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    Mini Coop/AAS missionpacks

    Will be good to release Vanilla version of the mission without any additional mod too. Too much mods is discouraging people to try it even when they bring a lot more to the game. Good work. ;-)
  2. wormeaten

    J.S.R.S Vs Speed of Sound. Video 1 - YOU decided

    This is irrelevant. It is more question of subjective who like some sounds more and as this is Client side mod you could use what you personally want. But in fact of realism both mods fail majorly. To explain it realism is not if the sound of some rifle for example sound like in real life. Question of realism is if this sound simulating what you could hear and according to that get information in your head like position, distance and recognition of source of sound. Is it friendly or enemy, rifle vehicle or armor etc. I start to use both in the end more JSRS, maybe because of the A2 reputation, but in the end get back to vanilla. Why? Even not sound that good Vanilla is more realistic in term what role sound should have on game play and that is to provide additional information to your brain to get better situation awareness not just visually. That is probably reason why most hardcore players using vanilla and not modded sounds. Both sound mods sound great but it is just sound effects in Hollywood style for better looking videos but not to be what sound role is in real life.
  3. Agree that is why most of the players don't play it any more and some changes are made going in same directions discouraging teamplay so that's why team play in not on the level from A2 days. But who am I to talk about it?
  4. Third person give unrealistic advantage in vanilla and it is not suitable for PvP because you can see over the wall and behind buildings without expose your self to the enemy sight or fire. Also third person make handling with air or ground vehicles too easy and unrealistic same as impossible to sneak as engineer to the enemy vehicle and destroy it with satchels. But there is out there one mod which removing people if they are out of the visual making third person to see only that what you can see without third person view. We need to test this first to evaluate this mod and see then what we will do with third person view. Mod what Dale mention as well.
  5. wormeaten

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    just to add something could be useful in future developing and upgrading this. ---------- Post added at 00:10 ---------- Previous post was at 22:28 ---------- here is the example of using it in RC but I put this video more because of that nevous bird who constantly attack the plane. Similar interest but problem and difference is we want 6DOF and they using only 2DOF. For 6DOF we need 6 axis sensors and all this boards are no matter 2 or 3 sensors are only 3 axis. Do we gain something with two boards with sensors? One will calculate rotations other movemant so 3+3 is 6DOF in the end.
  6. wormeaten

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Great job Reyhard. Thanks m8. I'm more impressed with unselfish sharing his work with CUP. This should be example to rest of the community. I'm not happy when I'm seeing multiple people or groups doing exactly same thing what is pointless especially with porting. This is good example how things should be done true CUP as standard. Reyhard for this you are deserve more than thanks. :cheers:
  7. wormeaten

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Is this in the end 6DOF or not. On all this video you can see only 3DoF no roll, no zoom, no lean.
  8. Great job kju. Now we will speed up our TacBF compatibility to play some WWII TacBF missions. That is just what we was waiting for. Now is AiA SA on target. Once more, great job m8.
  9. I was having similar problem and fix it with installing IF for A2 as well. If you are using ArmAsync for lunch you need to add all parts of the mod installed in A2 as well to run it correctly. You need @ifa3, @if, @if_other_addons, @ifa3m + of course CBA_a3 and AiA. Work flawlessly even characters are A3 compatible. ---------- Post added at 16:40 ---------- Previous post was at 16:38 ---------- BTW TacBF working on addition for IF as well so we could expect soon first missions for IF.
  10. wormeaten

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    It will be interesting to see ArmA 3 performance with mantle support. According comparing Bf4 engine with Space Swarm, which demand for hardware is more comparable with ArmA then with Bf4, if ArmA 3 implement support for mantle will gain much more than Bf4 dose. I will like to hear some official devs thinking about mantle and possible usage.
  11. Yea m8 :bounce3: It was not pistol it was marksman rifle who sound like pistol. Sorry, bastard just hide in bush and kill us.
  12. wormeaten

    HSO ArmA 3 SLA pack

    Great news. I'm glad to hear someone do it in proper way. I'm looking forward for some TacBF on Sahrani with proper factions fully supported ArmA 3 features. Great work.
  13. wormeaten

    HSO ArmA 3 SLA pack

    One question. I like much more when people doing not just re texturing models but accurate 3d models as well. Even ported models are OK you don't need to do it from scratch but I like it realistic and accurate not just by color. I like it how this look like. Now question. Is this models ported and did you separate uniforms, west and helmet as separate items to match A3 standards or this is, lets call it all in one 3d models like in ArmA1 and ArmA2? Good job guys.
  14. under name of server just type: tacbf