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    IT Architect (but will consider opera and action movies)

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    Handsome and sporty. Qualified ninja, operatic tenor, and neurosurgeon. Once starred in Baywatch. Now Project Lead for Project Reality: ARMA 3.
  1. epoch71

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    You may mean 50v50, as all missions are limited to 100 players. But yes, if the team are playing well together then it can be pretty epic.
  2. epoch71

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    We're not planning on including a new faction in the next (0.2) release. Things may change over time though, so you never know.
  3. epoch71

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Thanks for the info Sickboy! I'll take a look at it and discuss with the rest of the team. Regards epoch
  4. epoch71

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Hi Jedra. Our release post lists the servers hosting the beta. I've linked each community's website on that post, so you could check there to see if there's a TS server. Pretty sure Kellys Heroes, Tactical Gamer, RIP and Olutta have TS servers. Regards epoch
  5. Yup, seems good here. I'm assuming this fix is also the reason we just got kicked using hotfix#1, despite Dwarden saying it would be fine?
  6. epoch71

    Uk game servers

    I highly recommend Alpha Networks if you want a dedi. I've had several dedicated servers with them for a few years now. Never had a problem. Ever.
  7. I must applaud Bruce's irony in showcasing the work of one of our skilled team members. That's in contrast to Bruce's submission of a Brit weapons sound pbo that actually contained no sounds. Communication will be key in Project Reality, and we can't very well do that if we're having to run around shouting 'bang bang' instead .... Worse still is the blatant disregard of a confidentiality agreement. This from a guy pursuing a career in medicine. A true master of the ironic. But not much else.
  8. What's this? Have you PM'd me about something? I'm out of the country at he moment, but I'll be going thru my backlog of PM's when I return to Blighty. Cheers - [R-DEV]epoch www.realitymod.com