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  1. System specs I5 750 @ 3.4Ghz 4Gb ram 1600Mhz Mobo MSI P55-GD65 2x 500Gb hdd raid 0 with arma2 on it 2x 160Gb hdd raid 0 with OS W7 64bit ATI 5850 1Gb stock speeds View distance 3k resolution 1920x1080 Textures high Video mem default A filtering normal AA high Terain detail high Objects detail high Shadow detail high post proc. disabled Without beta bench 1. 50 2. 21 With beta 69782 1. 48 2. 21 So i lost 2 fps in bench 1 with the beta. But i didnt noticed that really. With the beta things looks a little bit smoother, less stutter. But not much, so i voted Same - it seems the same, I cannot see any significant difference
  2. wardog01

    Arma 2 launch problem

    I think you have a laptop or you use the onboard gfx of your motherboard if it is a desktop. G33/G31 does not support shader model 3.0, and if it did you probaly still couldnt play arma2 because most of the time onboard gfx (laptop or motherboard) is to slow.
  3. wardog01

    Good lord, why?

    same config. as you. logitech force3d pro no stearing wheel no problems here. i have the newest gaming profiler installed from logitech. there is one no for w7 64
  4. wardog01


    Dont blame me. I am from the Netherlands and on top of it from a provence cald zeeland (sealand), so i walk all days on wooden shoe's in the clay and i never had seen a proper wood in my life ...... :( But i know you are a very smart guy because you know your seasons ;)
  5. wardog01


    haha look at that photo on top of the website, now we know where BIS got there orange tree thingie :rolleyes:
  6. wardog01

    Blurred text

    i had that not so long ago. but i have ati gfx, you dont give your specs so i dont know if it will work for you. in catalist control center under "3D" set mip map level on high quality or quality, that solved it for me. with me it looked like this : http://vogelaar.be/arma2-bad.png and it looked like this after : http://vogelaar.be/arma2-good.png
  7. I didnt have everything on very high(i am a realist and i only have 1 5850), i play everything on high, viewdistance 5km's, aa is normal, resolution is 1920*1080.in the ingame benchmarks i score in the first 48fps and in the second one 30 fps. Viewdistance is a fps killer dont go over 5km's, first of all if you are not flying you dont need more then 5km's, 3 or 4 km's enough. i must say my cpu is overclocked, but that is so easy to do with the i5, its running at 3.4 Ghz with no voltage changes or anything. You have to check your scalling of your crossfire to see if both cards are used.
  8. @ Goaz, keep your posts of your problem please to one topic. @Bulldogs, he has a i5 so he doesnt have hypertreading. Ow and there is a hotfix voor the 10.1 drivers of ati.
  9. Ok your fps is low, i have allmost same system, i5 and ONE 5850. But what interested me is you can play and after a few mins you get flickering and stuff. I would check my temps of both cards. A systembuilder doesnt always test there designs properly and it could be your gfx cards ar to close together and you get one card overheating. For more help we need your exact system specs, brand mobo, brand gfx. But first i would check your temps.
  10. wardog01

    very bad fps

    He plays with the onboard gf8200 mGPU. You cant expect good fps with that. First thing to do here is to upgrade the gfx :j:
  11. old system : Q6600 MSI P7N Silenz 750i 4gb ram ddr 800 mhz xfx gts250 512mb 2x 500gb raid0 W7 64bit everything on medium and 1920*1080 res. After the last patch arma2 was running, but not that great. New system: CPU i5 msi P55 GD-65 4 gb geil black dragon 1600Mhz ATI 5850 1Gb 2x 80Gb raid0 for OS 2x 500Gb raid0 for games 1x 1,5 Tb data W7 64bit everything on high, view distance 5000 and 1920*1080 res. Now arma2 is running great !! FPS is 2 times that of the old system. Almost no stuttering. benchmark1 = 50 fps benchmark2 = 30 fps armamark = arround 5000 Did not do any tweaks yet, not on the gfx, not on arma2, nothing. just installed it, patched it, played it.
  12. wardog01

    Not enough memory error

    that post on our forum was about arma1 ! but yes i had the message again with the latest beta of arma2. and indeed just click yes and ignore it and it installs fine.
  13. wardog01

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    39 here, my wife hated ofp to, divorced now :cool:
  14. wardog01

    1.03 Performance

    Better performance in vista 32 and way better in win7 64