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  1. Hi, Lexx congrats on the release. I'm having a blast with the extraction scenerio. Got a couple of question here is you dont mind. - Can we save a MP coop extraction game ? Last night we we're pretty much halfway of the evidence and I couln't save and it didn't on a restart. And when I started a multiplayer extraction it actually erased my single player save. - Is there a possibility to add AI in a coop game. Like 2 player + 3 ai to complete the squad (extraction mode)? Thanks ! nic
  2. Hi, I'm currently looking for 2-4 player coop mission working on arma 2 free. I want to get my friend buy arma2 but they are not sure if they will like it. I guess some of you know which mission we should do so they get addicted to arma :)
  3. Nic.qc

    controller of choice for flying aircraft?

    Can you share those magick .cfg tricks with me ? I have a x52 pro and I'm having a hard time setting it up to looks like dcs blackshark Thanks