphere to this mod