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  1. tomolyons

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I can happily say my Brecourt assault mission is ready to be played! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948260544&searchtext=brecourt I highly Recommend Coop
  2. I can happily say my brecourt assault mission is ready to be played! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948260544&searchtext=brecourt
  3. I believe so. When I load up the mission in the editor it comes up as Blastcore missing. But i will test it out in a bit and as for a Voice mod. It is looking promising but i will need permission before i can release it :)
  4. Hi Guys! Part 2 of my Very Popular Operation Neptune: D-day https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946070342 Suscribe and Rate! Cheers
  5. BUMPING. Found the cause of the Choppy Audio. Remove the .LIP files from the PBO and everything will sound fine :) Regards
  6. Google "arma 3 ambient battle script" its got all the details youll need buddy :)
  7. i can finally announce the release of Part 1 of Operation Neptune. Please Rate and subscribe!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939917211 Thanks ps. Thanks Gunter for subscribing :)
  8. tomolyons

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Thanks man :) I would like to fully release it too the public once it's complete !
  9. tomolyons

    Faces of War [WW2]

    My own mission i created, Some D-day action! (Apologies for the lag midway caused by the Eject script)
  10. My own mission i created, Eagerly Anticipating the Airborne update!. (Apologies for the lag midway caused by the Eject script)
  11. tomolyons

    A.I aiming Speed (dead zone)

    Indeed it does need improving and it becomes annoying when it comes to close combat. there must be some coding somewhere that stops the a.i from using aiming deadzone, and would be brilliant if someone could somewhat disable it.
  12. Hi all i dont know if anyone else has noticed this but part of the A.I's aiming speed is to do with the aiming deadzone, much like the setting in "game options" If the A.i had aiming deadzone on 0 then they would be able to aim much faster and in close quarters it would be a lot harder, Heres a video example Does anyone know a mod that fixes this or can it be fixed? thanks
  13. Hi pac what tool did you use to edit the config files? Because as you may know the c-47's engine sound radius has been reduced greatly in the latest version you cant hear the plane until its over your head then it fades quickly. Could you either do a quick fix or tell me how to edit the config so i cant do it myself? cheers
  14. thank you pac the allowfleeing script works! Also have you changed the radius of the c-47's engine sound in the latest version? because the sound fades at a shorter distance than it did before
  15. can you PLEASE fix the damn c-47s from detecting combat! by using a gunner position in the c47s causes them to fly around in circles when ever a flak gun fires at them, i just want them to fly straight! and yes ive tried all the different scripts and all, none of them works. thanks