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  1. Hello! In order to complement the release of StalkerGB's British Infantry I'm pleased to release Da12thMonkey's Retexture of the Arma 3 CH-49 to represent a Royal Air Force Merlin HC3a. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/09yqd5w9mzsq7cq/SDC_MerlinHC3.zip
  2. vade_101

    RAF Merlin HC3a - CH-49 Reskin

    Even worse, i used 7zip to make it a .zip file rather than a 7z, which is somehow twice as bad.
  3. vade_101

    RAF Merlin HC3a - CH-49 Reskin

    Textures are about 1.5 MB each, and there three on the addon, and one spare texture with a Union Flag on it for special occasions :)
  4. vade_101

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Thats right, they don't have any effect on the units themselves.
  5. vade_101

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Those define a logo and description for the 'mod' and should sit in the top level mod folder - by default '/@STKR/' with this addon - you'll see them when you look at the 'configure > expansions' menu in game. If you're just putting the .pbos into your main addons folder (not recommended) or another folder with other addons you don't need to worry about them. There is a bit more information at Armaholic's FAQ section here: http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=18
  6. vade_101


    Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cqdstytmqhpl4e/SDC_MerlinHC3.zip
  7. vade_101


    I've already got, courtesy of the very talented Da12thmonkey, a RAF reskin of the CH-49 if there is any demand for it:
  8. vade_101

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    No issues here, very good to have Brits back in Arma: http://i.imgur.com/R577CI4.jpg (119 kB)
  9. vade_101

    Arma 3 Gun license?

    Well, except 'Black Hawk' who was an individual if I recall, so there is a little bit of leeway there.
  10. vade_101

    WIP British Infantry

    Did someone mention capbadges?
  11. Any chance of posting the mission file? be interested to see how you set it up.
  12. vade_101

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    BI have posted a 'news' story about it at: http://www.aan-online.com/ and the page is up to view at: http://www.aan-online.com/arma2-hacked-page/
  13. vade_101

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    As ever, excellent work chaps - good to see you're continuing the traditional high standards.
  14. vade_101

    UKF Weapons [Port]

    ah, they're not holding up so badly are they - nice to see them still in circulation - are the bayonet models still included?
  15. I'm running it on the same system in Boot Camp WinXP on normal settings with no problems.
  16. vade_101

    Project UK Forces

    You'd be surprised, a lot of the time its just making the addons that you, personally, want to see - of course there is stuff you can't do - or don't know - and thats where the 'team' bits and peices come in. and so long as everyone involved is happ then its all lovely. But the ''general public''? nah.
  17. vade_101

    Plane attempting emergency landing in UK

    Fokker 100: I think they are just circling to burn off the fuel. rather than dropping it on kent. as for Manston, at least its a big field, i think its the one that they use for training Virgin Atlantic 747 pilots on.
  18. vade_101

    PC Zone Issue 151

    What? Like That? someone already thought of it ;)
  19. vade_101

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    the way its done on our PUKF troops is that the backpacks are a hidden selection, and then they are put back on either as the main script with a gamelogic, or as a little script ("patrolpack.sqs") just to add it to an individual.
  20. vade_101

    Ferret news? Please?

    It was tonal. i'd quite forgotten i'd done that screenie.
  21. vade_101

    Dkm ukpack beta 0.9

    I do seem to have a few strange looking textures on the soldier models: mostly behind the pouches on the webbing and on the helmets.
  22. I am having a few problems getting the "requiredaddons" part of the config to work correctly: at present the addon consists of three .pbos Units, Weapons, and one extra weapon. weapons: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches  {  class ukf_ukweps {   units[] = {};  weapons[] = {ukf_sa80, ukf_sa801g36, ukf_lsw, ukf_gpmg, ukf_sa80_b, ukf_law80auncher, UKF_clansman};   requiredVersion = 1.90;  requiredAddons[] = {"BIS_Resistance","jam_magazines"}; };  };  Units <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches { class ukf_infantry { requiredAddons[] = {"BIS_Resistance","ukf_ukweps","ukf_slmg","jam_magazines"}; units[] = {ukf_INfantrywb, ukf_infantryWBv, ukf_infantryWBr, ukf_infantry_officerWBb, ukf_infantry_lawWBb, ukf_infantry_rlgWBb, ukf_infantry_lswWBb, ukf_infantry_LMGWBb, ukf_infantry_gmpgaWBb, ukf_infantry_gmpgbWBb, ukf_infantry_radioWBb, ukf_medicWBb}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.90; }; }; Extra Weapon <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches { class UKF_SLMG { units[] = {};  weapons[] = {"UKF_LMG"};     requiredaddons[] = {"BIS_Resistance", "jam_magazines"}; requiredVersion = 1.90; }; }; All seems to work fine in the editor etc. but when a mission is exported to single or multiplayer the error "cannot load mission. missing addon ukf_ukweps" appears. on a single computer you can just click OK and it carries on. but it doesn't seem to do dedicated servers any good. can anyone shed any light on this?
  23. vade_101

    Bayonet animation on a rifle

    Yeah, just tweaks and testing to go - the bayonets actually went to full beta testing today.
  24. vade_101

    British light gun

    Very nice work. looking forward to this one...
  25. vade_101

    Sa80 a2

    go along to The Defense Picture Library, register and do a search on SA80s, plenty of pics..